Artificial Grass Install: 5 Reasons to Opt for an Artificial Grass Installation in Your Backyard

Artificial grass install introduces fun and social element to your backyard. Opting for an artificial grass installation makes your property stand out in the market and helps you make the most of your outdoor space.

A few compelling reasons drive most people for an artificial grass install. Having artificial grass is better than the natural grass in your backyard. Artificial grass has a burgeoning reputation thanks to its modern style, low maintenance, and ability to look exquisite in all seasons. Being environmentally friendly makes artificial grass a big winner in many people’s eyes.

Here are the five reasons why artificial grass installation in your backyard is a better option. 

  1. Intact beauty all year round

Having artificial grass in your backyard is like having an outdoor carpet. Artificial grass offers all year round greenery and looks the same. Give your backyard a WOW effect! It has a long lifespan. Artificial grass installation is a more cost-effective alternative to a natural lawn. It takes less time to maintain, which allows you to spend your time more effectively! It always looks spectacular!

  1. Little maintenance required for artificial grass

Artificial grass requires a little maintenance to ensure it looks pretty and stays clean. By installing artificial grass in your backyard, you do not need to water and mow it. Routine sweeping is what you need to do to keep the artificial grass clean and beautiful.

  1. Looks natural and authentic

Artificial grass can look real and authentic all year round. The aesthetic value of artificial grass is one of the reasons why it is so popular among homeowners. Artificial green grass turf is designed carefully to look natural and exhibit the same features as a natural lawn all year round. Available in an array of blade lengths, density, and colors, artificial grass can be customized as per your requirement and aesthetic vision. The added thatching detail of the artificial grass turf provides an authentic appearance and enhances the look and aesthetic.

  1. Environmentally friendly

A natural lawn can be harmful to the environment. How? To maintain the growth of a natural lawn you spend on pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers. The toxic chemicals are not environmentally friendly and can also cause harm to your furry friends. Installing artificial grass does not require mowing, watering, and fertilizing, which saves time, avoids unnecessary usage of water and electricity. Without any hazardous chemicals being present, you do not have to worry about your kids or pets playing on the artificial grass.

  1. Safe for children and pets

Unlike natural lawns, artificial grass does not have pesticides or toxic material. It makes artificial grass turf safe for your children and pets. Installing artificial grass in your backyard eliminates the stress and ensures a safe place for children and pets.


Artificial grass install in your backyard aims to save you time and money. Installing a top-quality optimal artificial grass turf ensures beauty, longevity, and performance.

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This article is written by a reputable America’s Putting Green and Turf Company- American Greens. They provide artificial grass install services, custom backyard artificial putting greens, and more. Contact them at (877) 408-3636 to get more information about the products and services.

Ten Quick Tips for Artificial Lawn Installation on a Natural Turf

Artificial lawn installation is a simple process that can be done conveniently with some quick tips. If you opt for a professional artificial green grass turf installation, it provides better, long-lasting results.

In the present day, more and more people are turning to artificial lawn installation. From a low maintenance solution to a lovely year-round beautiful lawn, you enjoy the best benefits of installing artificial green grass turf. It is always good to buy your synthetic turf or artificial lawn from a reputable source that ensures quality and durability.

Do you want some quick tips for your artificial green grass turf installation on natural turf? Here is a helpful guide.

  1. Measure the Area:

It is necessary to measure your area to make a proper installation. Measure the length and width of the area that you need to cover with artificial grass. Measuring the installation area makes things smoother from the start.

  1. Check for Any Underground Hazards:

Make sure the installation area is free from any underground hazards, like electric wires or water pipes.

  1. Collect Necessary Tools and Equipment:

Before you start the artificial green grass installation make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment. To install your artificial turf, you may need a geotextile weed killer, a Stanley knife, a turf cutter, and other accessories, such as glue and adhesive tape.

  1. Remove the Existing Surface: 

You can use a turf cutter to remove the existing surface. Never build your base for artificial green grass turf installation on topsoil. It is good to remove the top layer of the installation area by three to four inches.

  1. Lay the Base:

Use a shovel or wheelbarrow to scatter the base material, like stone, gravel, decomposed granite, or crushed rock as a base. You need around 3-4 inches of the base material to improve drainage and avoid slumping. The best sub-base for installing artificial green grass turf is one that can absorb surface water fast. Lay sharp sand 10-15mm thick on the top of your sub-base using a shovel to make it firm.

  1. Compact the Ground: 

Compact the ground by using a roller or vibrating plate or roller. You need to reduce the base by around 90% of its original depth. It should feel like concrete but retain the ability to drain surface water. Make sure to level the entire place that eliminates the presence of any high and low spots.

