How Do You Travel Safely Post COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 regulations have put a break on daily life and the same goes to your travel plans. Are you craving for a trip to Bhubaneswar? If yes, you shouldn’t worry about. You can still plan your journey during these difficult times with Bhubaneswar taxi service. But it’ll be bit different this time. Say hello to corona free trips with car rental in Bhubaneswar. Take a look at this post and know how cabs in Bhubaneswar make it happen.

Planning for a trip to Bhubaneswar post COVID-19 lockdowns? Are you a vacation spree? If yes, then you have to follow some precautions before heading out:

Stock up sanitization essentials

Buy disposable tissues, alcohol-based sanitizers and gloves. You never know when you may need them. For instance, when the sudden breeze brings in a few sneezes, you should call for disposable tissues.

Besides, carry ample drinking water with you and only refill at hygienic places while wearing gloves.

Hand sanitizers are important. Use alcohol-based sanitizers as frequently as possible.

Pack smart and get prepared

Dust and pollution are common things you’ll come across wherever you travel around India and currently there’s an additional threat of dangerous novel coronavirus. You should make sure that you carry sufficient clothes, scarves and cover-ups for use.

Carry disinfectant bottles and detergent sachets as it’s of utmost significance to stay clean and hygienic. Don’t forget to bring washable sandals and slippers with you as COVID-19 thrives on surfaces. Doing regular cleaning is the only thing that we can do.

Wear masks

When you travel in a rental car in Bhubaneswar, you should wear masks. Pile up on masks as you never know when you’ll run out of them. Though the masks are on high demand currently, it’s safe to have more than one.

Wear a mask and change it in every 10 hour while traveling. Carry enough masks to help yourself and others in your surroundings. Install Aarogya Setu app and know any infected person near you. Check the quarantine guidelines if you’re traveling Bhubaneswar from other states.

How Do You Protect Yourself On-the-move?

  • Never touch your eyes, nose and mouth with fingers. It may itch occasionally; but make sure that you use sanitizer before scratching.
  • Use tissue while sneezing or coughing to prevent the spread of droplets.
  • Try to disinfect your clothes as soon as possible and dispose the used tissues right away.
  • Carry a few disposable bags with you to contain the waste and prevent the spread of pollution.
  • Go for digital payments to minimize the physical contact between buyers and sellers. You can just buy anything and maintain minimal contact with the seller.
  • Bring homemade food with you and avoid eating out as much as possible. Don’t forget to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before eating.
  • Use separate spoons and bottles while eating along the way. It’s better to avoid sharing with others.
  • Carry your own bottle and disposable dishes. Do away with them safely in order to prevent environmental pollution.

Important Tips for Traveling with Bhubaneswar Taxi Service

  • Sanitize your hands before you enter and exit your rental car.
  • Avoid common touch points of the car.
  • Maintain social distancing while visiting with car rental in Bhubaneswar.
  • Do digital payment to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Follow safety guidelines laid down by the government.
  • Avoid traveling if you’re unwell.

Bottom Line –

Are you traveling post COVID period? It’s highly recommended to book one of the best cabs in Bhubaneswar beforehand. This way, you won’t have to deal with last minute chaos. Stay safe and protect yourself during the post COVID times.

Author Information –

This article is written by ODCAR, specializes in providing with reliable Bhubaneswar taxi service ensuring safety and peace of mind of clients we serve every time.

What to Look For When Investing On Mobile Dispatch Software

Searching for the best mobile dispatch software can be a big challenge for even the most experienced transportation professionals out there. Often times a firm will be aware of a handful of problems that require instant solutions, but expecting the requirements of a growing firm is a lot like forecasting the weather a year in advance. Will it rain? How much? Will you require a sweatshirt or shorts? The answer to all these queries is YES. You’ve to think of all of that, because it could all happen and you’ve to be ready. Here are some tips that will help your find the best mobile dispatching software for your transportation business.

Ease of use: Most notably, the software must be easy to use. Steer clear of software that takes several days or weeks of training. The longer it takes to learn in the starting, the longer it’ll take to train each new employee. Moreover, most personnel will resist change when the training takes too long.

Current technology: You don’t need to be a technical expert to identify outdated technology. Look for features that are up-to-date with the times: a web platform or integrations with web tools, communication & collaboration, document management, mobile apps, etc. The nonexistence of these vital features entails the vendor is not investing adequately in product development.

