Berber Rugs Are Authentic Textiles Created, Designed And Woven By Traditional Artisans In The Atlas


Moroccan Berber Rugs have been known to be manufactured since the seventh century A.D. Since then, it is the responsibility of Berber women to weave the world-class Berber Rugs. Berber rugs are as unique and discrete as the weavers who create them. The colors, patterns, and woven designs are incredible and inextricably linked to the isolated villages in the Atlas Mountains where they originate.

The Berber rugs are unique and beautiful works of art known for its exciting, energetic, and enigmatic compositions. It lures people around the world just as much today as they have tempted consumers for centuries. The all-natural process that results in Moroccan Berber Rugs utilizes 100% natural wool generated from local sheep moving around Atlas Mountain. The natural yarns, natural vegetable dyes, make such Berber rugs inherently eco-friendly.

The unique Berber rugs are part of Morocco’s famous creative art and gift of ethnic tribe weaving. These Berber rugs are among the most prestigious relic and folk art in the world. Berber rugs are woven from luxurious hand-spun wool, featuring bold designs and incomparable textures. It’s often done by women in their free time and takes around ten days to 6 months to produce depending on size, complexity.

Berber women were the masters of this craft, and they pass down this knowledge to their successor. They know how to create theses rare rugs by adding secrets of family patterns, looping techniques, and the colors. Each of them is known for their unique style and handmade loom. Such skill and knowledge of Berber carpet weaving history were passed down from generation to generation.


Berber rugs were exceptionally popular wherever they could be found. Over the centuries, Moroccan Berber Rugs gradually changed and progressed. Eventually, demand for such drugs began to come from around the world. Berber rugs started to be seen as especially good gifts. It can also place essential sites as an interior for so many homeowners around Western and European countries. Trusted manufacturers produce and collect this art of vintage Berber rugs and Moroccan rugs to the forefront of the rug world once again! Berber Rugs styles are unique and enjoying so much popularity due to its style, and there will be no duplicate piece. Today, vintage Berber rugs are among the more popular style of vintage rugs on the market.

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