How Electronic Purchase Order Software Impact Business Success

An electronic purchase order is the same as a conventional purchase order, beside that it’s not placed on paper. It’s a digital document that summarizes the line items in an order, the terms and conditions both the seller and buyer must comply with, delivery, pricing, and other info you would anticipate to get on a purchase order. This is a paperless procedure that saves money and time.

Purchase orders are a vital part of running your business, keeping everybody answerable, and tracking spending. Making use of an electronic system in comparison to a paper one keeps everybody answerable since it alerts staff prior to they can spend over their budget. Also, the system helps in avoiding replica invoices and rectifies other inconsistencies quickly, helping to significantly decrease, or even eradicate fraud.

A competent electronic purchase order software will allow flawless communication of buying info between the supplier and buyer, reducing the handling time & eradicating the requirement for data rekeying.

Electronic purchase order software aids companies in controlling costs via a wide range of ways, encompassing purchase order & invoice approvals, and control & tracking features. A research done by the Institute of Financial Operations found that:

  • Firms employing electronic systems account a drop in invoice & payment errors.
  • More than 2/3rd of those firms experience a fall in fraud; and
  • PO-based invoice vendors have increased by 52.83 percent

No geographic restrictions:

The foremost advantage of automating purchase is that there’re no geographic restrictions concerned. You’ve the freedom to approve or refuse purchase orders at any given time.

Competent electronic purchase order software let chosen approvers to see PO requests made by staff regardless where they’re. Also it allows you to recommend modifications on Pos by making comments, or merely by denying a purchase order and asking a staff to restructure it. 

The system will send out all your Pos electronically to all your suppliers in a quick manner. This way they can access all your purchase orders over the internet to recognize your orders quickly and convey advance consignment notices in a glance.

Also, suppliers can convert your Pos into invoices with the data you supply. And this decreases the odds you will be charged for products you did not order or receive, which in result simplify things for your accounts payable department.

With tactical purchase order automation, more organizations are simplifying their procure-to-pay processes. Lesser resources are squandered on time-taking administration, and more competent processes interpret to a better bottom line.

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What’s Container Tracking System & How It Works

Container tracking systems are new standard for firms that transport their merchandises abroad. In order to keep track of their costly products, so many improvements have been developed to let the accurate tracking of even small containers. This lets firms to transport & receive merchandises on a more accurate timeline and to keep operation expenditures on the lower side, even when transporting more goods.

A container tracking software is basically an online tool that lets you input into of your container and offers the search info of its location. This software is employed to help the recuperating, securing, and the controlling of shipping containers.

How the system works?

The container tracking system is done via the internet and is facilitated by media like RFID or Bar code and electronic file transfer. The system encompasses the current whereabouts of the shipping container & also the PAH of the shipping container from the acquiring date of the container.

Most importantly, the container tracking software offer superior performance when the size of the shipping container have to increase or reduce. Besides the present location of your content, the system also gives your details regarding the last trans-shipment. All you need to do is enter the container number in order to track your shipping container.

What are the advantages of container tracking system?

  • A well-designed container tracking software can be priceless to a firm that has several shipping containers that are being shipped in diverse parts of the globe. The system can track diverse shipping containers one by one, check their capacity and schedule the delivery process so that the least amount of energy and time are employed.
  • Making use of a tracking application, a company can enter info regarding the container & its contents, track its locality to the specific coordinates across the world, manage its actions through harbors, and even convey input when its operational life has been prolonged.
  • A top-quality container tracking software is a critical asset for the security, control, transportation, and ultimate recuperation of any returnable asset. When implemented properly, a container tracking system can keep production up and costs down. Therefore, it’s a priceless support to any organization that transports its goods anywhere across the globe.
  • The system also helps you to address probable trouble areas of the container fleet performance such as abandoned containers, needless dwell or inordinately extraordinary damage.

Advanced container tracking systems are highly sophisticated & equipped with advanced tracking technologies to offer shipping information across the world with top-end control, management and tracking of container shipments. If you’re looking to enhance the overall performance of your shipping business, don’t hesitate to choose a dependable container tracking system from a reputed vendor.

