Top 3 Tapes for Packing Boxes – MAXSELL!

We know what you are thinking! All packaging tapes are the same, and they merely seal a box – that’s it! However, with such a wide variety of different types of tapes available serving different purposes, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming trying to choose the one best suiting your needs.

So, we have narrowed down the different types of packing tapes available and their uses!

Masking Tape: ideally known as an all-purpose tape, masking tape is available with different adhesives strengths. Many varieties are lightweight and easier to remove compared to other types of tapes. These tapes are suitable for laminated paneling, wallpaper, packaging, and other finished areas. You can also use masking tape to secure light packages. Use them as your initial guide and choose a thicker, more durable packing tape to keep the box sealed. We are experienced masking tape suppliers in Singapore with a vast knowledge of the packaging industry as a whole. It s best to be used for purposes like temporary surface protection due to its limited strength and durability.

Adhesive Tape: If you are looking for the best adhesive tape for sale in Singapore, look no further than Maxsell. Adhesive tapes are used to seal corrugated boxes and other containers for storage. It is usually transparent and seals quickly for a stronghold. The tape is perfect for containers holding heavy items. When you are shipping your items across the country or to a new location, security becomes an obvious concern. You should consider adhesive tapes to ensure your items stay secure.

We are the best adhesive tape supplier in Singapore and our premium quality adhesive tape improves the stability of products or packages in transit or in storage. The tape is useful for office moving, house moving, product packing, parcel packing, etc. The tape when applied creates a seal that one must tear or cut to break. When one removes the tape there is evidence of tampering.

Cloth Tape: this kind of adhesive type is made with a cloth backing to make it flexible and durable. This tape is suitable for wrapping carpets, flooring, and even household cables. You will find many cloth tapes in the market with adhesive and many are also pressure-sensitive that are used for special purposes and do not leave a trace of any glue residue while holding the things together. They are available in several different colors and by far one of the strongest tapes that is used for multiple household and industrial purposes. 

Whether you are looking for a masking, cloth, or adhesive tape supplier in Singapore, Maxsell is your one-stop-shop for all. We understand how valuable your items are for you, and hence, make moving a stress-free affair for you with all the right packaging materials to suit your needs.

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