Common Issues With A Computer Motherboard And How To Fix Them

Motherboard Repairs

A computer’s motherboard is something that most people who work with computers know very little about. That however does not make it any less important or any easier to repair. In fact, when any kind of audible beeping sound occurs with your computer, the first thing you should check is the Computer POST and beep codes of the manual from the manufacturer.

Before deciding it needs to be replaced let’s have a glance at the most common motherboard problems before you look for professional motherboard repairs in Belfast.

Insufficient power:

This issue can be solved by purchasing and replacing the (PSU) power supply unit providing a higher output wattage to the motherboard. If that does not solve the issue then consider these other hardware related problems that may be stopping your computer from turning on. Such as a defective processor or a faulty RAM module. The only way to confirm this is to test the various components of the hardware attached to the motherboard to ensure that they are working properly. Yes that means opening up the case and checking inside.

Your system is crashing frequently or overheating:

Your motherboard may not be capable of handling the voltage output of your power supply. If you’ve an aftermarket CPU cooler, then you might wish to consider investing in a better PSU with more wattage. Another thing that can cause a computer system to crash frequently is simply having multiple devices plugged in at a time. If this occurs try disconnecting all the external connections and power on the system, if successful then reconnect each device one by one until the fault reoccurs. Once found then replace that device causing the error and retest.

If that does not solve the issues, then you may need to upgrade to better hardware.

Computer turns on but can not boot into windows:

This issue may be triggered by your system attempting to boot from an external device. Turn off your system and unplug everything that is not necessary to see if the system boots correctly. If this does not work, then it’s time to visit your nearby computer repair store for help.

Your computer system runs slowly, freezes randomly and crashes often:

Overheating is a common cause of these problems. A build up of dust clogging the vents and impairing the cooling fans leading to a hardware malfunction or system slowness. Ensure that the system fans and vents are cleaned correctly  You could also purchase an external fan to affix to the outside of your computer case that blows cool air inside. However if you don’t get a satisfactory outcome with this method you may need to replace overheated components such as your GPU and CPU.

Computer turns on but fail to show anything on screen:

This issue can sometimes be fixed by simply reseating the RAM. If that doesn’t solve the issue then there may be a problem with either the power supply or the video card. To fix it you will more than likely need to visit your nearby computer shop who offer professional motherboard repair in Belfast.

No video output.

Firstly ensure that all the connections are firmly connected. Examine the video card to ensure that it is seated correctly in the appropriate connection on the motherboard. If this does not solve the problem then you may have to replace your video card.