Does Your Organization Need The Help Of A CISO


A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior-level executive who wears many hats in the territory of cybersecurity – but is mainly accountable for decoding complicated business issues into effective information security controls.

So, how do you know when your company needs the help of CISO? If you fall under the following, then your organization surely requires a Chief Information Security Officer.

Records of security breaches:

If your business information security has been compromised on multiple occasions then you require a CISO. It might look like a waste since devices and networks have already been compromised but spiteful hackers are avaricious and usually unrelenting. They’ll not stop with a single attack. They usually look to check how far your security programs can handle.

You’ve no way of knowing that your incident response plan & other security controls will efficiently endure a possible attack. Thus, you need to consider hiring a capable CISO to manage your business information security.

Intricate threat environment:

The size of your organization will determine your cybersecurity requirements. The cybersecurity requirements of SMEs with a handful of staff will vary from those of a sizable company with thousands of workers and consumers. Appointing a part-time CISO is an important decision. Your threat environment should be your prime consideration when thinking whether to appoint a CISO or not.

Governance risk & compliance:

Establishments that render monetary or health services are extremely regulated. Therefore, firms that work in these industries are often expected to have advanced business information security approaches than normal organizations. The legal, reputational, regulatory, and financial loss of defiance or failure could offset the compensation & advantages you would give a Chief Information Security Officer.

A shortage of business information security experts:

There is a scarcity of qualified security  professionals in the industry. The demand for business information security professionals surpasses the accessible skillsets. This alone is a sign that your IT team may lack the needed skills to manage such events.

Nonetheless, since it might be cumbersome to allot an appropriate member to head your cybersecurity demands from your IT team, hiring a part-time CISO might be indispensable. They’d also need security officer training or acquire risk management certifications online to become a proficient Chief Information Security Officer.


With the fast rise in cybersecurity & data breach associated incidents and introduction of many cybersecurity regulations, advanced requirements for policy & procedures, companies surely need the helping hand of an on-demand or part time CISO service.

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