Why Hiring Luxury Yacht Charter Is an Incredible Option to Explore Dubai from Sea

The significant reason that attracts Dubai is that it has definitely something exciting to try no matter your taste, there’s. Despite being a desert city, water activities in Dubai are some of the best in the world. It is one of the most luxurious places in the world and a vacation hot spot for people of all age and backgrounds. Dubai Marina boat ride and luxury yacht rental provide a lavished way to explore all of the city’s incredible attractions.

A luxury yacht rental in Dubai is just like a floating private resort over the sea, gives a fantastic feeling and exquisite journey for an unforgettable travel experience. Premiere marine and water sports companies provide the option of several yacht charter of different sizes in Dubai allows you to invite as many or few of your associates as you want. All of you will truly love to move on yacht charter and explore the city as a wish. Let’s check some of the additional benefits of hiring such a luxury Marina boat ride in Dubai.


One of the real perks of luxury yacht rental Dubai is just like having a private floating villa on the sea. It helps you take on a stunning and spectacular tour of Dubai (the most stunning city in the world) without any other visitors around. It is definitely termed as one of the best and undoubtedly, most intimate ways to take in Dubai for a few hours!

Incredible Service

Aside from privacy, the luxury Dubai Marina boat ride lets you get exceptional services. Some packages might include a romantic dinner, BBQ dinner, and a DJ or whatever you’ve got in mind. All of the boats will consist of entirely personalized service based on what type of experience you want to have out on the water

Schedule Options

The luxurious Dubai Marina boat ride tours allow you to choose how long you want to be out on the water. You can go out for an hour or as long as 6 hours or even more than give you incredible attractions & sightseeing experience.

Special Occasions

Do you wish to have a tailored package for different occasions? Premiere marine and water sports companies offer the most memorable birthday or anniversary cake, food of your choice, a fully decorated boat, and much more of your choice. If you want to catch fish, they offer you try your hand at catching barracuda, mackerel, jas, Blue Fin Tuna, Trevally, Barracuda Kingfish, and much more fish yachting.


With a Dubai Marina boat ride, the options to explore and experience are endless! A chartered luxury yacht rental will blow your mind as you sail through the calm waters and take in the most incredible sights of one of the world’s most magnificent cities. If you’re still thinking about what to do and see while you’re in Dubai, contact a specialized and licensed marine and water sports companies that provide numerous yacht rental packages and help you explore countless unforgettable attractions in Dubai!

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This article is written by Beach Riders Dubai– a reliable and licensed marine and water sports company that provides luxury yacht rentals and charters to enjoy and get the freedom to admire the beautiful views of Dubai from the sea.

Watersports Activities In Dubai Make Your Trip Even More Enjoyable

Dubai is termed as the Middle East’s entertained capital that never stops to amaze people with its most exciting yet electrifying water sports. There is no such superior way to beat the summer heat or spend some good time in Dubai. With some of the most stunning beaches and human-made lakes and other water bodies, there’s plenty of water sports activities to do in Dubai.

Dubai showcases contemporary Arabian culture, tallest skyscrapers, shopping malls, ultramodern architecture, extravagance hotels, clubs, bars, parks, beach activities, and many more to explore. Along with that, the city will never disappoint you when it comes to watersports activities in Dubai. It is the ultimate outing destination for the adrenaline junkies and the watersports lovers. Starting from deep-sea diving expeditions to adrenaline-powered fly-boarding, Dubai has something for all. You will be definitely surprised to know about the sheer volume of water sports available in Dubai.

Jet Skiing

Are you excited to cruise the sea and perceive the stunning sights of your favorite Dubai attractions? There’s no better alternative to indulge in your love for water sports than a unique jet-skiing session around the city’s beaches. It is not available everywhere in Dubai, so make sure to get in touch with some certified and popular operators offering jet ski sessions in Dubai.

Fly boarding

Hydro flying or fly boarding is a popular new and popular water sports activity in Dubai that allows you to fly across the ocean! This super fun watersport in Dubai is a great way to relax and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand on weekends. You can channel your inner superhero by taking the help of a reliable watersports operator in Dubai that provides hydro flying as a part of their water sports package.

