Traits to Master for Being a Smart Home Buyer

Making a smart home buying decision needs to develop a few essential traits and master them that include having a calm mind, accepting challenges tactfully and realizing your preferences. Besides that taking help of expert real estate agents makes the process even easier and smarter.

Buying a home isn’t just a financial investment but also an emotional investment. In fact it can be said that the decision of home buying is emotional than rational. Many a time, we take decisions based on the rush of these emotions and enter into a territory without making any plans and preparations. Even though everything gets better with time, still the process distresses the home buyer leaving them feel frustrating, it is true especially you are newbie home buyer.  Also, there is a risk of the investment turning bad due to carelessness during the transaction process. Therefore, if you are planning to buy homes for sale in Maryland, then you need to make smart decisions to avoid any hassles in future.

To be a smart home buyer you will need to master three main traits that include the following:

A Calm Mind

Always remember – “The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm everything becomes clear.” Be it a minor or major decision, when taken with a calm mind can make wonders.

Imagine, all of a sudden you realized that you want to buy a home of your own and you took the decision right away. Although the realization might be a sudden one, but to materialize the vision you will have to work slowly and steadily. Decisions taken in hurry can be a sinful affair especially when you are dealing with real estate market.

Take your time and think before taking action. When you take hours to decide on buying a perfect pair of shoes then why to hurry in buying a home! In case of shoes you can replace them if any fault is found in them, but that is not the case with home buying!

Home buying is no doubt one of the biggest investments you are going to make in your entire life. Finding a fault in the home after finalizing the deal, then you will have to live with it since there is no scope for forgetting. Of course you can sell the house off if you are not happy with it, but the process can take a toll on you. If you want to make home buying perfect in your first attempt then never take the decision in hurry and keep a calm mind.

Accept Challenges

To be a smart buyer one of the best traits that you should possess is the power and strength of accepting challenges and willing to learn new things. Having a master’s degree won’t make you a smart home buyer unless you know how to utilize your knowledge to make a profitable home buying decision. You will have to get engaged in active negotiation with a myriad of people if you want to select the right home for yourself. You will have to pay attention to what others are talking. Get in touch with a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent in Maryland and take their suggestions seriously, listen to them attentively. You will have to understand that your life isn’t the same when you decide to take a plunge into the real estate market.

Realize Your Preferences

One thing that you need to understand is that no one size fits all scheme works when it comes to real estate transactions. What suits your brother may not suit you and vice versa. That is why; it is important for you to take advices from experts but for that you have to first realize what you are actually looking for. Whether it is financial decision or the features you are looking for in a home, make sure to know what suits you the best first and then consult with an expert for better guidance.

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Dealing with COVID-19 Consequences with Real Estate Agents

COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and real estate industry in no exception. The market has seen a lot of ups and downs in last few months. However, real estate agents have found several ways to get out of these consequences efficiently. Consulting with an experienced real estate agent can help home buyers and sellers make the right decision.

COVID-19 pandemic rocked the real estate industry within an overnight. Ban was imposed on open houses, listings were pulled and most devastating was the disappearance of the buyers all of a sudden. However, with time realtors have started getting a clear picture of the state of the industry and realizing its long term outlook.

Some of the interesting consequences of the real estate market have been revealed. Let us find them out below –

Spooked Buyers and Sellers

At the beginning of the pandemic lockdown in March, several buyers and sellers backed away slowly from the market which gradually increased a month later. Due to the shortage of buyers in the market, the sellers pulled their listings off the market. Also, many homeowners think that they will not get the right value of their home during the pandemic, which is making them hesitant to list their homes. According to some other market surveys, sellers dropped the price of their listing for attracting buyers. On the other hand, buyers too have retreated from the market as open houses have been cancelled and a lot of listings have been nosedived.

However, the fact is that there are many realtors who have come up with several options to make real estate dealings better and efficient. So whether you are looking to buy a home or sell a home in DC, before panicking or taking any firm decision, make sure to consult with a dependable and expert real estate agent in Washington DC to avoid any confusions or fears regarding the market.

