The Factors that Influence the Cost of a Safari in Tanzania


Tanzania is not your typical package holiday destination. It is on top of the Wildlife watch list for every African traveler. For many, a safari in Tanzania is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with them forever. It should be planned properly and you should know the factors that impact the cost before planning your trip.

Safari in Tanzania seems to be a dream adventure for many travel enthusiasts worldwide. Almost every traveler who visits Africa would love to add wildebeest migration into their travel itinerary. The cost of the safari is the major factor to be considered during the planning phase of the trip. Make sure to consider these factors which may impact your safari cost!

Transport Options:

Transport has a greater role in the safari experience. You have got a choice of vehicles for the safari. The affordable options for transportation during a game drive include a closed jeep or a van with a pop-up roof. While these options provide safety, they may not fully capture the essence of your safari experience. It is wise to go with a Mid-Range Open safari vehicle and open 4×4-wheel drive or luxurious open Safari Vehicle or Open Landrover! The price varies based on the nature of transport you prefer.

Safari Season Time:

Always choose the dry season to visit Tanzania for a safari! Season plays a great role in what to expect during your safari trip. If you wish to enjoy the Safari while the parks are not crowded then June to September could be the right time for you. The Tanzania safari cost will be affordable during the season. The months of July and August are always regarded as the peak season. It means that they are busier and the safari cost will be expensive.

Safari Destination and Entrance Fee Per Day:

One thing while planning to cut the cost is choosing a destination to travel to. You can pick a bundle that is reasonably priced and accessible! Most people either go to budget or midrange or luxury. Keep the things in mind that there are entry fees to enter the National Park and it varies based on their popularity. Purchasing a safari package is wise as it will keep you away from all during the journey.


The cost of your Tanzania safari may vary depending on the airline you chose. To obtain the cheapest pricing, make sure to book the trip in advance or during a promotion. You won’t experience any issues flying with low-cost airlines because they offer a variety of possibilities. Safari tour guides assist you in choosing the most affordable route based on the proximity of the airport to the safari circuits.


The best tip to cut the cost of a Visa is to travel to one country at a time, such as Tanzania only! Verify the most updated visa charges on the foreign office website before departing.

Add on Activities to Extend the Trip:

Any add-on activity which is not included in the trip will lead to paying extra for accommodation and other additional activities. make sure you stick to the plan which was made before travel. It will keep you stay within the budget

Special interest Safari:

In comparison to other safaris, the personalized or tailored safari will cost you more. Since these are private safaris, extra time, a private vehicle, and opulent facilities are needed. You might go over your budget and pay twice as much as you would on a typical safari.

Extra Travel Cost:

You will incur additional travel expenses if you intend to visit several places. You can select a precise destination and cover the nearby places to make the cost limit to the budget. Your costs would increase if you choose to take an aircraft to get from one park to another. You can avoid taking flights from park to park to cut down the cost.


Hope now you know these factors which may impact on your Tanzania safari cost. Make sure you’ll adhere to them and finish the safari within your means. If you are looking for any particular cost or prices of any activity or other things, please feel free to contact the safari operators anytime.

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