Ensure safe storage by adding a drive-in racking in your retail store or warehouse

drive-in racking system

Proper inventory management is critical to streamlining warehouse operations in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive markets. Adding drive in racking is one of the ways to face many challenges faced by warehouse professionals. In addition, it can ease the warehouse racking system and optimise inventory management.

drive-in racking system

While selecting a suitable racking system, the factor to consider is to discuss what a drive in racking system is! A drive-in racking system is a storage solution that stacks materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. These systems can assist you in better managing and utilising your warehouse space and organising cargo to streamline storage input and output. It eliminates the need for multiple forklift aisles, reduces space, cuts costs and holds more loads with its deep lane storage. The forklift enters the lanes to retrieve or store the pallets easily.

Each retail shop or departmental store, or warehouse has its own set of storage specifications and requirements. Adding an appropriate size drive in the tracking system helps increase the existing storage space without hampering your daily stock movement, especially during the picking season. Here are a few reasons why the drive in racking system is appropriate for your warehouse!

Budget- The estimated budget of drive in racking is low, ensuring that all your storage needs are fulfilled.

Floor space utilisation- The drive in racking can maximise the warehouse floor space. It is designed for storing homogenous products hence accommodates a large number of pallets for each SKU! In addition, it creates efficiencies by reducing aisle loading and unloading times!

Storage Utilisation – The space you need to use the drive-in racking is low, but it can be utilised to enhance the storage capacity, size and tolerate the cargo weight. By reducing the operating aisles, a high-density storage solution maximises available space and height in the warehouse.

Forklift accessibility – The ability to accommodate the forklifts make the forklift easy to operate at drive in racking facility and handle the bulky cargo easily. In addition, it has the aisle width required for forklifts to maneuver.

Versatility – The drive in racking is versatile and accommodates a broader range of goods efficiently. No chance of product mix is found in this kind of storage solution. It is frequently used in cold stores (refrigeration and freezing), which require maximum space for storing products at a controlled temperature.

Inventory management helps to organise the storage process properly and manage the inventory based on the production and supply need. Last In, the First Out (LIFO) system seems reasonable in a drive-in racking storage facility.


The drive-in racking system offers maximum density storage of products in your warehouse. It comprises simple-to-assemble components and easy to reset modular structure, making it easy to install. Its maintenance is also simple for everyone. It is the optimum solution for storing homogenous products per rack. You can even eliminate the aisles in a warehouse to facilitate more storage even in limited space. The ReadyRack brand drive in the tracking system is designed to take a specific load. If you find its non-availability or wish to customise it based on your storage space, confirm the size and weight with ReadyRack.

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