  1. Roll Out the Synthetic Turf: 

Roll out your synthetic grass turf over the installation area. Carefully hold the edges and shake lightly to let the air get under it, over the compacted stones. Remember not to drag the artificial grass turf over the base, as it might ruin the smooth surface. Laying the grass with the pile leaning towards your house or the main area looks natural.

  1. Let the turf Settle:

It is advisable now to let your artificial green grass turf settle well. Leave the area for a minimum of three hours or overnight. It helps in stopping the artificial green grass turf from wrinkling or creasing.

  1. Cut Trim and Nail the Turf:

 After the settling process is complete, you need to cut and trim the artificial grass. Use a sharp Stanley knife to cut-down the artificial lawn around the edges. To perfectly fit the artificial turf, pin it down using the landscaping pins. You can also use flat-headed galvanized nails.

  1. Final Grooming:

Brush against the pile to bring the fibers of the artificial grass turf upright. Add the infill when your turf is completely dry. Brush the turf until the infill perfectly settles below the grass.


If you want to enjoy a hassle-free and convenient artificial lawn installation, then trust the professionals. Hiring a reliable artificial green grass turf installation service saves you time and money.

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This article is written by American Greens – a reliable artificial lawn installation service provider. They also provide installation services for artificial putting greens, synthetic playground surfaces, and more.

Five Important Facts That You Should Know About Artificial Grass Lawns

Artificial grass lawns have become the game-changer in terms of cost, the number of playing hours, and its ability to withstand weather nuances. There are more interesting facts about artificial green grass turf that you should know. 

Do you know artificial grass lawns have become popular among the homeowners, golf courses, schools, and more in the USA? People are purchasing synthetic turf to make outdoor maintenance a simple process and lower their running costs. 

Here are some of the lesser-known artificial grass turf facts that might make you realize its importance and luxurious style features. 

  1. Quite Popular Among Hollywood and Major Sports 

Do you know? The artificial grass turf was first used in Major League Baseball in the Houston Astrodome in 1966. 

FIFA had selected artificial turf for many pitches during the 2010 World Cup Games in South Africa. 

At one time, artificial green turf replaced the red carpet at several major Hollywood events, like the Latin Grammy’s and the Teen Choice Awards. 

Everyone was stunned to see when the 11th annual Teen Choice Awards rolled out an eco-friendly carpet made from artificial grass.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Artificial green turf installations not only conserve water but can also lower our carbon emissions. From a survey, it has been found that one square foot of artificial grass can save 55 gallons of water per year. The EPA statistics on air pollution show that gas-powered lawn equipment contributes 5 percent of the USA’s carbon emissions. It means artificial grass turf makes a significant impact on reducing air pollution. 

  1. Neutralize Pet Waste Odors

The combination of drainage infill layers and deodorizer available in artificial grass turfs neutralizes the unpleasant smell of pet and animal urine. No doubt, artificial grass is suitable as a natural lawn for your furry friends. It is also easy to clean up the solids of pet waste from the artificial turf. 

  1. Easy to Maintain

Artificial green grass turf eliminates watering and mowing, as it is easy to maintain. You do not have to spend money or time to maintain the beautiful artificial grass turf. Compared to natural grass lawns, artificial lawns drain water more efficiently and eliminates the chances of mud or potholes. The artificial green turfs are designed to withstand the effects of weathering and foot traffic. Your artificial green turf looks beautiful and lasts longer with a little upkeep. With artificial green grass turfs, you can spend time relaxing in your yard!

  1. Looks More Realistic Than Ever Before

The synthetic green grass looks almost indistinguishable from its natural counterpart. Green grass turf installation in your backyard looks identical to an original lawn in every way. You can choose to install artificial green grass turf installation in terms of its density and size that suits your requirement. Artificial green grass appears perfectly groomed and remains green all year round.


The low maintenance cost and overall durability are some of the highlighting factors of artificial grass lawns. It justifies the popularity of artificial green grass lawns among homeowners and others. You can transform your backyard with high-quality artificial green grass turf installation.

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This article is written by a well-established America’s Putting Green and Turf Company – American Greens. They provide artificial grass lawns, custom backyard artificial putting greens, and more. Contact them at (877) 408-3636 to get more information about their services. 

How Do You Find the Right Installer for Modular Putting Green Kits?

Are you looking to install modular putting green kits? If yes, then you should hire the professional contractor to get the outdoor putting green installation done. However, installing a putting green can be a complex process for homeowners. Therefore, hiring the reliable installer for the modular putting green kits makes really sense.

