Do You Want Artificial Putting Green Installation? Facts About Golf Turf You Should Know

For a real golf enthusiast, improving their game requires constant practice and takes great dedication and patience. Not to mention the money spent on hefty greens fees and country club memberships. Fortunately, artificial putting green installation presents an easy solution. With endless ways to customize synthetic turf, you can achieve the artificial putting green of your dreams inside or outside your own home. There are a few key facts you should know before any synthetic grass installation.

  1. Easy to Customize

One of the main benefits of artificial putting green installation is the ability to customize the material to meet your desired area. From the color, to the hatching or texture, you can personally choose almost every element of the turf used. Also, there are endless possibilities with undulation and slope. You can achieve your very own dream green. Synthetic grass has come a long way today, and the materials used are incredibly high-quality. Instead of the stiff, bright green plastic that was customary in the past, advancements in technology have allowed for the creation of turf for golf that looks and feels just like the real thing. 

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Whether you want to work on your stroke indoors during the colder months of the winter or practice in the sun, artificial putting green installation can be installed anywhere. Accessibility and convenience are the keys when it comes to choosing synthetic grass and the artificial turf installation process is a breeze. You will be amazed at how much more you practice when quality putting green is installed right outside your door.

  1. Improve Your Game

Playing golf requires hours and hours of practice. When you choose to install artificial turf on your property, finding opportunities to practice could not be easier. High-quality artificial turfs are made to mimic the movement and composition of real grass, so, you can practice efficiently without leaving the comfort of your home. The year-round playability means constantly improving your skills, without waiting for the weather to clear up.

  1. Low Maintenance

Natural greens require endless attention and care, which can become expensive and time-consuming. Between mowing, fertilizing, and watering, the lawn price tag can speed up. For other properties that require the services of landscaping crews, the costs can add up even more. With an artificial putting green installation, you do not have to worry about mowing the grass or watering it. Also, they require virtually no maintenance and are budget, and environmental-friendly. Other added benefits are resilience and durability of artificial grass, resistant to holes and bumps and will stay pristine for decades.

If you are ready for custom artificial putting green installation at your home, our experts at American Greens can help. We provide high-quality synthetic turf for maximum customizability to create the golf green you have been dreaming of.