4 Signs Indicating Electrical Panel Upgrade for Your Home


Do you often find yourself replacing fuses or tripping circuit breakers in your office or home? Problems might be with your electrical panel. Perhaps it is time for one of the American Lighting & Electrical Services experts to install an updated electrical panel that’s better equipped to handle the amount of electricity usage in your business or home and prevent the outbreak of electrical fire.

We take electricity for granted until, of course, we do not have it. If you have lived through a prolonged blackout, you know what it means. But not all electrical problems arise due to catastrophic events. You might also find that your home’s electrical system is not keeping up with your needs because of increased electrical usage, causing problems like tripped circuit breakers, overloaded outlets, etc. And with most of us working from home and increased electric equipment usage, your home may require electrical panel upgrades.

Electrical panel issues usually arise in homes where the panel is older and has not been upgraded. Some upgrades are simple affairs, and some may require a more extensive makeover. Whatever your electrical panel upgrade or repair needs are, American Lighting & Electrical Services has you covered!

Let’s take a moment and examine five common signs that your panel needs an upgrade.

  1. Circuit Breakers Frequently Trip

A circuit breaker trip stops electricity flow, protecting the circuit from overheating and causing other kinds of damage. It may also happen when your home’s energy exceeds your electrical panel current capacity. If you are facing this situation often, you may need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel.

  1. Unable To Reset Breakers

If you face certain problems and tried resetting the breaker, but it does not remain that way, or does not restore power, chances are there’s a problem with the electrical panel.

  1. Old or Damaged Wiring

As your wiring ages and starts to deteriorate, you might experience shock while touching an appliance, see the flickering of lights, witness faded black marks around the panel, or find a burning smell near appliances. If you observe any of those signs, there’s a problem with your wiring, and you should immediately consider electrical panel upgrades.

  1. Evidence of Electrical Fires

If your electrical panel is way older, then the wires inside could ignite themselves. If you notice any discoloration marks near the circuit breakers or an acrid smell from your panel, there’s the chance of an electrical fire. If you observe any signs of fire, immediately look for electrical panel upgrades.

If you notice any of the above signs with your electrical panel, immediately hire an expert at American Lighting & Electrical Services to upgrade your electrical service as a solution for your electrical panel issues. Contact us for electrical panel upgrades to acquire complete repair services at your residence.