Searching for the trustworthy contractors for the outdoor putting green installation? If yes, then you want to avoid a bad experience when hiring the contractors the modular putting green kits. You shouldn’t be disappointed at the end.

Choosing a licensed and insured putting green installation company will make sure that your project will be completed on time and within your budget. Here are a few useful tips for the successful putting green project:

Understand Your Requirements.

You should understand your needs before you start enlisting contractors. A reliable contractor will help you from beginning to end; but as a responsible homeowner, you should tell them what you’ve in your mind.

Start the process by knowing the type of putting green you’d like to invest in. You can feel free to ask a few companies for suggestions and make sure that you understand the merits and demerits of each putting green type.

Check Their Previous Work.

A trustworthy outdoor putting green installation company must have images of their previously completed projects. You should take a look at their work in the past so that you should able to tell that the company is able to do your project.

If you want to know more, ask permission if you can contact their clients to confirm the claim by the company. A noteworthy contractor shouldn’t have any issue with giving you a client’s name or the contact details.

Check Their Credentials.

You should ensure that you work with an insured and licensed outdoor putting green installation contractor. You’re not liable if something goes wrong or someone gets injured throughout the project. Feel free to check their credentials beforehand.

Clear About the Timeline.

You should know the timeline of the project. A professional installer should have necessary experience, skill and tools to get the job done and give you a clear timeline on when they can finish the project.

When you contact with their past clients, you should ask whether the company has finished their projects on time. This is a right suggestion to hire a responsible outdoor putting green installation company.

Make Sure You Stay Within Your Budget.

You might be tempted to go over budget, while considering a home improvement project. Therefore, you should be clear about your budget and estimate from beginning to the end. A good putting green installer should be transparent about the project cost.

By staying within the budget, you will know your payment schedule. It’s important to work out a payment schedule ahead of time before hiring anyone.

Final Consideration –

Installing putting green in the backyard is something that most homeowners consider while doing a home improvement project. You should have a proper plan while thinking about doing any project at home. It’s highly suggested to hire a professional who knows how to get the project done from start to end.

Hiring the installer for putting green doesn’t need to be a complicated process. But you should take the hiring process seriously. An important factor while hiring the putting green installation contractor is how well you communicate with them. Follow the above discussed tips when hiring a putting green installer and you’ll avoid making important mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Author Information –

This article is written by American Greens, specializing in installing modular putting green kits to improve your short game, entertain your family and add something beautiful to your backyard.

Why artificial grass is better than having real grass in your back garden

Have you decided to improve your lawn to make it look more inviting? Artificial grass putting green installation is something that you want to turn your space into reality! Synthetic putting green installation is an ingenious and appropriate solution for any lawn and provides numerous benefits that make it convenient for homeowners.

As the name suggests, artificial grass is a bed of natural looking grass made of synthetic fibers. The bed of this synthetic-fiber grass is made in such a way that it effortlessly resembles natural grass. The newest generation of artificial grass putting green often looks good enough to be realistic as well! Many people favor synthetic putting green installation since it is more convenient with modern& busy lifestyles. No matter you maintain your garden yourself or employed somebody, artificial grass putting is the way to go for the following reasons:


Artificial grass has come a long way due to research and updates in materials. It will lead to getting the artificial grass putting green available on the market to look so real. They include a range of colors, textures, and lengths that help to mimic natural grass. The fact that synthetic putting green installation is environmentally friendly & it can be a big winner in many people’s eyes.

Pretty looking gardens all year round

Nobody denies how authentic & legitimate the artificial putting green will look spectacular all year round. Having artificial grass putting green installation in your back garden is like having a green carpet in your space. It will give your back garden a real WOW throughout the year! It has a long life-span; hence it works out as a more cost-effective alternative to bring a natural-looking lawn. It takes little time to maintain and looks spectacular even in winter and summer!


One of the significant benefits of having grass putting green installation is that it will need very little maintenance to look pretty. You can say bye to regular mowing and trimming or maintaining the artificial grass putting green like natural grass. It will help you save extra time to kick back and relax. It will probably need the removal of dust, leaves, pollen, and other debris at least once in a month. An occasional brushing in highly trafficked areas also can fluff up the flat spots.

Save water

Natural grass green lawns have been suffering due to lack of water. Artificial grass does not require water, fertilizer, pesticide like natural grass. This is better for the environment because it reduces water usage. To be specific, the only time you need water on artificial grass is when you want to clean it. A few minutes’ water spray is enough to get rid of the dirt. Hence you can save your money on hose pipe, sprinkler usage, and your water bills.