Normalcy in the Market

According to a report, the Washington DC real estate market has been hugely impacted by the pandemic that has crashed down the sales volume across the entire region immensely. However, the same report also states that although the sales volume has declined in DC but the median sale prices have increased.  Moreover, real estate experts estimate that the market will get worse before it gets better, but eventually it will get better. If you are looking to buy or sell your home in DC, then you will have to realize the status of the market efficiently. For that, it is highly suggested to consult with a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent in Washington DC.

In a nutshell, for finding the right homes to buy or knowing the right time to list your home for sale to get the maximum benefit during this pandemic, you will have to keep patience and more importantly get in touch with a reliable real estate agent, who can guide you correctly about the market.

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This article is written by Magnolia Realty, a premier real estate agent in Washington DC and MD, who can help you take the right decision when it comes to home buying and selling in DC.

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Life in Silver Spring MD – A Few Facts About the City

Relocating to a new place can become a challenging task when you are unaware of the different aspects of the place. But this task can be made easier and hassle-free with the help of a reliable and experienced realtor. If you are looking for homes for sale in Silver Spring MD, then consult with a good local real estate agent who has better knowledge about the city and its neighborhood.

Have you been planning to relocate to Silver Spring MD for quite a long time? Then the following facts about the city will make you feel proud of your decision! Let’s find out why Silver Spring is a great city to live in and raise a family.

History of Silver Spring MD

Silver Spring is the name that comes from a spring that contains mica flakes. It became a streetcar suburb with a trolley during the early 20th century which declined during the 60s and 70s as the shopping centers began offering free parking. But after the Silver Spring Metro Station opened, the city picked back up. The current Silver Spring is loaded with a variety of amenities such as restaurants, museums, art centers and theaters.

Life in Silver Spring

The livability is high in Silver Spring as there is so much to do here; be it shopping, enjoying arts, exploring museums or taking delight in the myriad of cultural diversity. There are a plenty of entertainment sources in the suburb without the chaos and noise that comes along with the big cities.

 Amenities in the Suburb

Silver Spring MD possesses exciting amenities that will keep you and your family engaged throughout the year. Some of the exciting amenities in the area include:

The Fillmore Silver Spring – Take delight in different types of concerts here such as jazz, blues, latin, folk and more.

The Public Art Walk – You can explore a number of art installations downtown by taking a walk along the Public Art Walk. You can also enjoy the sculptures, murals, light shows and more.

AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center – If you love foreign and independent films then this theater is your best bet. Here you can also enjoy documentaries and cinema.

National Capital Trolley Museum –  Learn about the history of streetcars in the Washington D.C. metro area in this museum.

Veterans Plaza – In summer enjoy a farmers market and in winter you can enjoy ice skating in the rink.

Other things that make Silver Spring an ideal place for living include easy commutation, strong demographics, great neighborhoods, and hassle-free transportation options.

So if you are looking for a place that is easy to commute, possess cultural diversity and plenty of things to do in Maryland, then Silver Spring is the best choice for you. However before beginning to find homes for sale in Silver Spring MD to buy, make sure to consult with a reliable and experienced realtor that can guide you with every aspect of the process and make it an efficient one.

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This article is written by Magnolia Realty, a reliable and reputable realtor in MD and DC. They can make your home buying and selling experience efficient. So if you are looking for homes for sale in Silver Spring MD to buy then get in touch with them.

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What Makes Living in Potomac MD Such An Excellent Option

There are so many places in the world that have a reputation for being excellent places to dwell, and Potomac MD is certainly one of them. Keep reading this post till the end to find out what makes living in Potomac MD such an excellent option.

Potomac isn’t far from other cities:

People who wish to dwell close to city, but just outside of it, Potomac is an excellent option. Potomac isn’t far from major cities such as Washington D.C. and Baltimore, so it’d not be difficult to relish close by events and explore museums and other nearby locations.

Great schools:

If you’ve children or planning for it in the coming days, the local schooling system is always something important to mull over. Fortunately, the schools in Potomac MD are of the highest standard. Exam scores in Potomac MD aren’t just higher compared to the Maryland state averages, but also the US average.

Small town ambiance:

No doubt Potomac is in close proximity to many big cities, but the quick-paced non-stop lifestyle surely is not what you will discover in Potomac MD. Though the region is still fun and lively, but it has managed to maintain its small town vibe quite expertly. This area is certainly worth considering if you are in search of a nice calm place dwell.

