4 Best Hot Tub Accessories for Relaxing Hot Tubing Experience

Your hot tub is a place where you can relax, enjoy health benefits like improved quality of speed and spend quality time with your friends and family. While taking a simple spa session can provide temporary relief from pain and stress, considering hot tub accessories can improve your overall spa experience. Take a look at the post and check out the hot tub accessories for ultimate relaxation. 

More often, simple things count in big ways. Several hot tub accessories are available to help you make the most out of your hot tub. Functional accessories really work for hot tubs, making them easy to use.  Here are a few best accessories you should consider buying for your hot tub:

Starburst 28 LED Spa Hot Tub Light

Do you want to set the perfect ambiance in your hot tub? The color changing retrofit LED light – Starburst 28 LED Hot Tub Light is perfect options for hot tubs with existing 12V light bulbs. The patented technology of this light uses a microprocessor to combine light color intelligently to produce beautiful array of light shows.

All you need is to touch the light button to let the hot tub water dance with so many colors like reds, greens, opals, blues, gold, and violet. In addition to, you can control the color effects of light through your existing light switch. Switch it on and off quickly and let your hot tub cycle through different options of light shows.

However, Starburst 28 LED Spa Hot Tub Light is the cost effective and energy efficient light. It has settings, including Bright White, Soothing Violet, Aqua Blue, Ocean Blue, Shamrock Green, Majestic Gold, Fiery Red, Party Mode and Chameleon. For its operation, you can use your existing light button and fit on almost any spa with a 12V wedge base socket.

This hot tub light has a sync feature allowing multiple lights to operate simultaneously. It consumes one tenth of the energy of an ordinary bulb. Coming with 5 years replacement warranty, the Starburst 28 LED Spa Hot Tub Light is equipped with a light dimmer setting, enabling you not to cycle between different modes.

SpaBoss Restore Hot Tub Cover Cleaner and Protectant

Spa Borss Restore Hot Tub Cover Cleaner and Protectant is an ideal accessory to protect and beautify the vinyl hot tub cover. It will make sure your vinyl cover looks new and the UV inhibitors present in this product will help your cover against discoloration and deterioration from the sun.

First of all, you need to brush or rinse the accumulated debris and dirt particles. After that, you should spray SpaBoss Restore over the hot tub cover surface. Then, you need to buff with a clean cloth. Use it regularly to maintain the appearance of your hot tub cover for long.

 Deluxe Mini Tablet Dispenser

 Deluxe Mini Tablet Dispenser can be used with chlorine or bromine mini sanitation pucks. There’s a weighted bottom cap to keep the dispenser floating upright. An adjustable chamber regulator helps in controlling the chemical feed rate depending on the spa galoonage. It’s highly suggested to replace puck after every month of normal use of spa. This dispenses with slow dissolve rate for a safe spa experience.

Northern Light’s Adjustable Hot Tub Backrest

Want to add even more relaxation to your overall spa experience? You can do with Northern Light’s Adjustable Hot Tub Backrest. This soft and comfortable hot tub backrest has adjustable height, making it suitable for all spa users.

Though most spa enthusiasts don’t tend to have any comfort related problems associated with leaning against the hot tub shell, a soft and comfortable spa backrest is perfect for spa users. Just you need to keep your soft backrest on the inside of your hot tub and hang the attached weight to the outside part of your hot tub. If you want to adjust the height, lift the weight up or down.

Northern Light’s Adjustable Hot Tub Backrest features with submersible external shell that ensures ultimate comfort. Rest assured that the backrest doesn’t contain any hard or plastic materials that could cause irritations on your back after extended spa use. With ease of installation and maneuverability, the adjustable backrest has fully adjustable height making it perfect for all spa users.

Bottom Line –

These are just few hot tub accessories you can add to your hot tub to make your spa experience extremely enjoyable and relaxing. Do a thorough research on the spa accessories and make the right selection.

This article is written by Cedar Tubs Direct, which specializes in providing hot tubs and spas including hot tub accessories and replacement parts at competitive prices, ensuring your spa comfort and well-being