Brief Knowledge About Newark Airport

Are to flying to New York and making a stop at Newark Airport? It is the oldest airport of the metro area. When it comes to traveling to New York, there are endless choices in every sense including the number of airport you can plan on flying into. The major three airports service include JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International Airport. All of the three airports are spread around Manhattan and remain busy with large number of passengers throughout the year. As you are planning to make a stop at the Newark Airport, let’s discuss the various aspects of it in detail.

Newark Airport also renowned as EWR sits about 15 miles towards the west of NYC. Due to heavy traffic at the airport, delays aren’t uncommon. However, there is a number of things to do and see at this 14th busiest airport in the United States.

Newark Airport – History

Opened in 1928, Newark was the first major airport in the metropolitan area. Since then the Newark airport terminals have gone through a large number of upgrades that include major renovations of Terminal B and Terminal C. Also 2.7 billion US dollar redevelopment program is on the go for replacing Terminal A, the oldest terminal of the airport which is scheduled to open by 2022. It is anticipated that the new built terminal will accommodate double its current capacity and host new parking garage and climate inhibited pedestrian bridge.  Additionally, passengers will be able to order and purchase restaurant items as there will be thousands of iPads will set up across the airport. Enjoy free unlimited Wi-Fi across all three terminals of the airport.

Getting around Newark Airport

Residing in New York City and want to ensure that you arrive at the airport before time? Or perhaps you have just arrived at the airport and want to get to your destination within the city in a hassle-free way? Then the best way out is to book a reliable and reputable EWR limo service that will pick you up and drop you off at your destination in a relaxed and comfy way.  Although there are several other airport transportation modes but taking a private Newark Airport limo offers utmost comfort and convenient transportation experience.

Wine And DineNearby

In 2017, when Terminal C got renovated, about 55 world class dining options sprout up which provide a myriad of food options to choose from for exhausted travelers. Several dining options at the top restaurants got created with the help of renowned American and French chefs like Alex Guarnaschelli, who enthused options at Riviera, and Alain Ducasse, who was consulted in the expansion of Saison’s menu. Sample some of the best and classic street foods of New York like pizza or pastrami on rye and much more.

For feeling refreshed you can try out beverages at Proof Whiskey Bar, with its tavern-inspired menu and range of international whiskeys. You can also stop at Oeno Wine Bar that offers immersive menu that features 64 wines offered by both glass and bottle.

You can also book a private EWR limo service to get into the city and find out the various dine and wine options.

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