Luxury housing options:

Though dwelling in Potomac MD will not be cheap on your pocket, but like everything else you get what you pay for. You will have so many lavish housing options in Potomac. If you are seeking to purchase big home, you will certainly be able to attain that in this region.

So many means of staying active:

Potomac is packed with parks and recreation centers. This means living in the region will offer you with so many ways stay active and relish the outdoors. Many neighborhoods in Potomac also have pools, tennis courts and community centers. There’re also many parks that provide different activities like boating and skating.

Buy your Potomac home with Magnolia Realty to earn up to 2.11 percent cash back at closing. We are the most trusted realtor in Potomac MD that has saved thousands negotiating the best deal for potential home buyers. We are the only real estate agency in Potomac that promises to share up to 70 percent of our commission with the home buyers. If you want us to play an active role in your dream home search in Potomac MD, call us on 240-793-2861.

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How Do You Buy Your First Home in Derwood MD?

Whether it’s the first time or 10th time, buying homes for sale in Derwood MD is a process. You’ll find the process pretty exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, overwhelming, fulfilling and even scary. When it comes to preparing yourself to enter a real estate transaction, you should follow a few useful tips to make the process more successful.

Your purchase of first home in Derwood, MD starts before your realtor opens the front door of your first home tour. There are some important tips you have to consider for best possible outcomes and experiences. Here are a few simple steps you have to take before considering homes for sale in Derwood, MD:

You have to ensure that you’ve good credit.

The common sense of financing includes:

  • You should have a business of job with verifiable income.
  • You should have some cash for down payment – which is most likely not as much as you think you need.
  • You should have good credit.

Remember, you have to work on your credit score several months before you contact with a realtor. First of all, check your credit score and credit report beforehand. Long before you’re ready to make a purchase, you should practice good credit habits by making payments in a timely way. Creating a good credit score is an ongoing and steady process.

It’s recommended to start watching your credit habits carefully before three to six months when you’re ready to buy a home. Again, you can consult with a credit counselor and they’ll help you with your credit score and get your score up within short time than you can do on your own. A credit counselor takes the shortest possible time to get the job done.

You should prepare a must have list.

Obviously, you’ve to prepare several lists as there are so many things you’re going to need to a house. Narrow down your must-haves and prioritize them from the most necessary to less necessary. Prepare a list of your preferences.

In the home buying process, you’ll find that you may need to compromise on one or more things of your lists. Most homebuyers do. Therefore, you should stay flexible and keep an open mind. Remember what you want the most and prioritize them and even re-prioritize them when you see what’s available on the market. It’s better to leave those things in your list that are not much important as you get out there.

When first time homebuyers actually see what’s available in the market, they often change their minds on what they thought earlier. More often, they prefer unique styles and home features that they’d not thought even before.

You should get pre-approved and pre-qualified.

Before you even start looking homes for sale in Derwood, MD, find out how much you can afford. It makes really no sense to fall in love with a home and then find out you’re unable to afford it. Hence, you should get a pre-qualify letter. This requires you to make a phone call to a local, reliable lender.

However, pre-approval requires a little more time; but when you find your desired home and you run into the possibility of competing in different offer situations, you’ll have a better chance of winning if you’re approved.

After you’re pre-approved, you should prepare your budget and decide the comfortable price range. Then, enjoy the hunt with your trustworthy realtor and take advantage of amazing deals available right8 there in the Derwood MD real estate market.

You should work with an experienced buyer’s agent.

It seems like common sense; but worth mentioning. Using an experienced buyer’s agent is important in the today’s real estate market. You need someone who has been in the industry long before and knows how to navigate a competitive market and help you win.

Generally, people spend around 15 hours on researching their next car purchase in average; but less than three hours on the realtors they’ll use. Feel free to ask friends and colleagues for referrals and do your homework. Keep in mind that, your realtor must be a noteworthy professional, dedicated to provide you with useful suggestions on what’ll your largest and most important purchase in your home, i.e. your home.

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This article is written by Magnolia Realty, a reliable name in the Maryland real estate industry with extensive years of experience and expertise, providing necessary helping hand with making the right decisions on homes for sale in Derwood, MD.

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Top Reasons to Retire in Washington DC

Washington DC is an evergreen state with myriad of activities and opportunities for all especially seniors. Retirement in Washington DC is one of the best decisions any retiree takes. From cultural activities to educational lectures to outdoor adventures, the state has everything to make retirement life blissful.

