What Are the Best Lipstick Shades For Dark Skin Medium Brown Tones


Gone are the days when dark or brown skin was looked down upon. Nowadays, dark skin is considered sexy, glamorous, and gorgeous. But like all other types of skin, dark skinned women too require the best touch up to bring forth their true beauty. The right lipstick shade can make or break your look, regardless of your complexion.

In the makeup world, lipstick is the most essential makeup product in every woman’s vanity but also choosing the right lipstick shades for dark skin tone is a long and difficult task. Picking the correct lipstick for dusky skin & applying the perfect shade can intensify your look while the incorrect lipstick shade for dark or brown skin can make you look washed out & ashy. So, picking the best lipstick for dark skin medium brown tones is really important.

Prior to suggesting a few best lipstick shades for brown skin, we’d like to tell you that earth-toned colours look the best on brown skin tones. Though there are innumerable lipsticks for dark skin, check out either of these below listed shades:

  • Red – Red is the cult favourite lip colour for all women across the globe. Red lipsticks for brown skin look hot and sensuous on most brown girls out there.
  • Copper brown – This shade can work wonder for all sorts of events.
  • Taupe – This shade is tailor-made for women with a darker complexion
  • Nudes– While buying a nude lipstick, go for a brownish pink shade. Warm nudes are perfect for warm undertones. Go with a mauve & pink-brown nudes if you’ve a cool undertone in your skin.
  • Chocolate Brown – Want to look vampy yet classy? Try chocolate brown shade now.
  • Magenta – As far as the pink spectrum is concerned, magenta will look fabulous on brown skin tones as it’s a mixture of flattering pinks and reds for your skin.

Every skin tone is different & gorgeous in its own way. When it comes to brown skin makeup, you’ve to pick the perfect foundation & lipstick shade as a part of your go-to makeup products in your kit. Luckily, so many brands have launched wider varieties of foundation shades with diverse undertones and multiple lipstick colors for brown skin. However, we feel one lipstick shade seems completely different for someone else due to different skin and lip undertones one has. One must always try & sample the lipstick on either their lips or their chin to find out the ideal shade that fits them. Deeper & bright shades of colours from the red and pink spectrum look beautiful on brown beauties.

How To Buy The Best Fitting & Most Comfortable Dress For Your New-Born

Being a new parent, and especially if you are a first-time parent, your stomach might do flip-flops when you come across the extensive varieties in babies clothes. So small & delicate, they are lovable & hard to resist.

However, while buying babies casual dress your goal should be practical and you must avoid new-born clothes that could make your baby uncomfortable. You also need to consider safety, durability, and softness; at this age, style must be the last thing on your mind. 

Steer clear of designer baby clothes:

Yes, designer baby clothes are hard to resist! But the fact is, your new-born will grow so fast & sleep so much that all those decorative clothes will go to waste; it is like throwing money out of the window. 

Save the designer baby clothe purchase for later when your new-born has grown a bit and can wear them for a longer span of time. 

Choose the fabric wisely:

Babies have pretty sensitive skin. You can consider organic cotton as these fabrics are from nature or originated from natural resources and have excellent properties to make them a perfect fit for baby clothes. Steer clear of bright colors as they may have fluorescent agents.

Clothing made of materials such as polyester and nylon cause skin sensitivity & discomfort. They can’t take up moisture & regulate the body temperature of new-born, so they must be avoided.

Be careful about the size:

Buying a cloth for your baby only to find it too small is a disappointment. Make sure you shop clothes that fit your baby right. The right size isn’t just comfortable but also let your baby move easily. New-borns grows at an unbelievable speed, so make sure to consider growth rate while making purchases. 


While purchasing casual dress for child, consider the season & the geographical climate you’re in. Purchase season-appropriate garment & think ahead. If you’re buying in the month of January, you might wish to buy something appropriate for spring as you’d only get 2-3 months out of winter clothes. Also, don’t forget to take into account your geographic location. What one wears in New York will be different from India. If you’re shopping online, check out product description thoroughly as it can tell you if the fabric is heavy weight or light in nature. After considering all these aforementioned factors, we are very sure that you can buy the best babies casual dress for your new-born.

Six Factors to Know When Buying Babies Casual Dress Online

Congratulations! You are going to have a baby. However, preparing to welcome your bundle of joy requires a lot of planning. And the most important thing you need is newborn clothes.

