How to select the best container tracking software

One needs to choose the best container tracking software to help track a container. 

It may be that you are sending a container for your business or to a friend. In both cases, you need to track the container. It is not possible to do so without having the best container tracking software. If the container contains perishable or valuable goods, it is wise always to track the container. 

It is good to know how to select the best of such software. You need to look at the software features so that you can understand the usefulness of the system, assisting you in tracking the container. 

Features of the best container tracking software

The first and foremost thing you need to know is whether the software helps you have updates from port or rail about your container. The best software will also help you to see the driver mobile dispatch and document that.

The software must also allow you to extensive editing and validation of intermodal data. Another essential aspect that you need to keep in mind is whether the software has field use and if those usages have given the user the best assistance. You also need to know whether that software has features so that you can use that at multi-location.

Another essential aspect that you need to know before selecting the best container tracking software is the security features. It needs to be such that none can hack the software to have access to the information. The must-have software features are one which allows you to restrict anyone from having access to the information. 

You also need to ascertain whether it is easy to use the software. Ease of use is important so that anyone you desire can use it without having prior experience or knowledge. 

The software also needs to give you access to intermodal freight bills to improve cash flow and eliminate duplicate work. 

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From LTL Freight Shipping

Less Than Truckload or LTL shipping is a shipping method that employs either LTL carriers or parcel carriers. This sort of shipping method lets people put together their smaller loads (less than 150lbs) and then dispatch them together with other people’s packages. This method lets shipping firms to make transportation much more affordable in comparison to full truckload alternatives.

However, apart from economical advantages, there’re the several other advantages of LTL freight shipping that you must be aware of in order to integrate with your business.

Here are some of the benefits of LTL shipping, especially for small business:

Never pay for vacant cargo space again:

Don’t squander your hard earned cash on paying to operate half-filled delivery trucks. With LTL shipping, your consignment will be merged with other deliveries. So, you will save cash without needing to manage the logistics.

Decrease warehouse expenses:

As you can send more number of consignments by using LTL shipping method, you don’t have to hoard up as many products at one time. This decreases your warehouse needs and produces extra savings every month for your organization.

Have access to professional know-how:

The majority of small ventures lack devoted in-house shippers. When small business holders employ LTL shipping they can make the most of the proficient logistic experts working at these organizations to enhance their practices.

Better shipping costs:

The lowest costs are usually reserved for the largest shippers. But when businesses employ LTL freight via a freight coordinator, even the smallest firm can avail an excellent shipping quote.

Decrease environmental impact:

Sharing space with other consignments dramatically reduces your organization’s carbon footprint & helps in keeping the planet healthier.

Boost shipment security:

LTL shipping firms take security very seriously. As soon as you allocate your consignment to a pro LTL shipper, you can rest assured that your package will remain secure until it reaches its final destination.

Access the latest shipping technology:

These days a large number of LTL shippers use the latest when it comes to shipping technology. One great example is LTL freight tracking software is designed to be easy to use and to present pertinent information to your dispatchers at a glance. This type of software application is quite useful for shippers, receivers, consignees and parties that need to follow the real time location of their shipments. Also, LTL freight tracking allows for certain parties to see & save important documents such as delivery receipts at any given time.

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Everything You Need To Know About LTL Freight Shipping

LTL freight shipping is employed for the shipping of small cargo or when cargo does not need the use of an entire trailer. This transportation method is recommended when cargo weights between 150 and 15,000 pounds. There’re so many benefits of LTL freight shipping which includes:

Decreased costs: When booking an LTL consignment, you only reimburse for the part of the trailer used. The rest of the cost will be covered by the other dwellers of the trailer’s space.

Enhances security: The majority of Less Than Truck Load consignments are packaged onto pallets prior to being loaded onto a truck! One properly packed pallet has a superior chance of staying secure than consignments with more than one smaller handling unit.

Supplementary service options: When transporting through Less Than Truck Load, you’ve access to special services such as liftgates and inside pickup and delivery.

Tracking: Less Than Truck Load carriers provide tracking capabilities via the bill of lading number, PO number, PRO number, consignment reference number and pick up date range, to name a few.

Factors that determines your LTL shipping costs:

  • Location: Usually, the further the distance, the higher the cost
  • Mode: LTL consignments can be accelerated for an additional fee.
  • Dimensions: The weight and dimensions of the consignment help decide the cargo class, which directly impacts costs.
  • Type: A consignment that needs special handling will probably lead to higher prices.

How to prepare Less Than Truck Load shipments?

  • Dimension: While measuring the width, length and height of a consignment round up to the next inch. Precise dimensions are important for carriers to make the most of their capacity and for you to steer clear of adjustment fees.
  • Documentation fees: The bill of lading must be done as precisely as feasible to offer to the carriers when they arrive. This document acts as a receipt for the freights that are being transported.
  • Packaging & labeling: Load freights onto pallets to condense & safeguard your consignments. Bulky stuffs must be placed on the foot of pallets or crates and label must be placed on the side.

How LTL freight tracking software can ease out LTL shipping challenges?

With the option to use the service employing an on-demand model, LTL carrier tracking software can decrease the capital costs related with in-house systems, including software, hardware, network, maintenance, and database management. It can also help you decrease overall vehicle and driver requirements & costs.