Truck Scheduling Software – A Revolutionary Solution to Trucking Problems

The trucking industry has faced several challenges and the major issue is keeping track of the truck routes. And to solve these issues several truck scheduling and tracking software have been developed that help truck companies in many ways. From real-time tracking to optimizing man hours, trucking tracking software make trucking process hassle-free.

The trucking industry is going through a revolutionary phase where even a simple twist in the process can make a huge difference. Adapting a truck scheduling software is one of them. Trucking industry is introspecting their methods and practices thoroughly due to the varying market trends and the shrinking margins.

Some of the primary reasons why trucking giants are looking out for most efficient practices include stringent environmental regulations, constant and growing shortage of drivers and decentralization of manufacturing facilities. Trucking companies are not only adopting to advanced technology but also looking for the solutions to long-standing problems.

One of the major problems that trucking companies face is vehicle routing problem (VRP) and hence they are finding ways to tackle the issue by incorporating trucking tracking software into their system. VRP has been a major issue that the trucking industry is facing for ages. With the help of satellite communication and quicker reach the VRP issue is not same as before. Now it is necessary to keep track of the truck routes while spending the minimum fuel and man hours in the process.

However, truck scheduling software is not just limited to the planning of routes through GPS, but it has developed to cater planning and delivery problems as well. With the varying truck routing practices VRP is also spreading its wings by including pickup and delivery issues along with multiple time windows, diverse fleet and re-optimization of routes.

How the Truck Scheduling Software Benefits the Trucking Companies?

Real-Time Tracking

Real time tracking helps in following up with the trucking consignments. And it becomes even more important if any change in the plan is made due to freight management or any other reason. Real time tracking offers a strategic advantage in planning the travel and estimate the expected time of arrival for the deliveries. This feature also helps in asset management and status update of the deliveries at different stop points which was not possible with manual updates.

Dynamic Re-Routing

One failed delivery attempt should not hamper the performance of other deliveries. Planning steps after one delivery failure is challenging. And the challenges of arranging pickup and drop for everything are overcome with dynamic re-routing. It also helps trucking companies to take into consideration any unexpected delay or change in route due to unavoidable reasons like bad weather conditions, accidents, vehicle failure or repair works causing setback in road transportation.

Fuel Saving

An efficient trucking tracking software helps in saving fuel up to 20 to 40%. The advanced routing algorithms of the software helps in figuring out where the precious miles are getting wasted and close those loopholes by devising an efficient route plan. Hence, saving your fuel.

Fast paced scaling

Truck tracking and scheduling software not only automates the process of route planning but also ensures that you are getting more business done with fewer resources. Less detention time for trucks and multiple driver shifts on the same asset scales up your confidence without even investing much in building up the infrastructure. Optimizing your tracking software is also easy hence keeping your trucks running 24/7 becomes easier with the help of more contract drivers.

Besides these truck scheduling software also helps in optimizing man hours, enhancing customer service, complying with standard practices and figuring out hidden opportunities.

Author Information:

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