Are you planning to make Washington as your post-retirement destination? Looking for homes and condos to buy? Before you consult with a real estate agent in Washington DC for the same, check out why Washington is one of the best destinations for seniors planning their retirement.

Washington DC with its mild climate; laid back lifestyle and access to quality healthcare is one of the ideal destinations for retirees. The state has everything to make your retirement life enjoyable and enchanting the way you wish to have. So let us dig out what draws seniors from across the country to spend their golden years in Washington DC.

Reasons to Retire in Washington DC

  • Tax-friendly State for Retirees

Washington offers numerous tax benefits for retirees. The state does not tax for social security, retirement accounts or pension. Moreover, the state boasts property tax that is lower than average and also has no inheritance taxes for estates less than $2.193 million.

  • Good Healthcare

Washington is known for its superior quality healthcare facilities and well as thriving adventures like hiking trails, water recreation, locally grown food markets and many more that make aging a delightful journey. The state has come of the award winning hospitals like the University of Washington Medical Center which makes healthcare for seniors hassle-free. From cultural performances to educational talks and outdoor adventures, Washington tops the list of retirement destinations for those who wish to lead a healthy and active retirement life.

  • Mild Climate

Washington boasts a mild climate throughout the year whereby residents turn the air conditioners off during the summer especially in the Pacific Northwest region. Eastern part of the state is however different from the west as it has a warm, desert climate with limited precipitation. This climate is great for wine production and hence the eastern part is known as Wine country of Washington.

  • Entertainment and Cultural Opportunities Free of Cost

If you love entertainment and cultural activities then Washington offers an abundance of free concerts and art exhibits for its residents throughout the year all over the state. So enjoy the mild climate while having fun at your favorite concerts for free.

  • Laid-Back Lifestyle

The west coast of Washington has a laid-back vibe which makes its residents enjoy peaceful life devoid of the hustle bustle of the city. Also, the people here are know more their friendliness and helping nature.

  • Low Crime Rate

The crime rate of Washington DC is lower than the national average which further makes the state a safe destination for seniors.

These are just a few reasons and there is more that makes Washington DC an ideal hub for retirees seeking an enjoyable post-retirement life. However, make sure to hire a reliable real estate agent in Washington DC who can offer you the best possible real estate commission rebate and help you get your home of dreams at the best price.

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The article is written by Magnolia Realty, a leading real estate agent in Washington DC and Maryland. They offer the best real estate commission rebate that is 3 times more than that offered by Redfin. For more information visit

Make Your Home Sale-Ready with Tips from Top Realtors

Listing a home for sale isn’t an easy decision. There are several aspects of selling a home that can make the process complicated if not sorted out beforehand. Taking help from professional realtors makes the entire process smoother and better. The article below is all about the tips provided by top realtors on how to make your home sale-ready.

Selling a home is much more complicated and energy-draining than buying a home. If you are planning to sell your home in Germantown MD for the first time, then you will realize that in the process. From determining the right listing price to traversing the associated legalities, home selling can make you feel exhausted and frustrated.

However, you can make the process smooth by picking the right realtor who is trustworthy and has years of experience in the field. By taking their assistance in each step of the home selling process and leveraging their experience, you can avoid the stress to a great extent. A knowledgeable realtor will help you in staying focused on the aspects that can help you sell your home fast and at the best deal.

Before you list your home for sale in Germantown MD, check out the following tips by top realtors that will make home selling a better experience.

Remove All Your Personal Decorations

A neutral home ambiance attracts more buyers. At times your choices might be conflicting with the choices of the prospective buyers, which may put a negative impact on the process. Therefore, make your home devoid of the objects or decorations that reflect your personal choice and lifestyle.

Hiring a Home Inspector

A home inspector inspects your home thoroughly and lists down the problems than need to be taken care of. So before the buyer hires a home inspector and creates an issue for the deal, you fix up all the problems within your home. Performing a home inspection before listing is worth every penny.

Thorough Cleaning is a Must

When you are listing your home for sale in Germantown MD, you must get it cleaned thoroughly by hiring professional cleaning services. Remember, a clean and organized house grabs the best deal while an unorganized house can make buyers feel detached emotionally. Furthermore, a clean house gives the impression that the home is well-maintained and easy to move in.

