Dubai Parasailing – An Enthralling Water Sport Adventure for All!

Young children and adventurous adults, looking for thrilling water sports and aerial activities in Dubai often opt for parasailing as it offers the thrill of aerial activities amidst the water! Whether you are traveling alone or with family, you can take delight in these activities. With some of the world famous water parks and top-notch dangerous aerial activities, Dubai is the ultimate destination when it comes to spending fun filled and enjoyable time with family. Dubai satisfies all your adventure fantasies. Among the several aerial activities in Dubai parasailing is gaining momentum. Bordered by a peaceful coastline that overlooks the clear and calm waters of the Persian Gulf, you can find a number of beaches that are the best places for enjoying parasailing in Dubai.

But what is parasailing? Let us find out below:

Parasailing is an adventurous activity that is of two types i.e. Aquatic and Terrestrial. While aquatic parasailing is done over water that includes the use of a motorboat, terrestrial parasailing involves a vehicle like a jeep. In Dubai parasailing is ideally carried out on a water body. In Dubai parasailing activity a person is towed behind a speed boat which is attached to a specially designed parachute, known as parasail. In this activity, participants need to sail in midair suspended to the parachute, which is harnessed and towed by the boat. The parasailing experience is one-of-a-kind in Dubai as it offers the stunning aerial view of the city and the massive ocean underneath you. The magical experience is unexplainable in words! You will feel like getting wings and flying high to explore the world.

Requirements for Parasailing

Parasailing can be a solo activity as well as you can also enjoy the activity with two or more members. The minimum age limit for Dubai parasailing is 6 years, however, participants below 18 years are allowed only with their parent or guardian. The minimum weight required for parasailing is around 90 pounds for solo adventure, hence kids need to be accompanied by their parent or guardian to go parasail.

Although parasailing is considered as a water sport in Dubai but it does not involve the participants getting wet. However, during take-off and/or landing you may get your legs wet, which happens occasionally. In parasailing there is no extreme high fly and also it is not a fast fly, hence it is a calm and pleasant adventure. The height of the parasail is usually decided by the captain and typically it is 200 meters above the ocean. However, the height may vary from place to place along with the preferences.

For parasailing, the ideal clothing is a close-fitting suit or a swimwear if you have plans to spend the rest of the day in the water. Also it is often advised to wear sunglasses, right fitting shoes and caps while parasailing. Hence, make sure to avoid wearing loose jewelry and hats during the activity. Another important tip which you should not forget while going for parasailing is to avoid taking your cell phone!

Exclusive Dubai Parasailing Avenues

When it comes to parasailing in Dubai, it is always advised to contact the water sports service provider as the itinerary and package cost would take in pick up from the hotel or your residing place, time taken for the activity, available time slot, drop, number of people and many other details. By contacting the provider well in advance you can save a lot of time and have a stress-free time in the city.  The top avenues for Dubai parasailing include Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina.

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