Expert tour operators assistance to discover the fascinating sites in Jordan and Jerusalem

The Jerusalem tour package for 2022 includes the ultimate Jordan-Jerusalem travel itinerary that allows travelers to visit the most impressive historical, cultural, and religious sites within the two regions. See the modern marvels, ancient wonders, and stunning scenery on your upcoming guided Jerusalem tour of Jordan and Jerusalem.

It will allow you to spend a whole day exploring Jerusalem and its sacred sites to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. First, travel through the Judean Hills to Mount Scopus for breathtaking views of Jerusalem. Next, visit King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion and the Room of the Last Supper. Next, enter the Old City and follow the winding cobbled alleyways to the magnificent Wailing Wall, the most sacred monument in Judaism. Finally, visit Jordan and experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, take a jeep safari into the Mars-like desert landscape at Wadi Rum, join local Bedouins for tea and eat the authentic Jordanian cuisine under the stars, float on the Dead Sea and do as much thing as you tick in the Jerusalem tour package.

A professional tour & travel management company consists of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, multilingual travel professionals who realize clients’ needs. They come forward to captivate their experience & expertise to serve and lead the high client demand. They provide exceptional customer service and several Jordan & Jerusalem tour packages for 2022 and wish to present the true heritage of Jordan before the clients. They strive to give their best effort & experience to offer an unforgettable travel memory that will far outlast your stay. Whether you choose from one of their classical Jerusalem tours, Jordan tour packages, or a fully customized holiday package created just for your upcoming Jordan-Jerusalem tour in 2022, they will offer all tour packages at affordable prices.

Local experts provide unique experiences that can’t be found on Google.

Immersive trips that allow you to learn about actual local culture in a way that is both sustainable and rewarding. Everyone loves the highlights, but the real magic happens when you do it with professional guidance. The leading tour operators and travel management companies have worked over decades. They will take you to the beaten path and offer real-life experiences that you won’t find on the internet or search engines. So, you can trust them, and they assure you of making your dream Jordan-Jerusalem tour in 2022 into a reality.


The Jerusalem tour package for 2022 includes the highlights of both countries that you can explore in a short period. So, no need to face any hassle of having to plan the trip yourself. The team of expert tour guides and drivers is passionate about showing you the fascinating reality that Jordan and Jerusalem have to offer. No matter how much time you have in Jordan & Jerusalem, the tour operators can create a tour to meet your needs, whether from one day longer stays, or seven days or even more. They take care of the individual travelers or groups with different perceptive. Their attention to detail ensures that everyone’s expectations are met beyond imagination. Thus, it can be concluded that a pre-planned Jerusalem tour 2022 will offer a fascinating week of immersion in both the region of Jordan & Jerusalem.

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