Master Keying Service: The Solution To Make Your Space Secure


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Simply stated, a master key system refers to the ability of a single key to unlock numerous doors within a building. Nevertheless, the system can be quite intricate. By incorporating locks that can be operated by various keys, a master key system not only restricts access to many individuals but also grants complete access to a select few. Confused yet? Have a look at this article

How Does a Master Key System Work?

A master key system consists of several locks that are designed to function with two or more distinct keys. The most common system is a two-level master key system. But there are three and four-level systems available as well. It will help you cover the needs of facilities managers and multi-building facilities.

Benefits of Master Key Systems

The primary advantage of implementing a master key system lies in the enhanced security it offers through the utilization of distinct levels of keys, thereby restricting access to specific doors. Another benefit of this system is that it saves money as, most often, a lost or unreturned key does not require you to rekey the whole building.

Types of Keys in a Master System

There are two different types of keys depending on the number of levels in a system. The access is restricted by “change keys”, but the diverse types of master keys assist in granting more access to suitable individuals. The different types of keys are:

Change keys, similar to traditional lock and key systems, possess a unique configuration that exclusively fits a specific lock and cannot unlock any other locks within a set. This feature proves highly advantageous for individual office doors, ensuring enhanced security.

Master keys, on the other hand, can operate all locks within a set. This proves particularly beneficial for individuals such as office managers or maintenance workers who require access to each office or common space within a building.

Grand Master Keys are specifically designed for facilities managers who necessitate access to every door within a single building, including private access areas.

Great Grand Master Keys cater to the needs of property owners or facilities managers who require access to every door within multiple buildings or exceptionally large structures.

Have you been entrusted with an existing master key system but lack sufficient information about it? It’s not uncommon to acquire a building and feel unsure about its lock and key hardware if the building already has a master key system installed. How can one determine the presence of a master key system within their premises? If you have a key that has the word “Master” on it, and you know it unlocks multiple doors. It would be your first indication.

How do you know how many keys are issued or who has them cannot be determined by just one key! You need to maintain the complete keys records. It is generally advisable to rekey your locks and establish a new system that caters to your requirements. It is where master keying in Denver comes in.

Designing and Managing Master Key Systems

Colorado Dependable Locksmith has the expertise to custom design and manage your Master Key System. Each property has its own set of keys. Who is granted access is a part of managing the keys. Hence it is imperative that each master key system. It should be tailored to your specific requirements. When creating a new system, there is usually no need to replace your door hardware. The experts at Colorado Dependable Locksmith are great at integrating newer technology with existing hardware. They will find the best solution for you. With Colorado Dependable Locksmith, you’ll be able to track who has specific keys and rest easy knowing this will deter lock picking, bumping, or drilling.

For convenience, Colorado Dependable Locksmith maintains records of all the keys in your system. They make you aware of the keys that are compatible with each door. Master keys require sophisticated calculations, and they can guarantee the new keys and cylinders. It will work smoothly, when you manage the system. After they design your system, they update it as your building needs change. Colorado Dependable Locksmith offers safe master keying in Denver, making your property management a breeze!

Upgrade your current Master Key System to a more advanced Key System.

Are you ready to increase safety and save money with an upgraded master key system? Trust Colorado Dependable Locksmith! They are one of the best locksmiths in the Denver Colorado area. When you work with Colorado Dependable Locksmith, you’re getting more than just a master key system. Rely on their team for all your door, lock, and building electronic security needs. Contact Colorado Dependable Locksmith for any quarry today.

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