Zup Boarding/ Wakeboarding

Zup or wakeboarding is an exhilarating water sport in Dubai combined with a lot more exciting elements like surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding. It is all about maintaining your balance on an eponymous zup-board while catapulted away with the support of a motorboat. It probably doesn’t sound very safe, but trying this adventurous activity will give you an incredible watersports experience in Dubai. However, it needs a little bit of courage and lots of enthusiasm!


If you aspire to participate in adventurous water sports activities in Dubai, then Parasailing in Dubai Marina gives you the ultimate thrilling experience. It can add new height to your adventure while involving yourself in the parasailing activity, viewing the sky’s panoramic scenery as well as the blue water from the size of 150 meters above the sea level.

Jet skiing and speed boating

While Jet skiing is the preferred yet fun watersport activity for most travelers, speed boating is also one more adventure watersport for people visiting with their families or couple. Riding a speed boat in Dubai is an exhilarating experience that can be done with up to four members in one boat. With the speed boating, you can move to many vital locations to click pictures and enjoy the view.


While boarding on a Kayaking you will get a relaxing experience that removes the stress out of your daily chores. It will give you the scope for viewing the mesmerizing view of the city across the shoreline. A perfect way of chilling and enjoying the unmatched perspective of the splendid city.


Dubai is established to be the delight and heaven for the water sports activities that attract water lovers and adventure seekers. It has a vast stretch of the juvenile coastline that acts as a base to explore expansive beaches and watersports activities in Dubai. One thing that you must agree that your Dubai trip is incomplete if you have not tried any of the world-class water sports. What are you thinking about? Get ready for a lifetime excitement and adventure while partaking in the water sports activities, including a speed boat ride in Dubai.

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This article is written by BeachRiders – Dubai’s premier marine and water sports company, which offers a range of activities, to make your journey extra unique and unforgettable.

Tailor Your Deep Sea Fishing or Sport Fishing Adventure to Match Your Skill Levels and Requirements

When you went to the market to buy fish, you could probably wonder how they were caught. Most of you love eating fish and desire to experience real-time fishing at least once. Luckily deep sea fishing or sport fishing in Dubai gives you an excellent opportunity to have exclusive fishing experience.

Deep-sea fishing or sport fishing in Dubai is different from inshore fishing. It is quite an underrated activity as most travelers and residents focus on the bars, restaurants, and events! Dubai has a thriving fishing community & culture and brings exceptional deep-sea fishing or sport fishing adventure for travelers. However, it is a little bit expensive since you need to hire a boat or a charter. However, this exciting excursion is suitable for all abilities and age groups.

Deep-sea fishing or sport fishing is not universal because it requires different rods and more patience, but some people have success with it. The first thing in it is that the fish you can catch are bigger. The sea at the gulfs, and oceans provide a much larger habitat for fish to roam and hunt each other. It means you have got the opportunity to catch some big fish. Deep-sea fishing or sport fishing in Dubai isthe apparent option as you are away offshore. There you will get the big opportunity to catch bigger. But it would help if you had different techniques and equipment to find them. The methods you use to catch bonefish on flats aren’t going to work to catch big game species like striped marlin, mahi-mahi, or bluefin tuna. deep-sea fishing or sport fishing

The first thing you need to pick the big game fish is a fast, seaworthy vessel. Chasing & catching the fish and eventually require a safe, seaworthy boat, experienced captain and crew who can get it done accurately. An expert captain knows his boat, and the fishing grounds better than others. The necessary gear onboard and an experienced team with you will help you bring the catch of your dreams onboard. Reputed tour operators can arrange various types of charters from the center console to open motorboats or large sport fishing vessels with air-conditioned cabins to accommodate your Deep sea fishing or sport fishing adventure in Dubai. They are not only useful to try a big hand but speed enough to follow the fish swimming fast in the water.

The subsequent thing you need is fish-catching accessories: rods, reels, gaffs, holsters, and much more gear that make the big catching happen. The premier marine and water sports company and travel operators can help you arrange the necessary fishing gears, which is essential to the size of the hook and the type of fishing line. For the deep-sea fishing braided line is reliable and accessible. The exclusive monofilament line made from fluorocarbon is durable and practically invisible to fish. You can add essential lures and bait, live, and frozen as well to catch the fish. Premiere marine and water sports companies also arrange the private fishing charter equipped with electronic fish finders and other underwater fish locators. It will make you stay one step ahead of the game!

