Different Types of Makeup Brushes Available – A Brief Overview!

With a good makeup brush every woman can be an artist! How well said that is! Makeup brushes are an indispensable part of every beauty regime. So are you new to the world of beauty? Looking for a makeup brush in UK that is suitable for your kind of makeup? Confused with the number of makeup brushes available in the market or do you think all makeup brushes are the same? Then you must check out the post below and understand the different types of brushes available.

  1. Foundation Brush

The most important makeup brush is the foundation brush. As you know foundation is primary step of any makeup regime and this step needs to be perfect in order to get a perfect makeup. Again, a foundation brush is available in many forms like traditional flat tapered brush, the buffer brush and the dense oval brush. So which one is good for you?

  • The traditional one has flexibles bristles that blend liquid or cream foundations really well that you need to start using from the middle of your face and blend the foundation in a downward motion.
  • If you wish for heavier foundation coverage, then the buffer brush will be the best option. Its densely packed bristles buffs every foundation product whether it is a cream, liquid or powder making it look all natural.
  • And for getting most out of a full coverage liquid foundation, you must go for the dense oval brush that is trending the beauty and makeup world today.
  • Kabuki Brush

Kabuki makeup brush is a short-handled and densely packed brush that has round bristles. This brush is ideal for applying every form of foundation from powder foundations to bronzer as well as blush.

  • Concealer Brush

For applying concealer, you must use concealer brush instead of foundation brush. Look for a concealer brush that has small rounded bristles or flat topped brush to pat concealer into the skin. Such brushes help in blending of concealer more precise.

  • Eyeshadow Brush

While choosing an eyeshadow brush look for a brush that is slightly smaller than the width of your eyelid as it helps in blending color evenly.

  • Blusher Brush

A blusher brush is usually either rounded or angled and is quite fluffy. These brushes are ideal for applying powder blush to the apples of the cheeks.

  • Contour Brush

Contour brushes come either flat topped or angle tipped. These brushes are perfect for carving out the hollows of the cheeks. Make sure while applying contours suck your cheeks in like a fish.

  • Lip Brush

Do you have small lips? Then a lip brush is great help for you especially if you wish to use a bold colored lipstick. With lip brushes you can also remove the lipstick pigments for an ultra-definition look of your lips.