Enjoy the unique natural phenomena on a wonderful Dead Sea tour

The Dead Sea is linked to many vital biblical scenes and testimonials if you go back to very early times. Why the place is called as Dead Sea? Well, this is because no marine life like fish can live or survive in it. Some small microorganisms might live within it, and its water is full of minerals too. Do you know the Dead Sea is the lowest spot on Earth (423 meters below sea level)! The water is nearly 34% salt and seems like the highest concentration yet to find anywhere on Earth.

Having a bath in its waters can be a relaxing and epic life experience. Probably you can’t really swim in the Dead Sea as the salt content makes it so floating that trying to swim is nearly impossible. Hence, it’s recommended to just float and relax in the water.

All of the luxury hotels and resorts on the Jordan side of the Dead Sea are concentrated in the northern end. A guided journey to the Dead Sea from Amman is very simple as it is about an hour’s drive (55km) by car.

It is so easy to reach as you can follow the signs from anywhere in the city towards the Dead Sea. It’s a smooth and well-paved dual carriageway from Amman to the Dead Sea. You will found the Dead Sea journey itself to be absolutely relaxing. 

The sensation of floating effortlessly on the Dead Sea is, no doubt, one of the unique natural phenomena. When you go deeper, you realized that your foot would no longer touch the ground.

You will just unable to control where you are going and float there. It could be an unnatural feeling you have ever felt. The excellent time to visit the Dead Sea seems to be from March through to November every year. December and January are unusually cold, which may not be a pleasant time to immerse in the water.

A well-planned journey from Amman to the Dead Sea completely lived up to your expectations. Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan will not only found to be relaxing but fun as well. It seems to be fun of covering yourself in mud and then float in the salty water of Dead Sea! The Dead Sea mud has long been claimed to have healing properties.

You must remember that there are so many health benefits due to the high salt content and over 20 minerals, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium in the water. Each of the content has its beneficial properties. It also presumed that floating in the Dead Sea water helps draw toxins from the skin too. People also come from all over to try and find relief from their ailments for help with their arthritis and alleviate pain.


So you’re planning to spend a week or two in Jordan. Visiting the Dead Sea is a must to visit destination while in Jordan. It is good to visit the Dead Sea as a day trip from Amman, or you could spend a few days there as well. Experienced travel operators guide you to maximize your time by spending some good time at the Dead Sea in Jordan.

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