Dubai is a warm and charming place that always catches so many travelers around the world. Its modern life is striking and surely make you fell in love with this country. It provides you a lot of things to see and do and offers Deep sea fishing or sport fishing for your excitement and anticipation. You can meet a handful of other fishing enthusiasts like you to join the adventure. The expert guide briefed you on the equipment and how to go about scoring our first catch no matter you are a novice or an avid fishing enthusiast. However, it is a matter of luck to have some big catch. Also, you have some fresh sea breeze and enjoy the vast expanse of the ocean around. If you are lucky, then you can manage to get your first catch! It will bring a sense of accomplishment and joy!

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This article is written by BeachRiders – a premier marine and water sports company provide exclusive deep-sea fishing or sport fishing in Dubai and also assist you in improving your skills on the water, catching the biggest fish this region has to offer.

Experience Dubai and See Its Beautiful Skyline from A Different Perspective on A Parasailing Activity

Dubai is also recognized for its infinite desert expanding into the horizon and its long coastline with pristine beaches and water. This has paved the way for travelers to indulge in a lot of water sport activities. Parasailing has been one of the most sought after adventure sports activities that attract so many travelers in Dubai.

Dubai is a human-made wonder that made countless impossibilities into possibilities in the form of amazing skyscrapers, shopping malls, the biggest indoor gaming arcades to the most significant underground aquariums and zoos. It is considered as one of the lavished destinations in the world for uncountable thrilling activities, including so many adventure sports activities. It cannot be ignored when adventure water activities or sports like parasailing comes to your mind. Fortunately, it will give travelers a wide range of water sport activities to enjoy.

Parasailing is one of the most entertaining, engaging, and adventurous water sports activities in Dubai. It is also the easiest to access water activities while you contact a reliable water sports company in Dubai. Parasailing does not have significant age restrictions, and persons with all ages can participate. Furthermore, the thrill of parasailing mounts up to multiple times when you perceive the sparkling water and glittery sand beaches, and have the bird’s eye view of Dubai like never before.

Parasailing is a unique watersports activity where one, two, or even more people are strapped onto a parachute. The parachute is strapped to a speedboat, and Parasailing works once the speed boat increases in speed and carries the parachute into the air. It is a safe and yet adrenaline rushing activity liked by many travelers. If you are a novice or an amateur and want to try out adventure sports while trying out the best amenities, these adventure sports should be part of your Dubai itinerary.

Most visitors choose to go with the tour operator or water sports companies for their parasailing experience. They will help you acquainted with some of the most sought after parasailing spots in Dubai, and you can customize the things accordingly. Some of the best places to enjoy these sports in Dubai are;

Jumeirah Beach: The Jumeirah beach is home to almost two-thirds of the water sports operators and one of the excellent places to take part in adventure water sports activities. Jumeirah Beach is the most lavished holiday destination in Dubai.

JBR Beach: It is well known for its prime location for world-class boutique hotels and water activity in parasailing sessions

Al Sufouh Beach: is considered one of the most serene and tranquil beaches of Dubai offers much affordable parasailing deal.

Aquaventure Beach:Aquaventure Beach is one of the ideal beaches for adrenaline-pumping parasailing activities

Burj Beach: This beach is one of the busiest beaches in Dubai. Tourists and locals who are water sport enthusiasts


Parasailing in Dubai is a fun activity and one of the best ways to experience the Dubai skyline’s views. It is an adventure activity that lets you fly 500 feet above the sea level. It is a 40 to 50 mints journey with a flight time is 12 to 15 mints. Prime water sports companies have well-trained staff and high-tech equipment, which is a perfect option for all level water sports enthusiasts. They also provide several other facilities, including; pick and drop services, that can be customized and added in the package accordingly. It can be concluded that parasailing in Dubai will give you a tremendous experience that you won’t forget.

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This article is written by BeachRiders- is the most popular parasailing water sports and tour operator provide exclusive parasailing packages for sessions at the most sought after parasailing spot in Dubai.