Document imaging: No dispatching program is complete without it. Transportation firms are flooded with paperwork, and anything that decreases the paperwork is a massive aid.

A routing engine: Some transportation firms merely require mileage calculations, whereas others require complicated routing technology for lots of delivery routes. Stay alert of your exact needs.

Communication with drivers: Either built in or bolt on, the non-existence of driver communication tools is a sign of poor product development.

Fully integrated features: An excellent software platform is one that was designed with the features in mind from the starting. Simply said, data should be entered only one time, and should be accessible by other tools & reporting. Generating invoices & driver settlements following the delivery has been made shouldn’t need more data entry.

The only perfect dispatching software system is one built custom for you. Custom development is quite expensive & can take years to get done. If you don’t have the budget or time for that, be ready to use dispatch software that mightn’t look to be perfect. Nevertheless, software is generally developed by industry expert with best practices built in. Be keen to change your business to accommodate superior process if a good dispatch software program needs things to be done differently.

What Are The Features Of Top Truckload Software

Companies that employ large semi-trailers to haul their products require a little extra support to get the most out of their shipments. Truckload software works best for firms that produce enough freight to use full truckload shipping.

Truckload logistics software is easy to set up and is done so by professionals. Companies that offer this software make it simple to integrate into existing systems. The upfront cost of purchase & set up is fractional compared to the amount of money saved on shipping.

A truckload software is well-researched & developed with number of useful features. It’s completely based on the advanced technology and is a pretty efficient tool to conquer your truck loading issues which is a massive challenge in the current transportation industry.

Manage load plans more efficiently:

The container loading issue had been a persistent challenge for the cargo firms operations from the different locations in the country. Fortunately, now you can eliminate this issue with the use of an efficient truckload software. Now you can plan, create, edit and manage your loading plans for the widest range of goods with the best truckload software.

User-friendly system:

Truckload software programs are pretty efficient load planner for container loading, truck loading, and trailer loading. Since loading has been a primary concern for the cargo, transport, and fleet management firm, the introduction of truckload dispatch software will surely alleviate their worries to a great extent.

Time & volume management:

The highly efficient & feature loaded truckload software features time & space saving management which aids a company in different ways. It not just saves space and time but also decreases operational expenses resulting in a significant boost in annual profit.

Preloading space calculation:

The pre-loading space calculation feature in truckload software surely plays a pivotal part in the elimination of challenges associated to loading in the transportation business. It helps in calculating the total available space in a specific vehicle including trailer, truck, container, etc.

Truckload software makes employees time more manageable, shipments less costly, and the entire process more productive. Every time you pay for shipping, the company will be getting the most reasonable priced service. Over payment on shipments & the additional work needed to get the best deal are a problem of the past. A logistics application will enhance full truckload management within your company and can save thousands of dollars per year. Time saved by not having to frequently research carriers, routes, and costs can be utilized for other more beneficial company tasks.

Covid-19 Guidelines That Both Cab Drivers And Passengers Need To Abide By

Covid-19 pandemic forced us to stay at our homes for a long period. After 3 phases of the countrywide lockdown, the Indian govt has declared some ease on the restrictions with Lockdown 4. This will make sure that people can go out for necessary work but still have to follow the guidelines set by the Govt. This is also going to assist businesses to develop as they’ve been suspended for a few weeks now. Once such service is the cab service in Bhubaneswar! Cab or taxi drivers haven’t been able to earn much because of the lockdown. With the lockdown restrictions being eased, now people can start booking taxi service in Bhubaneswar.

However to avoid the spread of COVID 19, there’re some guidelines that every commuter must follow:

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory while traveling in a cab.
  • Always sit in the back seat of the cab as the govt mandates commuters to occupy only the back seats during a trip.
  • Don’t allow the driver or anybody else touches your baggage. This way you’ll be able to make sure that the virus isn’t transmitted from or to others.
  • Carry a sanitizer & ensure you sanitize your hands prior to entering the taxi. Also, it’s advised to sanitize your hands while leaving the vehicle.
  • Try not to touch anything inside the cab.