Replace All Outdated Fixtures

It is an easy fix which is usually overlooked. Replacing outdated fixtures puts a huge impact when it comes to selling your home. Buyers look for an up to date home that looks classy and contemporary. So try to find out all those fixtures that look outdated or sluggish and replace them with newer ones. Similar logic goes with the carpets and rugs!

Repaint your Home

Repainting your home interiors is one of the best ways to add freshness to your home. Choose neutral colors like off-white and light grey to make the home look more spacious. You can also consider changing the lightings!

Redo Landscaping

Revamping the landscaping is another incredible way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. A good landscaping creates an incredible first impression on the buyers. Plant colorful flowers, trim the overgrown bush and grasses to create an appealing impression.

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This article is written by Magnolia Realty, a leading realtor in MD and DC. If you are planning to list your home for sale in Germantown MD, then they can help you with that and get you the best possible deal. For more information visit

Aspects and Issues that Home Buyers Need to Address Upfront

Finding a home that suits all our preferences while is offered at a great price can be a challenging job. But many a time first-time home buyers ignore the essential aspects and jump into buying a home based on the curb appeal, which is completely an unwelcoming decision.

Usually it has been observed that first-time home buyers jump directly into buying a home as they find it extremely appealing to their eyes. However, top real estate agents suggest that the buyers should be vigilant enough before making any final decision. Are you also planning to buy a home for the first time? Looking for potential homes for sale in Wheaton MD? There are three primary issues you should address upfront that are offering price, condition of the home and location of the home.

Offering Price

To handle the deal tactfully and smartly home buyers should base their offer on the nearby comparable sales and not on what the other sellers ask for their homes. Generally, home buyers compare prices of similar homes in the neighborhood before finalizing on a price. But they should realize that the asking price varies with the actual home value or the price a buyer should offer. What experts advise here is not to focus on previous sales completely, instead use the information as a guideline for specific purpose.

Condition of the Home

Make sure to take help of a home inspector to find out the flaws or repairs needed to be made within the home you are intending to buy. It will help you to know the structural issues or deferred maintenance that the home has in advance and hence you can negotiate the offering price accordingly. Ask the estimates for the repairs to the seller instead of assuming the potential costs. As far as condition of the home is concerned check the roof first as it is one of the most essential parts of a home that offers safety to the residents. Hence, if any flaws found the seller needs to repair it before closing.

Other aspects of home condition scrutiny include the foundation, plumbing system, electrical systems, insulation in the walls and attics and the appliances incorporated within the house. Everything should be in good condition to avoid hassles in future. If not repaired then the cost needs to be adjusted in the offering cost.

Location of the Home

The location of the home has a great impact on the sales price. It is obvious that you will never like to buy a home that is located in a bad location as reselling it will be a daunting task for you. Also, if the locality is not good it won’t be safe for you and your family to reside in. Look for homes for sale in Wheaton MD where the neighborhood is friendly, safe and has proximity to all necessary places like schools, hospitals, shopping centers and likewise. Also, check if the area is free from traffic nuisance and other factors that might affect your life on daily basis.

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This article is written by Magnolia Realty, a premier real estate agent in MD and DC. They can help you in finding the best homes for sale in Wheaton MD and nearby areas that are safe for residing.

Top Restaurants to Explore in Rockville MD!

Finding homes in a place should rely upon certain other aspects as well which includes education, commutation, art as well as dining opportunities. If you are in search of home for sale in Rockville MD, then you need to explore every aspect of the city including the restaurants.

Rockville in Maryland has myriad of opportunities in every sector especially education, art and culinary exploration. If you are relocating here and searching for home for sale in Rockville MD, and you are a foodie by heart, then the city welcomes you whole-heartedly. Rockville has wide range of options as far as dining is concerned. You can explore Italian, Mexican, Peruvian, Vietnamese, and American as well as Greek culinary delicacies here.

Ample number of restaurants delivering ethnic diversity can be discovered in Rockville which makes the city an ideal place for getting indulged in multiple flavors. So before scrolling through the townhouses for sale in Rockville MD, check out some of the top restaurants that best display the variety of Rockville to satisfy your food-loving heart!

