Chilka Lake Tourism Let You Explore the Picturesque Chilika Lake in a Different Way

A journey to ChilikaLake or traveling along the Chilika Lake can be a blessing for all nature lovers!Chilika lake tourism helps avid travelers who wish to witness the natural wonders and scenic beauty in an exciting way. No matter whatever your desire, the Lake Chilika tour package has everything to amaze you.

Chilka is renownedforits largest coastal lagoon in India and takes pride of being the second largest lagoon of the world. Owing to the presence of the lagoon, it is famous as one of the most popular tourist destinations of Odisha. Chilka lake tourism provides accessible vacation opportunity mainly because of the world-famous Chilka Lake. Apart from the lake, Chilka lake tourism presents a wide array of tourist activities like boating, fishing and bird watching, and wildlife spotting.

Discover the richness of Chilka tourism with the diverse species of birds, aquatic animals, and reptiles. Every year during winter, thousands of birds visit Chilka Lake. Marine animals like fish, turtles, crabs, prawns inhabit the lake. Limbless Skink and Irawadi Dolphins can also be spotted. It goes without saying that this heart touching piece of the water body is an aesthetic lure for all kinds’ birdlife and marine creatures. All these charming views made the Lake Chilika as the queen of all-natural charm in Odisha.

The best time to joinChilika nature camp is during the winter months – between October and March. During this period, the place becomes real heaven. It is filled with uncountable species of migratory birds worth seeing. Of course, this birdlife is one of the prime reasons behind Chilka lake tourism. It is also the main reason why Lake Chilika is regarded as a bird watchers paradise. Moreover, the weather also remains cool. The temperature in the day time also remains pleasant. It seems to be a perfect atmosphere to explore many more things, boating, fishing, eating seafood, and traveling to some of the attractive places in Chilika Lake.

Are you an avid traveler or a nature enthusiast? Chilka lake tourism gives you an exciting opportunity to spend some memorable time. It could be one of the mesmerizing spots to discover so many things. It’s the most beautiful and photogenic lake across India that worth of visit year-round. Here are some sightseeing splendors to discover the reality of Chilika Lake

  • The topmost sightseeing attraction is the Island of Nalabana, which covers the periphery in the vast expanse of the Chilika Lake. This is a bird island and is even a refuge for resident birds as well as migratory birds.
  • Kalijai Island is the next travel hub and is one of the significant holy shrines of the region. The most exciting fact about this paradise is that it hosts an enormous fair annually.
  • Satapada, a lakeside resort along with Chilika Lake, is one of the chief tourist attractions in the Chilika tour package packages. It allows you to enjoy the lake views to the fullest. Here, you can get to see abundant varieties of rare dolphin’s species. In fact, with the existence of enormous migratory birds in Satapada, you can get a favorite location to spend quality time with nature.
  • You can make your way along NirmalaJhara, which is located 11 kilometers away from the lake. It’s also one of the famous islands in the brackish water Lagoon. Also, it is a religious place for worship, as well as a renowned picnic spot. This place remains moderately warm all year-round, but the best time to visit here is in the winter when the migratory birds reach and gather around the lake area.


If you are a nature lover, then rest assured that the Chilika lake tourism takes you to the best place to visit and to capture its natural beauty in the camera. The serene and tranquil natural beauty of this lake magnetizes millions of visitors across India and has become the most sought after destination around Orissa. Come and visit Lake Chilika to know its natural surroundings in a better way!

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