Embark on one of the best Amman day tours & explore the marvelousness of the city

Jordan’s capital city has plenty to offer visitors due to its ancient history and modernity. Ancient Roman ruins, architecture, sweeping hills, bustling streets, nourishing and delectable food, lively markets, mosques, modern skyscrapers, and buzzing nightlife entice visitors to discover its hidden gems. It will be the factor that makes the capital city of Amman genuinely electrifying. A pre-planned Amman day tour itinerary helps you understand why it is a place worth your visit. It makes you realize what today’s Jordan is!

Are you a frequent tourist or a frequent traveler who wants to learn more about Jordan every day while staying in one place? Amman can be your base for a week or more. A day’s journey from Amman to Madaba, the Dead Sea, the Roman ruins of Jerash, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, or the Desert Castles can be added on. While in Amman, you can take day trips to Biblical sites in Jordan and Jerusalem in addition to tourism. Amman is located near the Dead Sea. It is enough only to visit the lowest place on Earth on a one-day trip. After then, it’s up to you to choose whatever options best suit your holiday goals and schedule.

The city of Aman will be your start or the endpoint irrespective of your trip. Many top attractions and the best things to do reflect why Amman is a city of colorful history. A day trip to Amman allows you to learn about the country’s history. Consider seeing Amman’s Citadel, which looks to be the city’s most popular destination, and why it entices you to come. Amman’s main center is only a short walk away. Two of the Citadel’s most spectacular structures are the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace. Walking to the Citadel on foot will take you through several city overlooks, including one with a spectacular view of the Roman Theatre. Since the Roman era of Philadelphia, it has been Jordan’s largest theater.

Another landmark worth mentioning is the Odeon. On the eastern side, it is directly across from the Roman Theatre. Finally, pay a visit to Aman’s beautiful souq (market). It’s a place where you’ll lose track of time and wish to stay forever! It’s truly entertaining! Amman is known for its Islamic architecture, which dates from antiquity to today. See the 7th-century al-Husseiny Mosque situated at the center of Amman. On your Amman day tour, don’t forget to include the blue dome King Abdullah Mosque as a part of your itinerary. Jordan Museum is an excellent destination to visit if you want to learn more about Jordan’s history. Amman is one of the best destinations in Jordan to sample the native cuisine. You’ll be able to choose your favorite restaurant in your pricing range because there are so many to select from.


Jordan is a small country, and you can base yourself conveniently in Amman and do several day tours from the city. Tour operators & travel management companies can arrange the best hotels for you. Book an Amman day trip with Go Jordan Travel and Tourism to take advantage of the convenience of staying in one hotel instead of changing hotels every day. So you can save a lot of time and budget on traveling!

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