A Snapshot of Orissa’s Weather and the Ideal Time to Visit the State

Situated along the eastern coast of India, Odisha is a magnificent state packed with incredible cities and cultural attractions that lures thousands of travellers from different parts of the country and aptly termed as the “Soul of India.

Looking for one of the best Odisha holiday packages? Here is a snapshot of Orissa’s weather and the ideal time to visit the state.

Orissa in Winter (Oct-Feb)

With foggy mornings & cool winds, visiting Odisha during winter is a comfortable affair. The temperature during winter fluctuates between 16 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius. The coastal area during winter remains very quiet with a constant presence of equanimity in the air. The delightful weather during this season makes it the ideal time to visit Odisha.

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Winter is an ideal time of the year to venture outdoors & get yourself familiarized with the surroundings. However, the main draw of this time of the year is Durga Puja which is celebrated with a whole lot of enthusiasm over Odisha during the months of September to October. Another festival that’s worth seeing during this time of the year is Konark Dance Festival which celebrates the art of Odissi dance.

Odisha in Monsoon (June to August)

This time of the year surprises visitors with random perception & drizzles with a possibility of thunderstorm. Covered in golden shades throughout the year, this season brings out the greens in Odisha, accentuating its awe-inspiring flora. Odisha is worth visiting during Monsoon if you are a nature lover and love flora and fauna.

The major highlight of this time of the year is the 4-day long Raja festival which celebrates womanhood. Nuakhai is also yet another festival that is celebrated during this period of the year. This is an agricultural festival celebrated by the folks of western Odisha & Chattisgarh.

Odisha in Summer (March to May):

The summer in Odisha is all about sunny days & delightfully warm nights. Unfortunately, the sun is very severe during this time of the year and it’d be recommended to head out by the evening.

Nevertheless, if you’re a bit adventurous and still wish to go outdoors, you can visit the Chilika Lake to spot some massive dolphins and of course to unwind yourself. Always carry a sunblock & sun glass with you for protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

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Though this period of the year is assumed to be less touristy & quieter, festivals in Odisha are what make the summer season exciting & worth visiting. So many festivals are in store for you if you’re heading to Odisha during the summer season. One of the prominent highlights of this season is the world famous Rath Yatra which is dedicated to Lord Jaggnnath. The locals have actively participated in the festival since time immemorial.

So now you have a clear idea about the climate and activities in Odisha in different time of the year! Plan your activities and itinerary keeping the weather in mind and you are sure to make the most of your trip to this splendid state of culture, art, and temples. Get the best Odisha holiday package now!