Like commuters, there’re also certain guidelines that need to be followed by the cab driver as well. These guidelines are as follows:

  • The driver must disinfect the vehicle after every ride. Also, they’re needed to maintain hygiene inside the vehicle.
  • As per the rules set by the govt, the driver must make sure that there’re not more than 2 commuters at a time and that both take up the back seats.

Essential & emergency workers can continue to use ride-sharing and cabs in Bhubaneswar while conducting essential services, such as getting to & from work. Everybody else can also use cabs & ride-sharing services for essential reasons. These include getting to the pharmacy, or vet, to the supermarket, and to access routine medical services, not associated to corona virus, or for facilitating shared custody.

Last but not least downloading the Aarogya Setu app is encouraged for all while using cab service in Bhubaneswar. If you have COVID-19 related symptoms call on your state’s Health line number for advice before you travel.

Dispatch Software Is a Boon for the Transportation Management Industry

Ever noticed one of those circus routines where a trickster spins a dozen plates on poles? Managing large trucking fleets and drivers is very much the same thing – except tougher. With innumerable details to take care of on an everyday basis, you require a system to keep an eye on everything. Transportation dispatch software does just that, making it an important element of Transportation Management System.

With the appropriate trucking dispatch software, your organization can simplify the dispatch management procedure & increased output for your complete fleet.

What’s dispatch software?

Dispatch software is designed to help mechanize routing & scheduling processes, offering an easier way to direct routes & deliveries competently. Managing them physically takes a lot of time & often upshots in expensive mistakes.

When you merge supply chain management software with logistics and transportation solutions, your company can even enhance the procedures of sourcing raw components. This reduces the time it requires to make products & deliver them to consumers.

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Flawless transportation management:

Dispatch management systems offer you absolute control of each transportation process. Location tracking & statuses with GPS and interactive maps, offers you total control over when & where to dispatch your drivers. And this results in optimized routes for your teams alongside a more dependable means for dispatching your staff and offering unfailing quality service.

Quick response:

So many things can go wrong when you offering services on the road. Fortunately, if something does go wrong on the road, LTL dispatch software can help decrease the upshot of the mistake to a minimum. Accurate data regarding the location & status of each driver lets you instantly identify the issue. Then you can make the essential adjustments to make sure the quality of service does not suffer.


As organizations grown in size, their dispatch management processes becomes more complex. This can result in blunders if there is not a dependable dispatch management system in place.

Luckily, advanced dispatch management system provides flexibility & can scale alongside your organization’s growth. These systems easily manage scheduling & dispatching allowing your drivers to reach each customer on time.

Enhanced customer satisfaction:

A recent study confirms that according to retailers, 49% are worried regarding consumer anticipations of delivery times, whereas 44% are worried about affordable shipping. Fast & accurate deliveries are also essential as 25% consumers discard shopping if same-day delivery is imprecise or unavailable. Dispatch software offers you the luxury to make sure you aren’t falling prey to lost profit because of poor delivery metrics.

The Major Advantages of Availing an Airport Car Rental in Bhubaneswar

When it comes to getting to & from the airport there’re a wide range of travel options being widely accessible to the commuters. It should be kept in mind that if you’re traveling via bus or any other modes of transportation it might take a longer period of time to reach the airport and you may even miss your flight. Therefore it’s wise to avail an airport taxi service in Bhubaneswar from a reputed service provider who takes the onus of help you in reaching the airport within the stipulated frame of time.

Here we have listed some of the major advantages of availing a cab service in Bhubaneswar as your mode of transportation to reach the airport.

Worry-free journey:

Once you book your Bhubaneswar airport car rental from a reliable supplier, you can rest assured that there won’t be any issue to reach the airport on or before time. Most notably the vehicle would be there right at your door step to pick you up. You don’t have to get stranded at the middle of the road and waiting for the cab to come and pick you up. It’s surely going to be a serene travel experience as most professional cab rental provider like to maintain their vehicles in tip-toed condition.

Prompt services:

It should be noted that hiring a taxi as soon as you land at the airport is not a smart option as you’d have come from a tiresome journey and with luggage in your hands. This is where you can count on a taxi service that specialized in offering airport transfer services. The professional driver would be right there at the airport before your plain arrival, so you don’t need to be worried even about a single thing.

No hidden charges:

Most reputed taxi services in Bhubaneswar accept credit cards & you’ll be charged exactly for the fare that’s being incurred. You don’t have to pay for anything else apart from the fare.

