How do Reputed Magicians in Singapore Perform the Best Magic Show for Kids in Singapore

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The main objective that a reputed magician in Singapore works for is not only to master the technique but to present a great presentation. To do such, they follow certain principles allowing them to do such.

Let us have a look at some of the principles they follow to organize the best magic show for kids in Singapore.

Master the technique
The first objective of reputed magicians in Singapore is to master the technique unless it becomes his second nature. Having such expertise, they are in a position to organize a better presentation that amuses the kids much more. The magician has the ability to perform close-up magic like tricks with cards and coins without any hesitation or mistake so none can understand the actual trick and become amused.

Ideal storyteller
They understand that if they are not an ideal storyteller, they will not be able to draw the attention of the kids by just performing some magical tricks. They have creative ways to present the same magic in a different format. The story along with the trick makes the kids remain glued to their seats till the end of the show. Their storytelling ability helps them to add their signature to a particular magic.

Build expectations
At the beginning of every magic, they explain to the kids what they are about to see. This helps to build the expectation and make them eager to watch the magic till the end until they see what they were told at the beginning. Like while showing a card trick, the magician will say that with the help of the cards he will read the mind of people. Then he calls one from the audience and tells him to pick a card and to show it to the audience but not to him. The magician then amazes the kids as he tells them the number of the card picked.

Draw the attention of the audience
The magician modulates his voice to capture the attention of the kids. They make eye contact with the audience to draw full attention from them. This also helps them to distract the audience from the manipulation they are about to make. They use their storytelling ability to do such in a perfect manner.

Remind the audience what just happened
As they explain what just happened and what he is going to do, it raises the expectation in the mind of the audience. Like, they explain that you have mixed the cards and if one pulls a card, it will not be possible for him to tell but he is actually going to do that. Saying this he develops more interest towards the magic in the mind of the kids.

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