Electrical Panel Upgrades – When and Why it is Important?

When it comes to home renovation or remodeling homeowners often ignore or neglect the electrical panel, which is the heart of the entire electrical system of the home. Hence, it is necessary for you to get your electrical panel inspected and upgraded if required.

Thinking of electrical panel upgrades for your home? Have noticed numerous signs that signify that your electrical panel needs an upgrade? Have you been recommended for an upgrade? Looking for various ways to add value to your home?

There are several reasons that make electrical panel upgrades necessary. However, homeowners often overlook the signs and put off doing the upgrades.

What do electrical panel upgrades mean?

Before taking a decision to go for the electrical panel upgrades of your home you must have a good understanding of the process. If you have never experienced or noticed any problem with your electrical system, then you might not have any knowledge about the upgrades. But you should learn about electrical panel upgrades and their importance. When circuits get faulty or overloaded, it can become hazardous and possibly may start a fire in your home.

What are the signs of getting an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Several common electrical issues are associated with a faulty electrical panel as the panel is linked to the entire electrical system of your home. If the panel begins to malfunction, the damage will likely spread all over the house. The electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system, hence is crucial for the overall health of your system and house.

Some of the signs you need an electrical panel upgrade include:

You Still Have A Fuse Box Incorporated Or Your Electrical Panel Is Unsafe For Other Reasons.

Often fuse boxes are found in homes built during the 1960s, hence quite a few homes still have them today. If your house is one of them, then it is high time to get the fuse box replaced. Not only the fuse box can be hazardous, but it can cause inconveniences for replacing fuses. Whether you have a fuse box or circuit breakers, it is important for you to inspect the electrical panels, checking for things like:

  • Is it unusually warm or hot?
  • Is there any crackling sounds coming from it?
  • Is there any corrosion or rust on the circuit breakers?

When Your Circuit Breakers Often Need Resetting

If you or the previous owner of your house has changed the fuse box long ago, there are chances the replaced circuit breakers have become outdated now as well. For an instance, if you have replaced the fuse box in 1990, the circuit breaker probably has 100 to 150 Amp service, but today the standard is 200 Amps, hence the circuit breaker might not take the load.

When You Are Planning to Add Appliances and Equipment that Uses a Lot of Electricity

If you are planning to add a new appliance such as an air conditioning system, an electric dryer, a hot tub or any other heavy load appliance, then you need to upgrade electrical panels to ensure that every appliance functions properly.

When You Are Planning a Major Home Remodel or Renovation

When you remodel or renovate your home such as increase the space for better lighting or adding new equipment like air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, or any other electrical appliance, it is necessary for you to get your electrical panel get inspected if it can take the load or not, then you must consider an electrical panel upgrade.

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