Factors to consider before hiring quality photo booths for parties & events

Several companies offer photo booth services for parties. But the problem lies in locating the best photo booths for parties that can provide value for your money. Lists some essential elements to consider before selecting a photo booth for a party.


Your budget should be your first priority when looking for the best photo booth rental in the Bahamas. However, before finalizing a budget, research the photo booth rental costs to avoid finding out too late or the budget is far from the actual price.

Photo Quality

Your guests wish to have a good time at the parties you organize! Right! They expect to take fun photos, candid portraits, get goofy, and everything. And then, they wish to get the digital images. Your guests never want to have low-quality grainy photos. But some photo booth companies use webcams or cheap cameras, low-quality lighting, and low-resolution settings. But you don’t find it in rental companies like PIC CLICK Photo Booth in professional photo booths! They pride themselves on quality photography work. They can capture all the couples and candid photos the photographer won’t get.

Print Quality

Low-quality printing equipment puts a bottleneck on the whole party experience. Professional photo booths for parties use dye-sublimation printers with archival print quality. It produces one of the fastest, highest-quality photos on the market today. It can make 4×6 prints or 2 photo strips in 8 seconds! So, your guests won’t have to wait for minutes per print.

Social Media Sharing 

Do you or your guests or friends want to post the photos to social media with your concerned party hash tag? So many weddings today are going social. It’s fun for you to see all the behind-the-scenes memories friends and family are making at your celebration. With leading photo booth rentals for parties, all the social media is seamlessly integrated. Guests post photo booth pictures to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, instantly.

Photo Booth Mode

Get more from your photo booth rentals for parties. With all of this quality photo equipment, the party booth rentals will deliver even more quality pictures with different photo booths. They offer time to capture some candid high-quality portraits of all your well-dressed friends and family with or without props. You have plenty of time to spare at the photo booth for parties and let your guests get loose. Photo booth rentals for parties provide you with as much value and service as possible.


The photo booths for parties can be customized, whether it is photo designs & layouts, premium backdrops, custom social media posts, or a customized service timeline. Custom furniture, backdrops, wedding favors, custom props, and more. They will make your vision come true.

Professionalism & Service

Service is what the professional photo booth rentals for parties are all about. Their job is to bring the fun! They are experts in their field & committed to service of excellence. They want your guests to have a great time while they take care of all the details. Your guests love them because they work with you to provide a great party experience.


Companies that rent out photo booths have been around for a while. Nevertheless, people are beginning to realize that it’s the finest choice for any event they’re planning. So if you’re planning a party or event in the Bahamas, you must select the perfect photo booth company to help create happy and fun memories for yourself and your guests.

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This article is written by PIC CLICK Photo Booth– a leading photo booth rental based in the Bahamas that offers exceptional photo booth packages at the best price.