A Few Negotiation Activities for Resolving Conflicts

When it comes to conflict resolution, negotiation is considered as one of the best techniques as it considers the perspectives of both parties involved in the conflict. Also, negotiation preserves the perspectives of both parties providing a mutually beneficial conflict resolution.

Conflict resolution has become one of the hot topics nowadays. Whether the discussion is going on team building, communication skills, leadership or negotiation, conflict resolution comes into the picture naturally. Also, there are several methods and techniques to resolve a conflict. However, negotiation and conflict resolution are considered as counterparts of each other.

If you too want to get your workplace disputes resolved then consider using negotiation technique with the help of a professional and unbiased negotiator. Negotiation is not just about talking out and negotiating things, it is much more than that. There are some activities that make negotiation and conflict resolution easy and efficient. Let us have a look at these activities that will help you identify the issues and manage the difficult relationships:

Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is a quick and simple activity where pairs are set up in such a way that it looks like an arm-wrestling challenge. It all depends upon the teams involved whether they want to approach this activity as a wrestle or as an opportunity to understand and value each other. It unearths our tendency to assume and approach negotiation as a win-lose game.

Knot or No Knot

It is a bit more powerful negotiation activity. In this activity, a length of rope is placed on the ground out of sight of the group involved in the conflict. Two different colored ropes can be used for making it more difficult. The purpose of this activity for the group is to decide whether there will be a knot or not while pulling the ends of the rope. However, before allowing the teams to examine the rope closely, they are asked to come up with a consequence that the entire group will perform if their guess goes wrong. Moreover, the decision of the group needs to be unanimous and that’s where the fun begins. Usually, there will be one or more people in the group who are strongly opinionated one way or the other. And these people are the focal points for the negotiator. The negotiator gets a unanimous decision by voting and then asks the person who caved why they changed. Also, the person who went against the strong opinion of the group is asked a question – if they are made the leader of the group and their decision will be considered as the final one what would they do? This activity helps the group value the decisions of others and work as a team.

Nine Dots Challenge

It is an activity that involves “thinking out of the box” approach. In this activity, a piece of paper is used on which nine dots are made in a 3 x 3 grid. The challenge here is to connect the nine dots with only four straight lines without lifting the pencil from the paper.

The solution is – Start from one corner and draw a diagonal line to the opposite corner. Then, make a horizontal line from that dot to the dot at the other side of your square, but continue forward the length of a fourth imaginary dot. Next, draw diagonally through two middle dots and continue your line to the next imaginary dot. At last, draw a vertical line through the remaining dots. And it’s done. This activity allows the people involved in the conflicts to be more analytical and practical while thinking the other way to understand others’ perspectives.

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What is ABA’s Opinion 483 Meant for Lawyers?

In response to the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, the American Bar Association (ABA) issued Formal Opinion 483 in October 2018, which is meant to address the obligations imposed on lawyers to protect the data of their client. The opinion summarises specific “rational” steps the American Bar Association believes lawyers must take in the event of a data breach to fulfil the compulsions described in the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Opinion summarises the current realism that all corporations are expected to be targets for cyber incidents, but especially law firms, which regularly cater as wardens of extremely sensitive client information. The Opinion further emphasizes latest articles and data incidents articulating that law firms are especially targeted for information to exploit.

In general, the American Bar Association Opinion 483 recognizes 6 ABA Model Rules that might be involved in the event of data breach:

Model Rule 1.1: A lawyer must offer proficient illustration to a client, including implementing the necessary skill, legal knowledge, diligence and groundwork practically essential for the representation.

Model Rule 1.4: A lawyer must keep the client soundly informed regarding the standing of the matter. They must explain matters to help clients make an educated decision about the representation.

Model Rule 1.6: A lawyer mustn’t breach privacy of information. They must take essential steps to make sure the information of the client is safeguarded against illegal access.

Model Rule 1.15: Need lawyers to properly protect clients’ documents & property.

Model Rule 5.1: It comes under the lawyer’s accountability to take all essential steps to make sure correct measures are in place to obey the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Model Rule 5.3: Needs that lawyers in managerial capacities make sensible efforts to make sure that any non-lawyer’s conduct is well-tuned with the professional compulsions of the lawyer.


Cyberattacks are changing constantly, and even the most attentive lawyer can face a data breach. Adopting a professional security program, installing threat monitoring tools, giving an employee training program, and testing your incident response plan will drastically improve your capability to weather a cyberattack and fulfil the obligations set forth in American Bar Association opinion 483.

Get in touch with a cybersecurity service provider who can comprehend the details of Opinion 483. Such a service provider can develop a comprehensive service pack to make sure your law firm not just oblige by the Opinion but enjoy the advantages of following the obligations to increase stakeholders’ confidence & better brand reputation.

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Employee Protection Exceptions in Minneapolis, Minnesota

All the states in the union function under the “at-will” employment system, and Minnesota is one of them. “At will” system implies that both the employees and employers have the right to terminate their work relationship at any point of time and for any reason. However, most of the states add specific exemptions to balance the law and protect employees from wrongful terminations. Are you a victim of wrongful termination in Minneapolis? Minneapolis, Minnesota, to has certain exceptions for you.