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Streamline your Project Management System with the Use Of TILOS Software – Simply the best tool for managing linear projects

Trimble Tilos software is purpose-built for linear construction projects.

TILOS is the time–location project management software is used worldwide for roads, railway, tunnel, bridge, pipeline, transmissions line and other civil engineering projects.

TILOS provides the confidence to know the exact status of your project and provides the transparency necessary to ensure on-time project delivery. In Gantt chart techniquegenerally used in traditional planning systems like MS Projects & Primavera P6, the biggest limitation is there is no location reference. In case of linear projects, without location reference, a good visibility is lost.For many infrastructure projects Gantt charts are not enough, for these kind of projects, TIME-DISTANCE diagrams suit better.

It’s a blessing in disguise for the construction industry as it’s easy to use, flexible and effective for planning infrastructure projects . Use of this software will save you money and time, not just in terms of the cost of software, but also on labour, staff training and project scheduling. It’ll simplify your project management systems, saving you resources and time.

Why TILOS is superior for LINEAR Projects…?

Linear projects present unique challenges as crews and equipment move along the construction site, often spanning across tens of kilometers, to perform their work in the right location. Coordination of the fleet, equipment, and people become complex.

Traditional planning systems display their results in bar charts or network diagrams. In TILOS permits, environmental constraints, construction related issues and risk elements are easily incorporated into the plan to give a single overall view of the project. Traditional diagrams are not able to show a graphical link between the location of work being performed and the timing of work execution.

TILOS time-distance diagrams/printouts clearly communicate the scope by showing the project details and the schedule in one view, providing you with detailed information about work in place, by location which are easy to understand by all the stakeholders.TILOS combines time & distance in one efficient project management tool. Though the kinds of charts, diagrams, analysis and reports are different, the software is very easy to use and interact with.

TILOS time & distance features entail that users can easily see clashes in schedules & alter them to simplify their project. The software offers utmost flexibility for executing your job. It lets you sensibly plan your project employing construction specifications.

Ideal for sub projects:With TILOS software any smaller builds of your project can be included as a sub project. This can include outbuildings, bridges, pump stations and more. Your main project can be linked to major milestones. You can view sub projects in the same view to find out the complete progress of the project and in separate views for different audiences. You can find everything in one spot.

5 Reasons to start using TILOS for your LINEAR Projects

Linear Scheduling: Planning linear construction projects by using time location diagrams and the comprehensive linear scheduling features is highly effective. Deliver optimized and reliable schedules. Communicate your projects effectively. With TILOS schedule it’s simple to find out precisely where your project is at, and make amendments to enhance the work flow& timeline. The user can see when clashes are expected to happen – and speedily change the work schedule to thwart this.

An Integrated Project Planning Solution: You do the planning using industry specific planning features, while TILOS calculate the deadline and total time required in one integrated system.

Cost Effective: TILOS quickly pays for itself when compared to other planning methods. Reduced planning time with improved schedule clarity results in more smooth construction sequence and helps to avoid clashes and machine downtime.

Open Data Exchange/Interoperability: Exchange data with other project management systems such as Primavera P6, MS Project, Asta Power-project. Import site data such as mass haul, elevation or site map. Insert quantities, equipment and costs from spreadsheet.

Professional Presentation: Present high-quality plans that showcase your talent and give confidence in your ability to deliver. Visualize the whole project on a single summary assist the whole team and the key stakeholders to easily understand the plan.

More about TILOS:

Trimble TILOS is the robust scheduling software for linear infrastructure projects that combines time and distance into one graphical view.

Scaled Location Charts- Use powerful drawing tools to place symbols and objects based on distance coordinates.

Schedule visualization-  of the project plan is presented in a way that construction teams can easily understand.You can plan your project by simply drawing it on the screen. The package boasts a comprehensive graphical interface. It’s designed especially for time-distance project types. You can even set up company templates while repeating common tasks.

