How Masking Tape For Sale In Singapore Can Increase Your Profit!

Selecting the best masking for your business in Singapore can result in profit. There are different types of masking tape for sale in Singapore. Consider the best masking tape as per your business requirement. 

How to make the most of masking tape for sale in Singapore? It allows you to buy masking tape online in Singapore that perfectly fits your business requirement and leads to profit. Whether your business is about painting, shipping, decorating, or car bodywork spraying, using the right type of masking tape proves to be the best solution. 

General Purpose Masking Tapes:

These masking tapes are made from cream-colored crepe paper and available in various widths. The general purpose masking tape uses a rubber-based adhesive and is best suited for applications, like short-term painting, decorating jobs, or spraying. These masking tapes can withstand temperatures between 30-70℃. General-purpose masking tapes should not be left on surfaces for more than 24 to 48 hours. 

High-Temperature Masking Tapes:

These masking tapes can resist high temperatures for a certain amount of time. Due to the level of latex saturation of the crepe paper and silicon adhesive, these masking tapes can withstand higher temperatures. You can use the high-temperature masking tapes for auto-body repair and powder coating applications. 

Low-tack Masking Tapes:

If you want to use masking tapes for your painting business purpose, consider low-tack masking tapes. These masking tapes are best for delicate surfaces. These masking tapes have a specialist adhesive, designed to be less aggressive and can be removed from delicate surfaces without leaving residues or damaging the surface. 

Sharp Edge Masking Tape:

Most painters and decorators opt for buying sharp edge masking tape in Singapore. These masking tapes allow you to get a crisp line when painting. The sharp edge masking tapes come in a range of widths and tack levels. You will find the sharp edge masking tapes are made from specialist papers and give no paint bleed solution. These masking tapes prevent paint buildup and ensure razor-sharp lines. 

Outdoor Masking Tapes:

The outdoor masking tapes are designed for exterior use when painting houses and other outside applications. These masking tapes are moisture-resistant and do not deteriorate in damp conditions or harsh sunlight. The adhesive used for these masking tapes is thicker to stick properly on uneven surfaces. 

Most outdoor masking tapes are designed for use when plastering or rendering, as it resists certain weak acids and alkaline solutions. 

Take Proper Care of your Masking Tapes:

A bit of care is required to ensure the masking tapes do their job properly with the perfect finish. Always store your masking tapes in a dry and clean environment. Before using the masking tapes, make sure you acclimatize them to the area (to be used in). 


Different masking tapes are used for various purposes and applications. Buy the best quality masking tape for sale in Singapore that perfectly fits all your business requirements. It will not only help your business gain profit but also make your purchase worth it. 

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Ten Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Mailing Box For Sale In Singapore

If your business requires constant shipping and delivery, then consider the best mailing box for sale in Singapore and buy them in bulk to improve your shipping process. With some useful tips, you will know the importance of mailing boxes for your business in Singapore.

Does your business in Singapore require constant shipping and delivery? Are you in search of efficient ways to improve your shipping process? How about considering a mailing box for sale in Singapore? Mailing boxes can prove to be helpful for your business. You can transport different types of products to your clients by using the right type of mailing box. 

If you want to protect the product from any damage and ensure that customers receive the best product, use top-quality mailing boxes. As a business owner in Singapore, you need to consider several things for delivering your products. Whether you are launching an innovative business model or creating a new brand, mailing boxes align the supplies (for delivery). 

  1. Right Size:

Structural integrity or size is the first thing to consider when using mailing boxes for your product shipping and delivery. Get the right-sized mailing box to avoid a series of issues. Remember that using too large a box can result in excess shipping charges (for space it occupies), and using a small box can cause product damage when it reaches the destination. Choose the right mailing box appropriate for the product and make sure to do proper packaging to safeguard the item. 

  1. Light in Weight:

Do you know mailing boxes are used to transport different objects as they are easy to carry? Mailing boxes are used in warehouses and factories as well as used for sending valuable things or gifts. 

  1. Transport Safety:

Mailing boxes for sale in Singapore are available according to the shape and size of the product. These boxes are used for the safe transport of products and goods. Using mailing boxes will leave you worry-free and ensure damage free product delivery. These boxes are robust in design and sturdy to protect objects from damage. 

  1. Ideal for your Product:

Paperboard mailing boxes are ideal for shipping pharmaceuticals, cosmetic items, food, and hardware. 

Corrugated mailing boxes are perfect for shipping fragile items, heavy-weight goods, and more. 

  1. Cost-effective:

You can buy mailing boxes in Singapore that are available at a moderately low-price range. The price you pay is worth enough for the purchase you make.

  1. Good Options Available:

Mailing boxes are available in numerous shapes and sizes. To find the perfect mailing box as per your requirement, you need to consider the packaging material and the size. 

  1. Labeling:

You can write the required information on the mailing boxes to be shipped. Mailing boxes are suitable for box top advertising and labeling purposes. If you want to leave a lasting impact and enhance brand awareness, customize the mailing box by placing all necessary elements of your business.