Shopping for your newborn is not easy, especially if you are a first-time parent. With so many fabrics, brands, and styles of babies casual dress in the market, choosing the appropriate one for your baby can be overwhelming. When you buy the dresses, first you want to make sure that your baby will be comfortable and safe in the outfit. Also, you would want your baby to have all the styles in every garment that you dress them in.

To make the clothe buying for your toddler a more enjoyable one, we have listed six important factors to consider when buying babies casual dress online. We are here to help you make smart and informed decisions on creating the very first wardrobe for the little being who will be the love of your life.

Material: Always choose a fabric that feels gentle and soft to your touch. As your baby’s skin is too sensitive, fancy-looking materials like nylon and polyester would only bring discomfort to the baby. The rough texture of synthetic fabrics can create itchiness and rashes among kids.

Functionality: Remember not to buy the dresses that your baby will ever hardly wear, such as a fancy party wear. We will suggest you pick dresses that will offer a stretchable neckline and more room to breathe.

Avoid Buttons: Avoid too many straps or buttons on the clothing. If the dresses have buttons, do check if there are placed in any such area that will bring discomfort to the newborn. For newborns, the best chosen clothes will be the one that comes with straps to tie as buttons are mos of the time the reason behind the scratches on the baby’s skin.

Size: Buy clothes for your toddler that is of appropriate size. Because babies who have started walking or crawling, chances are that they might stumble on the extra length and fall more often, hurting themselves. So, always buy appropriate sets for your baby.

Seasonal Wear: Buy baby garments keeping every season in mind. Keep in handy a pair of summer and winter for your baby, as you never know when the climate might change.

Style: After noting down all the above factors, if you manage to find a stylish looking pair for your baby, then go for it. After all, the world has a place for the fashionista!

For so many choices of baby casual dress in different brands, you can always get your hands on perfect pairs by browsing online. The medium is much more convenient than hopping from one store to another.

Visit Indie Project Store, for a wide range of baby casual dresses online at budget-friendly prices.

Give Your Skin The Gift of Baylis & Harding’s Skin Spa Total Indulgence Se

Believe it or not, skin is the biggest organ of the human body. The main purpose of your skin is to safeguard your body from foreign agents. The skin is the first line of defence against disease & infection. It is also the skin that offers us protection against the sun. However, it’s also the skin that first betrays the effects of aging. Skin ailments such as psoriasis or dermatitis can be irritating and make our lives miserable. While we never required things like wrinkle creams or moisturizers when we were younger and our skin more resilient, the fact is that some level of skin care is unavoidable as we age. Skin care treatment is also essential because of factors unrelated to our aging skin.

Taking care of your skin is serious business. Skin care is as important as eating the right kinds of food to nourish the body. Beautiful skin is no miracle. Like everything else, if you want it, you have got to work for it.

Fortunately, keeping your skin looking its best is easy now with Baylis & Harding Skin Spa Total Indulgence Gift Set by Baylis & Harding. Your skin needs to be pampered from time to time and this Skin Spa Gift Set in UK features everything that you need to take the best care of your skin. The distinctive gift box features 5 pampering products to give your skin the ultimate care they deserve.

Baylis & Harding’s Skin Spa Total Indulgence Set is a beautiful gift box presenting 5 pampering products in Rosemary, Eucalyptus & White Tea fragrance. The gift pack features a 250ml Body Cleanser and 250ml Cream Wash which leaves your skin feeling gently cleansed whereas the indulgent 100ml Body Cream and 100ml Hand Cream with Vitamins A, B and C offers your skin the much needed long lasting softness. This tiny pampering kit will uplift & cleanse your body, getting you ready to face every day challenges with great confidence.


If you know the right way to do things and you have the right products to use you certainly can get to your healthy skin goals with ease. Beautiful skin begins with good skin care and with Baylis & Harding Skin Spa Total Indulgence Gift Set by Baylis & Harding you can accomplish exactly that.

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to place your order for this revolutionary skin care gift set now!

Credit Card Wallet – The Safe And Stylish Way To Carry Credit Card

credit card wallet is a basic piece of regular daily existence. In the event that you have a large number of cards, you cannot depend on fitting them all in your customary wallet! Leather card wallets can be your top decision when you are choosing a card wallet for yourself that fits everything at one spot. There are numerous attributes they have that make them one of a kind, and they stand apart among different sorts of card wallets.