Resource and cost Planning- Reduce risk by integrating cost, quality and performance planning. Compare values with project baseline for plan vs actual comparison.

Mass Haulage- TILOS is optimized for the planning of mass haulage. The movement of material around a large physical site is coordinated for ideal project execution.

Scenario analysis- TILOS calculates recovery plan with current performance, new work rate.

Progress Tracking- Progress activities by where they have been done and not done by time. Enter a distance achieved, a quantity achieved or % achieved.

Monitor your progress closely- by adding complete information to TILOS and forecast and visualize the impact of remaining work to stay on schedule.

Selected list of TILOS users in India:  

  • L&T Construction – Roads, Runways, Railways, Bridges & Metro business units           
  • Western Railways- Construction Organisation. Baroda & Ahmedabad      
  • Sterlite Power for transmission lines construction projects
  • Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation DFCC            for railway projects
  • National High Speed Rail Corporation NHSRCL for bullet train project    
  • Indian Oil Corporation for pipeline construction project
  • Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd  Railway BU         
  • TATA Projects for railway projects         
  • IRCON for railway projects           
  • GMR Infra for road and railway projects
  • DilipBuildcon for metro projects            
  • Siemens for metro project
  • Nippon Koei India for railway and metro projects
  • Simplex Infra for metro projects
  • Hindustan Construction Co. for bridge and heavy civil engineering projects       
  • Montecarlo for road construction projects
  • Bhopal/Indore Metro for metro construction projects

TILOS offer top-notch outcomes for all your linear projects. The output is an efficient solution that’s visually catchy and produces utmost efficiency for your organization. Simply said, TILOS make your projects organized, productive and affordable. Given these solution credentials, TILOS will be very useful to your LINEAR projects and it  will strengthen  your planning and controlling process.

FND is the global distributor and they have their presence in India also. KL iTech Solutions authorized by FND is the Indian partner. FND/KL iTech have the necessary experience & expertise to provide Maintenance, Training, Consultancy and Services in TILOS software.

Contact your nearby Tilos Dealer in India now to find out how the use of this software makes considerable improvements in project workflow.

What Are The Features Of Top Truckload Software

Companies that employ large semi-trailers to haul their products require a little extra support to get the most out of their shipments. Truckload software works best for firms that produce enough freight to use full truckload shipping.

Truckload logistics software is easy to set up and is done so by professionals. Companies that offer this software make it simple to integrate into existing systems. The upfront cost of purchase & set up is fractional compared to the amount of money saved on shipping.

A truckload software is well-researched & developed with number of useful features. It’s completely based on the advanced technology and is a pretty efficient tool to conquer your truck loading issues which is a massive challenge in the current transportation industry.

Manage load plans more efficiently:

The container loading issue had been a persistent challenge for the cargo firms operations from the different locations in the country. Fortunately, now you can eliminate this issue with the use of an efficient truckload software. Now you can plan, create, edit and manage your loading plans for the widest range of goods with the best truckload software.

User-friendly system:

Truckload software programs are pretty efficient load planner for container loading, truck loading, and trailer loading. Since loading has been a primary concern for the cargo, transport, and fleet management firm, the introduction of truckload dispatch software will surely alleviate their worries to a great extent.

Time & volume management:

The highly efficient & feature loaded truckload software features time & space saving management which aids a company in different ways. It not just saves space and time but also decreases operational expenses resulting in a significant boost in annual profit.

Preloading space calculation:

The pre-loading space calculation feature in truckload software surely plays a pivotal part in the elimination of challenges associated to loading in the transportation business. It helps in calculating the total available space in a specific vehicle including trailer, truck, container, etc.

Truckload software makes employees time more manageable, shipments less costly, and the entire process more productive. Every time you pay for shipping, the company will be getting the most reasonable priced service. Over payment on shipments & the additional work needed to get the best deal are a problem of the past. A logistics application will enhance full truckload management within your company and can save thousands of dollars per year. Time saved by not having to frequently research carriers, routes, and costs can be utilized for other more beneficial company tasks.