Professional and cordial drivers:

The drivers driving these taxis do have several years of experience of driving in the streets of Bhubaneswar. They’re pretty much familiar with the short-cut routes and take the onus of making your trip to and from the airport stress-free. Above all, they will make your trip devoid of traffic congestion. They are not just friendly but also very friendly in nature, so your journey is not going to be a boring one with such people by your side.

Dallas Airport Car Service – Make Airport Transfers Safe, Reliable and Stress Free

A sorted airport transfer can make your journey an enjoyable experience; on the other hand a hassled transfer can ruin your entire day and drain you out completely. Therefore, it is always recommended by experts to book a reliable car or limo service for airport transfers especially for the busiest airports like DFW Airport.

DFW or Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport at present ranks as the third busiest terminal in the world. With more than 170,000 commuters flying daily in and out of Dallas International Airport, the need of Dallas Airport car service to and from the terminal and around the area has been in a lot of demand among the travelers. That is why, you can find a number of Dallas Airport limo service and car service providers in the region who can help you make your before and after flight journeys stress-free and convenient. Not just that they charge a reasonable fee but also offer prompt pick up and drop off services.

So if you are in Dallas for a vacation or business tour and wish to make your airport transfer within the city a stress-free and pleasant affair, then make sure to book a trustworthy and experienced DFW airport limo service or car service.

Let us check out the top three benefits that you will obtain by hiring a Dallas Airport car service:

  1. Safety of Paramount Level

Safety is the first and foremost aspect that a traveler looks for when it comes to transportation especially when traveling through a new and unfamiliar city. Whether it is a business meet or a leisure travel, safety is the topmost priority. And when you book a chauffeured car or limo service, it offers a guarantee on providing an utmost safe transportation. What makes these services safe is that these are driven by professionally trained chauffeurs.

  • A Trustworthy Transportation

One of the most horrific nightmares of any traveler is a car breakdown while trying to catch a flight or business meet. Although car breakdowns cannot be predicted, but when you are with a professional chauffeured Dallas Airport limo service or car service, they can deal with the situation wisely and tactfully. Also, a professional airport car service always maintains its fleet with utmost care assuring that all the vehicles are in good condition and hence you can travel to and from the airport or within the city without any fear of car breakdown or discomfort amidst your journey.

  • Driven by Knowledgeable Chauffeurs

Usually, car service providers hire professionally trained chauffeurs who possess required knowledge regarding all the routes, traffic patterns as well as peak hour handling. And chauffeur of reputable a Dallas Airport car service is expected to know everything about the DFW Airport and all the ideal dining and sightseeing places in the city.  Whether you want to have business lunch in the best restaurant in Dallas or a recreating place to enjoy your vacation with family, the chauffeurs can help you with that. Actually these professional chauffeurs are fully acquainted with the region and hence make airport transfers a pleasant and stress-free experience for you.

Book A Limo To Explore Some Of The Best Casinos New York Has to Offer

If you’re in New York and love casino you are in luck. Both outsiders and locals have a wide range of options within a 3 hours drive of the city. Our New York limo service is available no matter whichever below listed casino you want to explore on your weekend:

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort:

Located in New York’s North Country, Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort is one of the best Casinos New York has to offer. The casino offers its guests with more than 18,000 slot machines and 30 stake tables which are tailor-made for a classic casino experience in the city of New York. There is also a poker room for big auctions.


People that are seeking some fun casino actions in New York should make a trip to Borgota. Owned by MGM resorts & opened in 2003, Borgota features 160,000 square feet of gaming with four thousand slots, 180 table games and fifty poker tables.

Mohegan Sun Casino:

Situated in Uncasville, Connecticut, approximately a 2.5-hour drive from NY, Mohegan Sun is one of the largest casinos in the US. The casino offer poker, slots and table games. Apart from gambling, you will get to enjoy live music performed by local bands & big-name comedy and musical acts.

Empire City Casino:

This casino boasts a massive floor space to house a large group of players along with 5000 slots for gaming & video poker machine. It features many bars and restaurants for absolute enjoyment and making a delightful playing mood. You will love to check out the pub inside the casino which is designed as per the Irish style.