Minnesota identifies two worker protections by the United States labor law out of three, i.e., the public policy and implied contract exceptions. The third one that Minnesota does not incorporate is a good faith and fair dealing clause.

Public Policy Exception
The public policy exception allows an employee to challenge their termination based on the violation of a conventional public policy of the state. Workers in Minnesota can use their whistleblower right to get protection against termination due to refusing to take part in illegal activities at the workplace or reporting a violation of state or federal law.

Implied Contract Exception
It is natural that an employer may offer a contract to their employees to attract potential talent or to protect them legally in other ways. And the public policy exception makes these contracts lawfully obligatory. The best part of this exception is that it lengthens to cover materials other than that of formal contracts. For instance, if an employer provides a handbook to the employee, which comprises of different actions that can be the basis of termination, the court will recognize that as a legally binding contract if the employee subtly accepts the terms by continuing to work even after reviewing the clauses.

Other Protections by Minnesota State
The Minnesota state offers certain additional specific protections to the employees under state law. As per the state’s law, if an employee is terminated, then they have the right to request an honest written explanation for their termination within 15 days from the date of the termination. The employer is bound to provide the written report within 10 days of the request. Another protection under state law says if an employee is fired, their owed wages are due within 24 hours of the termination unless they were handed over with money or property that belongs to the employer. In such scenario, the employer has 10 days to make an audit before offering final payment. Unpaid benefits like vacation time should also be provided to the terminated employee within 30 days.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance
Employers in Minnesota must have workers’ compensation insurance that should cover both illnesses and injuries that are either caused on duty or have worsened during work hours at the job. Employees can get their medical expenses related to the health condition by the employer as well as recover part of their lost income if their workers’ compensation claim is successful. Such claims are directly made to the employer. In case if due to the injury you could not return to your job, then you can also claim for vocational rehabilitation services.

To better understand the laws and protections provided by the state, you need to consult with an experienced and competent Minneapolis wrongful termination lawyer. They can help you fight for your right legally in the court against your employer.

This article is written by Madia Law LLC, a premier law firm in Minnesota. If you are looking for a confident and experienced Minneapolis wrongful termination lawyer then contact them today.

Hire a Police Brutality Lawyer – Get Your Loss Compensated Legally

Police force is designated for protecting the civilians from criminals but when these protectors become the killers/assaulters – that’s awful. Many a time cases of police misconduct and brutality gets highlighted which puts the safety of the general public in question. And in Minnesota such cases have been making news since years. Although there are strict laws made against such brutalities and misconducts, however, still these laws are being violated.

Often it comes into notice that police officers use force against people who do not yield to their reasonable orders but only when they are being provoked. But is a police officer makes use of force when unprovoked or uses excessive forces unnecessarily it can lead to injuries and at worst conditions death of the person. And if such a case where a person dies because of police brutality then it is considered as wrongful death and is punishable by law.

If such case has happened with you or your closed ones then you need to know that you can file criminal charges against the concerned police officer if you have been injured or if any of your relatives have been killed because of police brutality.

Why Hire a Police Brutality Lawyer?
According to the law, if a family loses their loved one due to police brutality or misconduct then they may be eligible for monetary compensation for the loss. For that, you must consult a conversant and aggressive Minneapolis police brutality lawyer who can help you in the compensation or injury case. Hiring a good police brutality lawyer will make you assured that the offending officer will get punished by the law and you will be compensated on behalf of your injuries or dead family member.

Whatever the reasons may be behind the use of excessive force by the police on you or your loved one, they need to be held accountable for the offence. However, handling a police misconduct case is challenging. That is why; you must hire an experienced Minnesota police misconduct lawyer to represent your case legally in the court aggressively such as the lawyer at Madia Law LLC who specializes only in handling such cases and hence can guide you properly throughout the process.

If a police officer uses excessive force on antler, then he is punishable for his actions by the law. So if you have been a victim of such brutality by police in Minneapolis or any of your loved ones dies because of excessive use of force by the police, then you must immediately get in touch with a police brutality lawyer for investigating the matter. A good lawyer will look for witnesses and hire medical experts for knowing the real cause of death or injuries sustained by the victim. They will also help you become eligible for the compensation for the loss you incurred and get every cent you deserve.

Why Police Officers Use Excessive Force on People?

The answers to the question are variable.

• The most common reason is the police officer wrongly percepts the situation and reacts.

• Police officer feels disrespected by the person and responds brutally.

• At times the ethnicity of a person triggers the police officer to go brutal against the person.

• And another reason for such brutality is that the officer might feel intimidated.

Whatever might be the reason provided by the officers, the fact is they can use force but in a proper way and within limits!

This article is written by Madia Law LLC. Find the best Minnesota police misconduct lawyer at this firm who can represent your aggressively and help you get the deserved compensation against your loss due to police’s brutality or misconduct. For more information visit https://madialaw.com/practice-areas/civil-rights-2/minnesota-police-misconduct-brutality-and-shootings/