Everything to Know Before Purchasing Custom Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a quick fix for hair growth; they add fullnessand length. Using extensions can improve the overall look of your natural hair. Whatever type of hair extensions work best in your situation, you should be sure to get started with a hair stylist that specializes in them to help figure that out.

Choosing Natural Hair Extensions –

There’s an old adage that, “You get what you pay for”.It really comes into play, when thinking about hair extensions. The benefits of natural hair extensions are endless.

These hair extensions are of the highest quality. The hair cuticles have been preserved so all the hairs run in the same direction to insure a naturally soft and silky texture. They are made with 100% natural humanhairso they look natural. Since these hair extensions are in good condition, they create overall beautiful hair styles.

Natural hair extensions will give you bouncy, shiny and long hair. You won’t need to be conscious about your hair looking unnatural as no one will be able to tell. Since the quality of hair is high, there is no need to worry about your remaining natural hair getting damaged.

Finding Your Right Match –

A well-trained hair stylist will make sure that your hair extensions blend seamlessly. Regardless of the type of hair extensions you get, they will match your hair perfectly.

You should consider the weight of your hair extensions –

If they’re too heavy, the roots of your natural hair can get stressed which you should avoid. You have to match the overall density of the extensions to the density of your natural hair. Whether you’ve thin, fragile or damaged hair, you want to steer clear of thick, heavy hair extensions. It’s also wise to avoid placing extensions where you have most delicate hair, i.e. around your hairline or at the nape of your neck.

When purchasing natural custom hair extensions, you should understand a few dos and don’ts beforehand. Here are some of them discussed below:


  • You should treat your hair extensions with extreme care and personalized attention to every detail.
  • You should tie hair in a low ponytail or loose braid during night to avoid matting and tangles.
  • You should detangle starting at the ends working upwards and press your hand on the roots as you’re doing it to make sure that you’re not tugging on the hair extension attachments.
  • You should use a hair protectant on hair extensions before you blow dry ensuring their protection.
  • You should use the recommended shampoo and conditioner on your extensions.


  • You should never sleep on wet extensions.
  • You should never use hair oils near the roots that will cause the extensions to slip or get sticky.
  • You should never remove extensions yourself and always consult a professional.
  • You should never wear hair extensions longer than recommended and expect natural hair to remain healthy and fit.
  • You should never use your regular hair brush to comb through extensions.

Bottom Line –

You should get in touch with a hair extension specialist as soon as possible to help by suggesting the right hair extensions that work best on your hair.

Author Information –

This article is written by Custom Hair by Catherine who specializes in providing custom hair extensions that bring a fuller, longer and healthier look to your natural hair in the best way possible.