5 Reasons To Have a Vacation In Vietnam And Cambodia

Travel to Vietnam Cambodia

A combined trip to Vietnam and Cambodia is the best vacation arrangement you can have after the world reopens past the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world opens up after the COVID-19 pandemic, you must be trying to plan your next vacation. Travel to Vietnam and Cambodia under the guidance of a reputed tour operator can be an enriching experience. The remarkable landscapes, varied cultures, lively streets, spectacular architecture, and friendly people will welcome you to both countries.

We discuss here five reasons you need to abandon your beach vacation and contact a reputed tour operator to plan your next vacation in Vietnam and Cambodia.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you do not visit the 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, your trip to Vietnam and Cambodia is incomplete. The five sites we are talking about are Angkor Temples, Halong Bay, the old town of Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary, and Hue Imperial City.

The Khmer Emperor Suryavarman II built the Angkor Wat temple during the twelfth century to worship Lord Vishnu. Later his successor Jayavarman VII transformed it into a Buddhist temple. He also built the well-known temple at Bayon. You can spend a whole day in the 1,200 square meters of beautifully carved temples and sculptures and explore the architect and history of the ruins. The enchanting and enigmatic atmosphere will amaze you. It is possible to have such an experience with a reputed tour operator selecting the best from their Cambodia tour packages.

In Vietnam, do not forget to cool off in Halong Bay and explore the marine limestone islands. You can traverse the clear water at Halong Bay on a boat and then kayak to a fishing village.

A visit to the My Son Sanctuary will be a mesmerizing one. The temple is dedicated to Shaivism and is unbelievably sophisticated in its layout.

Follow the Thu Bon River to reach the old town of Hoi An. It is a place to realize the confluence of diverse cultures that developed here. The Hue Imperial City had the blow of the Vietnam war; however, the city’s soaring palaces, ramparts, trenches, and breath-taking temples are architectural heaven.

The Vietnam travel packages of reputed travel organizations have these places covered. They arrange for a comfortable and safe journey and the assistance of professional guides to enable understanding the importance of the place visited.

Street food to enjoy

Travel through the narrow lanes of Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City to taste some varied street food. First, you need to stop at the Ho Chi Minh City wine market to sip snake wine, ginseng wine, and goat wine before you attend the famous ‘street barbeque.’ Do not forget to try the local food and drink Vietnamese coffee.

Junk boat cruise

It is an experience to have a dragon boat ride on the Perfume River to Tu Duc’s tomb in Hue Imperial City. The boat ride is an ideal way to know and feel the country. It is also a must that you have a junk boat journey in Halong Bay and watch the karst landscape and visit the Cai Rang floating market.

The killing fields of Cambodia

When you are at Choeng Ek, which is just outside Phnom Penh, you will be in the holocaust museum of Cambodia. You can experience the torture and execution of many people under the Khmer Rouge. The place will make you understand the gloomiest phase of Cambodia’s history.

Have Tai Chi Lessons

Have a relaxing Tai Chi lesson in between all the roaming, eating, and drinking. It is best to have the class while on a journey on a junk boat in Halong Bay.

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