Purchasing the best-quality pain bearings and the process to run them smoothly

plain bearing

Plain and anti-friction bearings are the two primary types (rolling). While rolling bearings work on the idea of rolling motion, plain bearings work on the idea of sliding motion. Nearly every industry you can think of uses plain bearings.

Simple Bearings (Sliding Friction Bearings)

Plain bearings don’t need rolling components and work on the idea of sliding friction. Since they don’t have any moving parts, they are typically quieter than anti-friction bearings. Both rotary and linear applications can make use of plain bearings.

For instance, a sliding drawer indicates a linear application! Whereas a shaft turning in a hole symbolizes the employment of a simple bearing to limit rotational motion.

For applications requiring heavy loads at low speeds, plain bearings are typically used. For applications requiring heavy loads at low speeds, plain bearings are typically used.

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plain bearing

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plain bearing

Plain Bearing Lubrication

Friction, heat, and wear are produced when two materials move over one another. A plain bearing will always use lubricant of some kind to lessen friction. Never operate plain bearings without applying some sort of lubricant. One of the most typical reasons for bearing failure is often thought to be improper bearing lubrication!

Bearing lubrication is a vital technique in any industrial unit. It can make or break the manufacturing process at your facility. It is vital for preserving its performance and lifespan. It separates the moving parts relative to one another. Bearing lubrication serves several functions such as:

  • Protecting surfaces from corrosion
  • Sealing against contaminants
  • Creating a barrier between rolling contact & sliding surfaces¬†
  • Providing heat transference¬†


So you have to select the right supplier while purchasing plain bearings. You should use appropriate lubricants to keep the plain-bearing running well. Do you want to purchase any industrial components or assemblies? Are you looking for quality plain bearings at the best price and with the right advice? Then please contact Canadian Babbitt Bearings. They will gladly answer all your questions and work with you to find the best solution.

Author: Andy Ramanathan

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