How does the Strongman Log help in Strength Training?

Strongman Log

Strongman is gaining popularity as one of the extreme weightlifting events. The strongman log is a vital piece of equipment used for strength training.

Participants use the Strongman log to enhance their strength and perform lifts during events. The Strongman-Log is a specialty bar used for Strongman strength training to prepare for events or competitions. Compared to traditional Olympic barbells, the log holds a unique shape. The Strongman logs for training come with a neutral and perfect grip that helps during the lift.

Why Use a Log for Strongman Training?

The log is vital in events and competitions to perform the press and clean movement. It is like an Olympic lift.

It requires full body strength and maximum power to lift the log from the ground to overhead.

If training for a strongman competition, consider practicing derivatives like hang or power clean. To incorporate the log into your Strongman training, use it for overhead press, bents over row, and deadlift.

How are the Logs Available for Strongman Strength Training?

The logs for Strongman training are available in different sizes, like

  • Smallest size and lightweight Strongman Logs for youth or kids.
  • For small indoor spaces and beginners, the Strongman-Logs come compact.
  • Standard-size Strongman Logs are for competitions and studios.
  • Full-size Logs are for a professional Strongman competition.

You can buy the log according to your Strongman training or competition requirements.

Strongman Training with Logs

Performing a Log Press

It requires strength and training to do the log press. Aspiring individuals for Strongman competitions can mix up their workouts.

Perform a log press using the correct technique to master the skill. Following the right way, you can lift the log into a press position.

While performing the press, always put the weight on your hips when lifting from the floor. It makes the next movement easy and more flexible.

Strongman Log

The Clean Movement

Lifting the log from your hips to your shoulders is a clean movement. The clean lift movement is done in an upright position with hips forwards and squeezing your buttock muscles. Jerk the log upwards with elbows raised high, straight wrist, and in line with your shoulders. Maintain the aggressiveness to lift the Strongman Log.

The log press movement requires upper-body strength in the final moments. Push the log up over the crown by bending your knees. Meet competition or event standards of a complete lift using the Strongman Log.


Using the right equipment, like Strongman logs, for strength training is vital to get success. Using the Strongman equipment helps you achieve strength training for competitions or events. Exercise and training help increase mass and size. It prepares you for the Strongman event or competition.

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