Perfect Purging Material for Injection Moulding

Purging Material for Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a very popular manufacturing process for producing parts in large volumes. This process is typically used for mass production processes to produce thousands of identical items.

So, are you in search of quality purging compounds that help in efficient production processes? If this is the case, UNICLEANPLUS has ready-to-use purging material that is ideal for injection molding.

Purging material from UNICLEANPLUS will eliminate issues like burned streaks, foreign contaminants, un-melted resins, tarnished leftovers from the machine barrel, and more. Moreover, our compounds are manufactured using the highest standard of materials.

The right Purging Material for Injection Moulding

UNICLEANPLUS helps injection moulders in terms of lowering scrap rates, reducing carbon accumulation, and more. With growing advancements, we develop our products to meet the changing demands, which is why we stand to be one of the most trusted purging compound manufacturers. So, contact us today for a consultation. Your waste and lost production time will be reduced, resulting in smoother production processes.

UNICLEANPLUS offers purging compounds for commodity plastics, engineering plastics, specialty plastics, and high-temperature plastics. Moreover, our technology splits the molecular bonds of carbon along with colour in screw barrels. Hence, there are many applications for which we offer purging compounds, like wire extrusion, compounding extruders, sheet extrusion, blow molding, and more.

Take a look at the purging instructions to be followed in plastic injection moulding.

  • making sure that all zones are in the appropriate temperature range for the grade of UNICLEANPLUS purging compound used.
  • Then pull back the injection unit. Then unload the screw and barrel, clean the hopper, and feed the throat.
  • Feed 1-2 barrels’ worth of purging compound into the feed throat.
  • Increase the backpressure to the highest level, with the screw totally forward.
  • Then, when the purging compound starts to come through the nozzle, accelerate the screw speed to the highest safe level.
  • Then reduce the backpressure once the purging compound coming from the nozzle is nearly clean.
  • Pull the screw back and perform a short execution.
  • If pollutants are still detectable, repeat steps 3–7.

Want to know more? Then, give us a call today. There will be a team of experts to help you with your queries regarding purging compounds.

Request a free sample of your product today. To know about the savings you can receive from UNICLEANPLUS compounds, there is a cost analysis calculator to use.

Choose UNICLEANPLUS to deliver safe and non-toxic purging compounds of the highest quality. We will be there to help customers solve their challenges. There is purging compound for blow moulding as well as injection molding.