Buying WALLETERAS Double Espresso Card Holder with RFID and ID Window


Introducing WALLETERAS Card Holder with RFID and ID Window –

RFID technology – radio frequency identification has been around for a long time in the industry. With the convenience, RFID comes with the risk of RFID equipped items being stolen, known as RFID skimming. This technology has been used for the safety and protection of different items including credit cards, driver’s license and passports.

The WALLETERAS Card Holder with RFID and ID Window uses embedded RFID chips for wireless information transmission to compatible reader to perform functions like confirmation of a person’s identity or making payment for a purchase.

RFID technology uses the radio waves to read the information stored on tags connected to specific objects and can be scanned from several feet away without requiring a direct line-of-sight to the reader.

Understanding RFID Skimming –

Most people using RFID readers can activate the RFID chips that are embedded in personal items. They would allow them to extract important yet sensitive information without knowing of owners. Hackers have used different methods of using handheld RFID readers to get valuable information from several feet away. The extracted information can include the name and country in a passport and complete credit card numbers.

Why Do You Use RFID Blocking Wallets?

One of the most popular ways to protect you from RFID skimming is by using RFID blocking wallets. The most important decision you have to make while buying a wallet is considering its material and color. In fact, you have to make sure that it has RFID blocking capabilities.

This type of wallet helps consumer to shield from RFID skimming by protecting all of their RFID equipped items. This shield repels the electromagnetic energy which is sent by RFID readers that the items require sending out the information they contain.

Buying WALLETERAS Double Espresso Front Pocket Wallet with ID Window

The WALLETERAS Double Espresso is small wallet with enough room to carry almost everything you need. Here are some of the best features that make them stand out from the rest:

Small and slim –

Double Espresso has outstanding 3” x 4.1” x .3” along with round shaped edges to slide in your front pocket effortlessly.

Convenient accessibility –

Equipped with three front slots, the wallet offers you access most used cards comfortably.

Additional slots –

There are two slots in the back of the wallet to keep your driver’s license or insurance cards.

Internal card slots –

There are four internal card slots to store credit cards.

Internal pockets –

The Double Espresso comes with two internet pockets to carry folded cash at your convenience.

RFID technology –

Every slot of the card holder is aligned front and back with RFID blocking line to protect your cards.

Material –

Double Espresso is made from both Pebble and Top Grain leather and you can choose from as per your preferences.

Bottom Line –

While there is a great rise in RFID skimming, most people are leaning towards the side of caution. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Henceforth, investing in WALLETERAS Double Espresso Front Pocket Wallet with ID Window makes sense for the enormous safety and protection of your valuable items and accessories.