  1. Harmless for Nature:

Do you know mailing boxes are eco-friendly? In the present era of global warming, mailing boxes are the best options to ship your products. These boxes made from non-toxic and eco-friendly material are harmless for nature and natural inhabitants. 

  1. Swift Printing:

As per your customer demand, you can easily print anything on a mailing box. It leaves your customer satisfied and creates a good brand impression. 

  1. Packaging:

Make sure to use the right packaging to ensure the item inside the mailing box is placed securely. After perfect packaging and proper sealing, your mailing box is ready to be shipped safely. 


The above useful tips will go a long way in helping you get better at mailing boxes for sale in Singapore. It helps in minimizing losses and increasing customer satisfaction. Always ensure you buy high-quality mailing boxes in Singapore to achieve damage-free shipping of your products.

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High-Quality Protective Packaging Materials to Pack and Move Safely

Packing and moving household goods is way more complicated than you can imagine. And if you are planning for DIY packing and moving, then you should be concerned about the safety of your goods. Proper packing of your household items is very important as the safety of all the belongings lies majorly on how well it is packed.

And that is the reason, why we at Maxsell get so many calls from customers who want to take control of their packing and moving on their own. Most of the time, people fail to understand what types of packaging materials they should use?

Well, if you are looking to buy packing materials in Singapore and wondering about what other types of household packing materials you might need to pack and move safely, here’s a post worth checking.

Here are some of the most essential household packaging materials you will require to pack and move all your household stuff safely.

  1. Cardboard Boxes

This is one of the most essential packaging materials and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Apart from their often use in the packaging of e-commerce products, these boxes come in quite handy for packing office and household goods during a relocation process. From clothes and utensils to files and even electronic goods, they are used for packing almost everything for easy transportation. Visit Maxsell if you are looking to buy packing boxes in Singapore.

  1. Bubble Wraps

When it comes to packing delicate items and fragile goods, professional packers and movers emphasize good quality bubble wraps. They are made of plastic sheets with several small air capsules that help to keep the packed materials considerably safe even when they are being transported over extremely rough roads. So, it’s no surprise why these wraps are the most popular amongst different types of packaging material.

  1. Brown Paper Wraps

Whether you want to ensure the safety of your crystal cutlery sets or delicate china items, brown paper wraps are amongst the most commonly purchased packaging materials. In addition to being one of the most readily available packaging materials online, it is quite economical and extremely easy to use. Apart from ensuring the safety of the packaged goods, it also prevents the entry of dirt and dust during relocation.

  1. Packing Tape

Most people go with choosing the cheapest option when selecting a packing tape. However, we recommend spending a little more on quality heavy-duty tapes. Low-quality tapes are more prone to breakage and do not have the same sticking power as heavy-duty tape. Always stick to good quality adhesive tapes, and go with the options that are extra duty to make sure everything stays in place during the move.

Also, buying the packing tapes in bulk to save overall cost, as you end up requiring more than you think you will.

If you are looking to buy packing materials in Singapore, this list will help you pack and relocate safely. Visit our website for further information.

Top 3 Tapes for Packing Boxes – MAXSELL!

We know what you are thinking! All packaging tapes are the same, and they merely seal a box – that’s it! However, with such a wide variety of different types of tapes available serving different purposes, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming trying to choose the one best suiting your needs.

So, we have narrowed down the different types of packing tapes available and their uses!

Masking Tape: ideally known as an all-purpose tape, masking tape is available with different adhesives strengths. Many varieties are lightweight and easier to remove compared to other types of tapes. These tapes are suitable for laminated paneling, wallpaper, packaging, and other finished areas. You can also use masking tape to secure light packages. Use them as your initial guide and choose a thicker, more durable packing tape to keep the box sealed. We are experienced masking tape suppliers in Singapore with a vast knowledge of the packaging industry as a whole. It s best to be used for purposes like temporary surface protection due to its limited strength and durability.

Adhesive Tape: If you are looking for the best adhesive tape for sale in Singapore, look no further than Maxsell. Adhesive tapes are used to seal corrugated boxes and other containers for storage. It is usually transparent and seals quickly for a stronghold. The tape is perfect for containers holding heavy items. When you are shipping your items across the country or to a new location, security becomes an obvious concern. You should consider adhesive tapes to ensure your items stay secure.

We are the best adhesive tape supplier in Singapore and our premium quality adhesive tape improves the stability of products or packages in transit or in storage. The tape is useful for office moving, house moving, product packing, parcel packing, etc. The tape when applied creates a seal that one must tear or cut to break. When one removes the tape there is evidence of tampering.

Cloth Tape: this kind of adhesive type is made with a cloth backing to make it flexible and durable. This tape is suitable for wrapping carpets, flooring, and even household cables. You will find many cloth tapes in the market with adhesive and many are also pressure-sensitive that are used for special purposes and do not leave a trace of any glue residue while holding the things together. They are available in several different colors and by far one of the strongest tapes that is used for multiple household and industrial purposes. 

Whether you are looking for a masking, cloth, or adhesive tape supplier in Singapore, Maxsell is your one-stop-shop for all. We understand how valuable your items are for you, and hence, make moving a stress-free affair for you with all the right packaging materials to suit your needs.

Contact us today!