Enhance your home decor with a genuine Moroccan BeniOurain rug

BeniOurain rugs are considered to be the most comfortable and lavished master peace you’ll ever found in the market. They are made from 100% pure and natural wool extracted from sheep. The heirloom BeniOurain rugs are made for those who understand and appreciate the real value of the natural world. All BeniOurain rugs are the essence of warmth and luxury. It seems as the signature style rugs wit... Continue Reading

What Makes Beni Ourain Rugs So Special

People often go crazy when they’ve to make interior design choices. It does not matter if they have to make decisions regarding carpeting, area rugs, sofas, wall artwork or anything else, either. The decision-making procedure can be unbelievably stressful & overwhelming. However, there’re some interior design elements in this globe that make decisions seem carefree & effortless. One e... Continue Reading

BeniOurain Rug: Building a Welcoming Atmosphere for Your Homes

The choice of carpets in your home can sometimes determine the mood of the inhabitants. If the rugs are more colorful, you rest assured of enjoying the importance of their placement in your home. Therefore, if you must choose the best carpets, it has to be BeniOurain rugs. The reason is that the Beni rug has a lot of features that make it different. Perhaps, you are in search of rugs that you can ... Continue Reading

Berber Rugs Are Authentic Textiles Created, Designed And Woven By Traditional Artisans In The Atlas

Moroccan Berber Rugs have been known to be manufactured since the seventh century A.D. Since then, it is the responsibility of Berber women to weave the world-class Berber Rugs. Berber rugs are as unique and discrete as the weavers who create them. The colors, patterns, and woven designs are incredible and inextricably linked to the isolated villages in the Atlas Mountains where they originate. Th... Continue Reading