Here are the nine advantages of utilizing credit card wallets:

They have an extensive life 

Leather is strong and has a long life instead of wallets made out of synthetic material. In the event that you purchase great leather, your wallet can even endure forever. Numerous organizations and brands process leather in an ideal way with the goal that they do not experience a wear and tear process and have an incredible life.

They are stylish 

Leather wallets are tasteful and luxurious. It implies an ageless bit of workmanship, which continues showing signs of improvement as the years pass by despite everything it, looks increasingly excellent.

Ideal friend for traveling 

They are the ideal friends when you are arranging an excursion or an occasion because of their minimal size, waterproof characteristics and various card spaces. We frequently travel with different credit and debit cards and it is hard to deal with it. Nevertheless, the credit card holder is the ideal accomplice to mastermind different cards in an equivalent spot.

They are eco-friendly 

Leather wallets are likewise a decent decision since they are Eco-accommodating, not at all like the wallets made out of PU material.

The beauty of natural color

Look for unmistakable leather quality, workmanship and plan when you intend to have the best card wallet. The tanning process of reputed manufacturers retains the normal color while magnifying the excellence.

Continuously in fashion 

Another incredible element of a leather card wallet is that they are consistently in design and never baffle. Regardless of whether you need it to go with you in your travel or only for a run of the mill day at work, you can depend on a leather card wallet to not discard you at the need of great importance.

They are flexible 

This major and extraordinary trademark can push you to purchase a leather card wallet. Besides, with time, the adaptability of these wallets is just expanding, making them progressively tough and dependable! Another explanation is that you can arrange various cards from different banks according to your prerequisite.

Leather can breathe 

Indeed, the facts confirm that leather can breathe! Subsequently, it tends to be an ideal decision when you travel since it would not have any dampness.

Impervious to fungal assaults 

The best piece of a leather card wallet is that it is impervious to parasites and contagious assaults. The water-safe properties of leather make it liberated from any such stresses.

Leather Wallets – Accessory that Adds Elegance and Class to a Man’s Persona

Every fashionista can swear upon leather! In this ever-changing fashion world, only leather is something that has persisted and will be there in future as well! Leather has been in the minds of fashion conscious for ages and as already mentioned it will slay at the top position for years to come. You can discover a wide range of leather products in the market today especially for men which are exceptionally phenomenal aesthetically as well as practically.

Leather products ranging from leather jackets, leather boots to leather wallets and more can be easily found in the market today. Among the various leather products the classy leather wallets are one of the most impressive stuffs that allow you carry your cards, cash and more in a style. Such wallets help you impress your clients in business meets.

The leather wallets are available in different colors, styles, designs, patterns and size that make them suitable for everyone from business persons to bikers and almost every one. For instance, if you are a businessman then you can opt for a long leather wallet of brown or black color as it will create a great impression of yours among your clients and colleagues alike. Similarly if you are a biker then you can opt for a trendy slim leather wallet that looks utterly stylish and safe in your pocket even during your rides.

What makes a leather wallet so special for the men? The reason is not just the “leather” involved in it but there are many other reasons as well. Let us check out some of those reasons below –

  • Look

Genuine leather wallets look utterly classy and stylish. One can easily recognize a genuine leather wallet among the fakes. Leather wallets lift up the style statement and provide a sense of elegance to your personality. Several leather types are there that are used for making a leather wallet. Hence, you get a freedom to try newer styles each time. A long leather wallet for instance, looks elegant and classy.

  • Comfort

If you have tried wallets made of other materials before, then you can easily distinguish the comfort level that leather wallets offer from the rest. The leather wallets are comfortable to carry which makes it a unique choice.

  • Durability

You might have noticed that leather products are often costlier than other materials. Have you ever thought why? The reason behind the cost is its quality and high durability. The leather wallets usually last for at least five years. It also offers you an assurance that it will not be damaged while you are traveling, walking in rain or camping. It is just simply durable!

  • Shape Remains Intact

Usually, leather wallets are made out of high-quality leathers which help it to remain in its original shape for years. Leather wallets also do not require special care or maintenance.