Car service from Naples to Positano not only offers a comfortable journey but also makes it possible to have a day trip

Naples and Positano are the two best places that the Italian coast has to offer. Naples, the birthplace of pizza and Positano, the coastal village with a beautiful coastline, and gorgeous sea views. These are places you cannot miss visiting. In both places, you can experience the rich culture, gorgeous architecture and local food.

If you are in Naples and desire to go to Positano, there are a few different ways. However, a car service from Naples to Positano is the ideal one. It is not that you can only have comfort and safety during your travel. Moreover, you can have the pleasure of visiting places of tourist interest on your way to Positano.

Let us see why it is wise to have a car service rather than trying a train, bus or ferry.

Comfortable journey

Yes, for sure, if you have a car service from a reputed transport organization you can have a comfortable journey. The cars are well-maintained and have luxurious interiors to offer a comfortable journey. Moreover, the drivers are professional and trained to drive safely following the best route without any traffic congestions.

Reputed transport organizations offer door-to-door services. The driver will pick you up from the airport or your place of stay. You do not have to travel in crowded trains or suffer from seasickness having private transfers.

It is not the end here; you can avoid ticket lines or the botheration to carry your luggage. As you have the booking made earlier, you will have a travel voucher with all the details including the name of the assigned driver.

Service of able guides

As we were saying it is possible to visit places of tourist interest on your way to Positano from Naples. The driver can be your best guide at those places. They are local and can explain to you the importance of the places.

There will not be any communication gap as the drivers are English speaking. They will explain in English and not any local dialect.

Places to visit on your way to Positano from Naples 

There are a few places you can visit during your journey from Naples to Positano. Pompeii and Herculaneum are two such places. It is also possible to have a view of Mount Vesuvius. The drivers will be your guide and you can have the best exploration.

It is not only Pompeii or Herculaneum that you can visit. If you have a car service from a reputed transport organization, it is possible to be at Amalfi and Ravello. After you reach Positano, your driver can guide you through the narrow streets winding up through the mountain, have a view of the sea and be at restaurants to enjoy local delicacies.

About the author

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