Looks great

The aesthetic value of all-weather artificial grass putting green is another reason it is so popular among customers. The appearance of synthetic grass has improved vastly over time. It can be convincing to make the appearance of your space quite natural & enhances the look of your home. The synthetic putting green installation makes the lawn look and feels as good as the real thing regardless of the season.

Good for busy people

Artificial grass putting green installation is also very beneficial to people with busy lifestyles because it requires little to no maintenance. If you have less time for garden maintenance, then synthetic putting green installation is a perfect choice as it does not need to be maintained to keep it looking good.


The aesthetically pleasing all-weather artificial grass putting green installation is perfect for both small and big lawn size. Natural-looking artificial grass has been specifically designed to allow homeowners to show off their gardens regardless of the weather. It will let you, your kids, and pets remain happy to have a good time even in the winter and summer. It is safe for your kids & pets as well. The newest generation of artificial grass putting green often looks good enough to be realistic as well.

Authors Bio

This article is written by American Greens- a leading name in the artificial turf industry with decades of experience in providing superior quality artificial grass putting green installation service at the best price.

10 Reasons Why People Love Backyard Artificial Putting Green

If you are a golf game lover, then there are numerous reasons for getting a backyard artificial putting green. From improving your score to having fun, a backyard putting green installation proves to be the best investment for you.

Do you love playing golf? Want to feel like a pro by stepping out into a backyard artificial putting green? A backyard putting green installation can help you practice golf for hours and hours on your very own customized setting. The luxury of having a backyard putting green might help you improve your game and enjoy spending time on the greens working on golf techniques.

Here are a few reasons that justify the popularity of backyard putting green among golf lovers and homeowners.

  1. Improves Your Game:

The practice is essential for every game. Both patience and practice are important for every golf player. A backyard putting green installation makes your practice time more convenient. Artificial putting greens are designed to give the feeling of a natural golf course. Having artificial putting greens in the backyard makes you feel like your own golf course. In the comfort of your backyard, you can practice the tricks and techniques to improve your game.

  1. Proves to be an Affordable Solution:

Having your putting green is pretty much affordable. You can prefer installing the backyard putting green as per your requirement and price. It is not so expensive to have your artificial putting green at home.

  1. Saves Money on Country Club Fees:

The Country Club dues and membership fees can drain your pockets. If you want to save money on golf-associated fees, install a backyard putting green to get the best results. It allows you to practice and play golf at your house without any fees at all. Isn’t this amazing!

  1. Offers Good Durability:

The artificial putting green is durable as it remains perfect both in looks and for practice. You never have to worry about the putting greens, as they can withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Your backyard putting greens will not dip or divot and provide you the perfect surface for practicing the game with ease.

  1. Assures Lower Maintenance:

One of the best reasons to install backyard putting green is its lower maintenance feature. Unlike natural putting greens, artificial putting greens require little or no maintenance. You save on water bills and landscaping by installing artificial putting greens. Enjoy having the perfect artificial putting green all year round in your backyard with simple sweeping or spraying off every few months.

  1. Give Endless Customization Options:

The most exciting and unique feature of an artificial putting green is that you can design and install it as per your requirements. With a reliable backyard putting green provider, you get a customized solution by choosing the shape, size, and challenge level.

  1. Enhances Your Backyard Appeal:

The beautiful and realistic-looking artificial putting green spices up your backyard appeal. You may feel like being in the country club practicing your game. It helps you enjoy the sport and allows having fun with your family, friends in the backyard. 

  1. Provides Endless Worry-Free Fun:

People love artificial putting green because they get more active in their yards. It proves to be a resilient surface year-round in any weather. With artificial putting greens, you do not have to worry about the mud in the rain or the damage from running or sliding. The versatility, consistency, and safety of artificial putting green provide you the perfect platform to have worry-free fun.

  1. Leaves you Stress-Free:

Artificial putting green leaves you relaxed and stress-free. You need not have to worry about replacing, fixing, or watering the artificial putting greens. With minimal upkeep, artificial putting greens continue to maintain their texture, color, and appeal for more than a decade.

  1. Allows you to enjoy the Playability:

Artificial putting green in your backyard is like a real golf course level. It helps you to enjoy the playability of being on the real golf course.


Whether you want to improve your golf game or add some fun, installing a backyard artificial putting green allows you to do both. You will find there are endless customization opportunities for a backyard putting green installation, which can fit perfectly as per your budget and requirement.

About the Author:

This article is written by a reputable America’s Putting Green and Turf Company- American Greens. They provide DIY putting green kits, custom backyard artificial putting greens, and a backyard putting installation services.