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Petra is a standout amongst the most magnificent archaeological sites to visit on the planet. It is the Rose City in Jordan famous for its multicoloured sandstone and genuine Nabatean architecture. A pre-planned Petra tours itinerary can be a way to explore one of the most archaeological treasures in Jordan. Leading travel management companies and tour operators give you the ideal Petra tours opportunity to explore all.

Jordan never fails to entice travelers from every part of the world, despite conflicts now and then! But, do you want an escape, in one of the world’s new seven wonders situated in Jordan? Then the most treasured UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra could be the preferred place to be included in your travel bucket list. Well-planned Petra tours could be the way to explore the lost pink city of Petra.

If you plan a getaway to Jordan with your family or friends or even solo, you will be spoilt for choices in Petra. The inhabitants of Petra welcome tourists with warm hearts. They gave the best assistance to ensure that you have a great stay in the city. Along with top attractions, they offer several things to do in Petra to get indulged in. This small city Petra is capable of surprising everyone with several activities when traveling to Petra.

The foremost thing to do in Petra is to perceive & explore the ancient ruins and the historical top tourist spots from the 3rd century. It includes the narrow walkways to the Siq, monastery, Al-Khazneh Temple, Royal Tombs, Tomb of Aaron, Little Petra. The rock formations and the narrow gorge of Petra will definitely leave you in wonder. So, if you are planning to visit this city, don’t forget to include such top attractions in Petra.

Do you wonder what to do on the Petra tour? Countless hiking trails start from easy to complex, and you can choose one based on the capacity. Petra is such an enticing city to be explored, and it will never make you worry or laze around. So, get ready to go on some hiking trails like the Main Trail, Wadi Farasa Trail, and High Place of Sacrifice Trail, Monastery Trail, and Treasury Viewpoint Trail. Make sure you keep some water & snacks to keep yourself hydrated. Also, don’t forget to pack your camera to capture the beauty you have not seen before.

A getaway to Petra is incomplete without riding on the back of a camel or going for a horseback ride. You can go for a camel ride when you feel tired from hiking. The best part about this ride is indulging with the Bedouins, who are humble and generous to talk to. They can share a better story about Petra than anyone else. Most of them speak several languages, and they can speak fluently as well. If you are an adventurous soul and looking for a thrilling activity, then you must go for a horse ride in Petra and get a chance to admire the pristine wilderness left on earth.


Petra is known for its amazingly created architecture & the rock-cut formation that can amaze anyone. It is filled with fantastic sightseeing options, treasury, royal tombs, royal ruins, and monastery are some of the best places that you must visit. Well-planned Petra tours will help you gain a view of some of the best architecture in the world. Although Petra in Jordan is safe and sound for tourists; still it is suggested to hire a travel management company or a tour operator who provides an expert guide to make your journey a lifelong experience.

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