ESD Wrist Straps – An Efficient Equipment to Reduce ESD Risks

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Are you working in an environment where you need to spend a significant amount of time on or near sensitive electronic equipment? Then you must be familiar with the threats of static electricity! Individuals working in production and computer environments have a constant concern for electrostatic damage. Alleviating the risks of ESD events that occur should be the primary responsibility of the management of manufacturing industries, warehouses and other industries dealing with the same.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that the workers are safe from ESD events is to use ESD and antistatic equipment and supplies. And ESD wrist straps the best known pieces of equipment one can outfit their workforce with.

What are ESD Wrist Straps?

The basic concept of ESD wrist straps is to create a path for electrostatic ground. These wrist straps are fastened around the wrist and have an adjustable band. A metal snap is embedded in the strap that is attached to a coiled cord ending with an alligator clip which is further connected to an earth bonding plug. Usually, the alligator clip gets attached to the sensitive electronic device on which you are working.

Once you secure the ESD wrist strap to your wrist and connect it with the earth bonding point or the equipment you are working on, then it is safe to work without ESD fear. Such equipment plays a vital role in helping you work freely by reducing the risk of static electricity build up. ESD wrist straps are also known as grounding bracelets that allow workers to be mobile and protected simultaneously.

You can find a wide variety of ESD wrist straps in the market. Let us check out some of the common ESD wrist straps below –

  • Fabric ESD Wrist Straps

These wrist straps are made using static dissipative material of highest quality. Such wrist straps help in preventing electrostatic build up.

  • Metal ESD Wrist Straps

The metal versions consist of a series of links that expand to fit different wrist sizes. These wrist straps comprise of insulated metal caps on each link.

  • Hypoallergenic ESD Wrist Straps

Such ESD wrist straps are made either with nylon material or hypoallergenic stainless steel. Usually the hypoallergenic stainless steel varieties are the best.

  • Disposable ESD Wrist Straps

Disposable ESD wrist straps are typically designed for temporary and short-term use. Such straps are ideal for plant visitors and site engineers.

Fabric, Metal and Hypoallergenic ESD wrist straps are the best options for the work environments that deal with the ESD risk on daily basis. The primary goal of ESD wrist straps is to offer a safe way to dissipate static electricity without causing any electrostatic damage. When the work environment is ESD protected, it enhances the safety of the workers hence helps in increasing work efficiency and production.

In addition to ESD wrist straps, the industries dealing with ESD risks should incorporate other safety measures such as ESD mats and likewise.