Electrical Panel Upgrades and Repairs West Palm Beach, Florida

Safety is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of our home. And you cannot call your home safe unless it is devoid of any risks from electrical hazards. Unfortunately, many American homes still have outdated electrical panels that are in dire need of upgradation. An electrical panel is a crucial part of every home’s electrical system. It acts as a bridge from your home to the power line that protects your home from overloads and other hazards.

Upgrading an electrical panel might seem a simple and easy task, but a simple mismatch could result in a series of problems. A faulty installation of the panel will leave your electrical system exposed to several external factors like weather or rust. This might also pose risk for you and your family, so it’s advised not to go a DIY electrical panel upgradation or replacement and hire professionals for electrical panel upgrades.

American Lighting & Electrical Services provide electrical panel upgrades in West Palm Beach, South Florida to make sure that we meet your home’s electrical needs efficiently. With a team of certified and highly experienced electricians, your safety and excellent services are our top priorities. Our electrical panel upgradation comes with an incredible warranty that gives our customers peace of mind that they will be provided necessary after services in panel upgrades.

When You Should Replace Your Existing Electrical Panel?

There are several indications that will hint at replacing your home electrical panel.

First, if you notice frequent bugs in your electrical system like breakers tripping, fuses blowing, or rapidly burning out or flickering lights.

Second, your home insurance system might demand that you install a new panel.

Third, if you are planning to add a new significant load onto the electrical system or perform a remodel that would increase the square footage of your home.

Fourth, if you are planning to put your house up for sale, and know that upgrading the electrical panel might be a strong selling point to add value and find a buyer more easily.

When You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

  1. Support: In many old homes there are electrical panels installed during its construction. No matter how state-of-the-art those panels were at the time, today you will find numerous appliances that require power beyond what these panels can support. And plugging these appliances into those old panels might pose a great risk to you and your family.
  2. Convenience: This is a major factor to get the panels replaced. The older panels blow their fuses when subjected to a power surge. You then have to remove the fuse, look for a replacement, and reinstall it. Modern panels come with a switch and when the breaker trips it turns off. All you have to do is, flip it back up to function.
  3. Fire Hazards: Outdated electrical panels are known to be fire hazards. One heated wire could damage another or simply come in contact with another to cause a chain reaction leading to sparks, or worse, fire.

How We Safely Upgrade/Replace Your Electrical Panel

American Lighting & Electrical Services’ certified and experienced electricians are fully certified and can replace your electrical panel in a short period, all while following the state’s safety regulations. The experts will visit your place fully prepared and with all the right equipment so that every task can be completed quickly, and any inconvenience caused.

For your home electrical panel upgrades in West Palm Beach, South Florida, contact us today.

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