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino:

This is yet another most visited casinos in New York. It’s placed at the perfect spot where it’s easy for the casual observer to spot the casino without any difficulty. This NY casino is an excellent place to play & wager. It provides the players with each feasible amenity. The casino boasts more than 1000 game machine & over 32 tables to play & wager.

Foxwoods Casino Resort:

Opened in 1986 by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Foxwoods Casino Resort provides the world’s 3rd largest poker room behind the Commerce and Bicycle Casinos, alongside 5,500 slot machines & 250 gaming tables. Two hotel towers provide 2,226 guest rooms & suites, alongside a 2-story kids & teen gaming arcade. Sadly, the casino isn’t smoke-free because of tribal & land regulations.

Author bio:

This article is written by Cross County Limousine – a leading New York limo service provider.

What are the Best Beaches to Visit in Puri?

Puri is an enticing and appealing city of Odisha and stands out as the home to spectacularly beautiful temples and 24 bustling annual festivities. Though the city is bursting with fun-filled activities, colorful landmarks, and celebrations, the beautiful shoreline draws in travelers from all around the world. Take a Bhubaneswar to Puri taxi to see the splendid city of Puri in the best way possible.

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Puri is surrounded by sprawling sands and lapping waves. The city offers visitors enormous opportunities to have some of the best beach experiences and ocean views. You can consider scheduling car rental in Puri to explore striking sightings in Puri.

When you are visiting Puri, its beaches should be on your bucket list. Here are some of the best beaches in Puri that should be worth your consideration:

Puri Beach

Hailed as a sacred place for Hinduism, Puri Beach is one of the most popular sightseeing attractions you should consider visiting in Puri. The expansive stretch of beach has beautiful sands and choppy waters, making it a perfect destination for surfing enthusiasts.

You can take a stroll, browse pearls, and seashell souvenirs provided by local vendors. Indulge in remarkable sand sculptures, including the internationally-acclaimed artworks of a local artist – Sudarsan Pattnaik.

This beach is the home to the annual Puri Beach Festival, which takes place for five days every November. The festival welcomes locals and tourists flooding to experience the picturesque scene of lively celebrations and amazing talent displays.

The right time to visit there is during sunrise or sunset when the stunning spectacles of colorful night sky spill over the ocean. Bring your camera and experience the natural view that you won’t want to forget.

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Balighai Beach

Balighai Beach is an unspoiled terrain offering an exceptionally refreshing experience to visitors of every kind. Located just 8 kilometers away from Puri, this beach is at the edge of Nuanai River and has the soothing stream of water flowing smoothly into the Bay of Bengal.

The sun-soaked surroundings of the beach have everything to entertain visitors – from water skiing and parasailing activities for adrenaline seekers to peaceful boat rides for those who want to relax among the white sands.
If you love nature, you won’t get disappointed there. This beach welcomes Olive Ridley turtles for laying eggs in the sand between December and January, along with migratory bird species flying above.

Take this chance to experience local aquamarine life at the Sea Turtle Research Center and spot the endangered frolic Balihirana antelope and the Indian blackbucks in the Balihirana Deer Sanctuary.

Beleswar Beach

The seclusion and romantic scenes of Beleswar Beach are simply magnificent and is the favorite amongst newlyweds. This beach is simply stunning when the light enters during sunrise or sunset and is less crowded than other beaches in Puri.

Located only 4 kilometers away from Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road, the Beleswar Beach is easily accessible. Upon arriving there, you’ll get to see the incredible land stretch, enclosed by the forest cover. You can indulge in activities like swimming, water sports, or lounge on the warm sands.

Situated a stone’s throw away from Puri and 15 kilometers east to Puri, the Beleswar town is famed for its religious culture. You can find the Shaivite shrine and Shiva temple there. The shrine welcomes thousands of devotees heading there during the Mahashivaratri Festival. With its unique combo of religious culture and natural splendor, this beach is ideal for a relaxing day out.

Final Consideration –

Want to get to Puri this holiday? You should book car hire in Bhubaneswar and let them drive you wherever you want to be on-time and in comfort as well as convenience. Make a reservation of professional Bhubaneswar to Puri taxi now and experience all of the beach sightings in the best way possible.

Author Information –

This article is written by ODCAR, specializes in providing car rental in Bhubaneswar, allowing you to travel anywhere you want in Bhubaneswar and Puri, ensuring peace of mind and comfort.

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