  • Fontina Grille

If you are fond of Italian cuisine then Fontina Grille amidst the Rockville’s King Farm Village Center is the restaurant you can swear by! This restaurant offers a huge selection of specialized and reasonably priced Italian delights. Here you can experience freshly prepared food with attention to detail. Some of the specialties here include oven-fried pizzas. Besides the exceptional food the restaurant is known for its dining area and service.

  • Clyde Tower Oaks Lodge

Clyde Tower Oaks Lodge is located in the suburban hub of Maryland and overlooks the pleasing and scenic 21 acres nature preserve. With a vintage décor made of 200 years old timber and decorated with stone fire places along with Native American feel, this restaurant is an authentic place to take delight in the American food delights.

  • Il Pizzico

A classy restaurant specializing in authentic Italian delights, Il Pizzico is another hotspot for Italian food lovers. The USP of this restaurant is the herbs used while preparing the food infuse weirdly delicious twist to the flavor.  “Il Pizzico” is an Italian term which means “the pinch” and symbolizes the belief of Chef Enzo Livia that says utilizing the right pinch of spices can transform a simple food into ultra-delectable. You can explore a wide range of food items here that range from seafood, homemade pastas, and meats to sweet desserts. You can also try out the refined Italian wines originated from various regions within the country. This place is ideal especially for couples due to its romantic ambiance!

  • La Brasa

A multicultural restaurant that is jam-packed with delicious cuisines from across Latin America, La Brasa is one of the most loved restaurants especially among the residents. You can explore Mexican, Argentinian, Peruvian, Brazilian as well as Cuban delicacies. This place offers traditional authentic meals to simple homemade food. This restaurant has also been featured as one of the Rockville’s favorite ethnic restaurants in Bethesda Magazine, Washingtonian, and El Tiempo Latino.

So all the foodies looking for home for sale in Rockville MD tighten your belts and consult with a reliable realtor today!

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This article is written by Magnolia Realty, a leading realtor in MD and DC. If you are searching for home for sale in Rockville MD or nearby, you can rely upon them completely. For more details visit

Tips to Avoid Regret of Your Home Buying Decision

Buying a home is careful decision. It is a huge investment and if anything goes wrong, then it can make the home buyer regret throughout their lives. So while buying a home the buyers need to take actions thoughtfully. The article below provides a few essential tips to avoid problems and have smooth transactions.

Planning to buy home in Travilah MD? Often home buyers fear to regret their decision of home buying. The feeling that either they have paid too much or haven’t received what they have paid for haunts their mind for days and months. And usually, no option is available for the buyer to receive compensation after the contract has been signed. Do you want to regret your decision of buying homes for sale in Travilah MD? Of course no! Actually, no home buyer wants to remorse, but without having proper knowledge and information, people get engaged in transactions and get trapped.

To avoid such regrets the best way out is to prepare properly before scrolling through the homes for sale in Travilah MD. You need to understand that home buying is a huge investment, not just financially but also emotionally.

Following are a few tips that will help you in having smooth transactions and being a regretless homeowner.

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments in any person’s life. A small overlooked thing can even cause huge losses. Hence, to avoid all possible issues during the entire process of home buying you need to take help from a reliable and expert real estate agent who can represent your interests correctly. Always make sure to choose a real estate agent who makes you feel comfortable and is familiar about the area you are planning to buy home in.

Know Your Budget

You should have an accurate knowledge about how much you can afford. Most of the people make the mistake here; they start searching for homes without realizing their budget limit and then feel frustrated when the home they finalize is out of their price range. So you need to first talk to a lender regarding the various financing options that you can avail. Once you find the right lender make sure to get the paperwork processed and then head towards finding your dream home.

Ask Questions

Ask the seller about the home as no one else can provide you with the better information than the seller of the home. However, the seller might not disclose all the information to you. But you must discover the last time any service was performed on the home. Ask the right and relevant questions to avoid future hassles as well as save a lot of money.

Inspect the Home

Take help of a licensed home inspector before purchasing the home in order to avoid ending up pay a lot of money on the hidden defects of the home. If any problem is detected during the inspection, you can either make an informed decision or negotiate a better price with the seller.

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This article is written by Magnolia Realty, a renowned real estate agent in MD and DC. Whether you want to buy homes for sale in Travilah MD or list your home for sale, they can help you with the entire process. Want to know more? Visit