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If you are looking for blow molding purging compounds then contact us today. Blow molding processes are categorized as extrusion blow and accumulator blow. We have our purging experts to help you select the right type of purging compound for blow molding.

Take a look at the extrusion blow purging steps –

  • The die temperatures are to be increased about 55°F – 65°F
  • Residual resin from the machine is squeezed out
  • Hopper & feed throat is given a cleaning
  • For our compounds, screens & dies may be left in place for purging
  • Provide the required quantity of purging compound to the hopper
  • First, purge at low screw velocity and then raise the velocity once the material starts coming out from head
  • Intermittently, screw is stopped, allowing the purging compound to rest.
  • Dislocate the purging compound with subsequent processing resin, when you see purge free of impurities
  • Then adjust the system parameters back to standard processing states
  • Swap the screen place then, with an uncontaminated one.

Then comes the accumulator blow purging process take a look at the steps, and contact us if you have any doubt about any of the procedures.

We know purging compounds play a very important role in the thermoplastic field. As the thermoplastic industry requires efficiency, consistency, and precision, it is essential to have the correct performing purging compound.

We are confident that our products meet the challenges of thermoplastic processors efficiently. It will help in delivering a competitive advantage. We have experience with the right team to deliver purging compounds that covers the industry’s requirements precisely.

We design compounds to work with various temperatures as well as manufacturing processes. We are always trusted because of providing safe and non-toxic purging compounds. Safety will always remain a priority to us.

You can try purging compounds free samples first.

Contact UNICLEANPLUS, a leading Purging Compound Supplier: Do you know what makes us a reliable supplier of purging compounds? We use a customer-centric approach with deep research and development. This helps us to design the best quality purging compound for blow molding as well as purging compound for extruders.

We have training videos, guidelines, and technical documentation to assist you with queries about purging compounds.

Our products are designed to reduce scrap rates, improve processing efficiency, reduce polymer change time, enhance operational margins rightly, and more.

Why us?

  • We are a reliable and experienced purging compound supplier
  • Our purging compounds are easy to use
  • We quickly respond to orders
  • Our purging solutions are capable of eliminating the hassles of adjusting barrel temperatures
  • Our purging compounds are non-toxic
  • Find easy to use purging compounds

Without much wait, just get in touch with us today. We will narrow down the right compound to meet your requirements.

We will help solve challenges through quality and efficient purging compounds.

We are here to help anytime with our purging compounds.

Talk to a purging process expert to help you select the right blow molding purging compound.