Five Reasons Not To Miss Visiting Chilka During a Vacation In Odisha

Chilka Lake Tourism

There are at least five reasons you need to include Chilka in your vacation itinerary while planning a holiday in Odisha.

Travelling in the off-beat tracks during a vacation makes the tour more exciting and enjoyable. Odisha, one of many favoured travel destinations, has many such places that vacationers generally avoid. However, if you like to be at such sites and add a new flavour to your vacation, you cannot avoid purchasing the Chilika tour package of a professional tour operator.

You may wonder why Chilka Lake is a place you cannot avoid visiting while on vacation to Odisha. Let us see what makes Chilka Lake tourism to be a part of your next trip to Odisha.

Five Reasons Not To Miss Visiting Chilka

Largest lagoon in Asia

Chilka is the most extensive backwater lagoon of Asia, and it is vast in size. It spreads over an area of 1000 square kilometres and is surrounded by three districts. Puri is in the north and Ganjam in the south. There is a portion of marshland and island also included in the Chilka Lake ecosystem. One can compare it with Dal Lake as it is similarly breaking taking. The perfect time to visit Chilka is between November to January. You can expect a total return of your money if you purchase a Chilika Lake tour package offered by reputed tour operators in Odisha.

Impressive Temple

Odisha, or to say entire India is famous for impressive temples. However, when we talk about Chilka, the magnificent temples in different islands in Chilka Lake will add a new flavour to your trip. During the Makar Sankranti, people visit these temples the most. However, you can visit at any time. Jaganath Puri temple is also near Chilka, which you should not miss seeing during your vacation in Odisha. It is not only natural magnificence that will motivate you to visit Chilka, but various astonishing facts will also urge you to visit Chilka Lake.

Nalabana Bird Sanctuary

A visit to Nalabana Bird Sanctuary is another reason to visit Chilka. The sights of the migratory birds will offer you a new experience and make you love the place. The sanctuary is in one of the islands of Chilka Lake, and you can easily visit it if you purchase the best of Orissa wildlife tour packages. During winter, the sanctuary is home to thousands of migratory birds. You can see flamingos and egrets. You name a bird species, and you can see that in the sanctuary. Having a binocular is ideal for watching the birds from a distance. A visit to the sanctuary will offer you the pleasure and excitement to explore and witness wilderness from close quarters.


Boating is common in any lake. You may be wondering what the speciality of boating in Chilka is. The speciality of boating in Chilka is that you do not need to come back to your starting point after having a boat ride. You can spend some time on a remote island and have a fantastic time with your family. One can use the boat to visit the temples and the bird sanctuary. During the boat ride, without any doubt, you will have the opportunity to experience the biodiversity of this vast ecosystem. You may realise the adventurer living within you during this boat ride.

Irrawaddy Dolphins

During the boat ride, you can have company from the Irrawaddy dolphins that have made Chilka Lake their home. They are slow swimmers and will swim along your boat entertaining you all along the route. You will have a mesmerising and memorable experience having company from the dolphins.

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