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Non-Woven Carry Bags

We are all aware of the havoc that plastic waste has wreaked on our environment. Plastic waste can affect human and animal lives. It contains harmful chemicals that can enter the human body and cause serious health issues. Even after knowing this, we continue to use plastic on a large scale. The most commonly used plastic product is plastic bags. Almost all stores use plastic carry bags to pack their products and as a result, plastic carry bags have the highest share of urban wastage. Plastic being non-biodegradable not only has a negative impact on the environment but also adversely affects living beings. 

Non-Woven Carry Bags

The downside of using plastic bags: –

  • Plastic bags when thrown outside are consumed accidentally by animals such as cows, goats, dogs, etc who mistake them for food. It can block their digestive tract and lead to their death.
  • Plastic is non-biodegradable and can take up to thousands of years to decompose. This leads to the degradation of our environment and reduces soil fertility.
  • Plastic bags that are dumped into water bodies are swallowed by fish and other marine animals. This has proved fatal for them and resulted in their death.
  • Plastic bags when burned with other garbage releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 
  • Plastic can block the drainage system as it enters the drains and sewage system and clogs them.

Non-Woven Carry Bags

We, as human beings, can do many things to save nature from the potential risk. We can replace plastic bags with non-woven bags. Non-woven bags are made from non-woven fabrics which are eco-friendly, unlike their plastic counterparts. If you are running a business and you need non-woven bags for your commercial needs or you want to purchase non-woven bags for your regular use, DD Enterprises is here to serve your requirements. We are the leading supplier of non-woven carry bags in Bhubaneswar. The raw materials we use in the manufacturing of these carry bags are sourced from reliable local vendors. Our quality of products and the affordable pricing have made us a known name among, non-Woven Bag Dealers & Traders in Bhubaneswar. We have become the first choice of our clients. Our non-woven carry bags are available in all sizes, colors, and designs. can We can even get your logo or message printed on them. 

We supply a wide variety of bags like non-woven D cut bags, non-woven W cut bags, loop handle bags, etc. Moreover, we can customize the bags according to your requirements. 

Non-woven bags are not just environmentally friendly but also decompose soon and can be washed and reused further. So, call DD Enterprises or visit our store to get your non-woven bags designed. You can also order online by filling in a few details on our website. We are looking forward to receiving your order.