Five reasons to have a wedding photo booth

If you visit any recent wedding in the Bahamas, you will definitely see a photo booth. You may have stood in the booth to click pictures with the bride or the groom and wondered why a photo booth is a necessity at a wedding.

We will discuss five reasons as to why you need to have a photo booth for a wedding.

Fun and amusement for guests

Are you worried your guests will feel awkward mingling with others? Are your guests of various age groups? Well, having a photo booth at your reception is the perfect way to make guests feel comfortable, mingle with one another, and chat. Your guests would enjoy the excitement of the booth as they select silly props and share a laugh.

Easy and affordable favors

Every guest who will enter the photo booth will leave with a flavor of fun and will enjoy their photography session. There is no limitation on guests to click pictures at the booth. They can return as many times as they’d like and have amazing pictures with their friends and family members. The pictures that they click will be customized and can have a custom hashtag to memorialize your celebration.

Memories to cherish 

You will definitely have pictures and videos of your wedding as memories that you can cherish years later. However, have you thought of a picture with your grandma in a photo booth with a giant blow-up shark? It can even be a perfect picture with your flower girl doing the best boomerang style dab. These pictures, when you see them years later, will make your cheeks hurt with laughter. Another way to make your wedding memorable is having a custom scrapbook, which your photo booth company can provide.

Photos for your guests

Irrespective of the nature of wedding photography you have, the photographer will concentrate on the bride and the groom. Therefore, it will not be possible for the photographer to click pictures of all the guests who attend the wedding reception. However, having a photo booth for a wedding a sure way to cover all of your guests. They can go to the booth and have their photos taken.

The best entertainment for those who do not dance

All of your guests may not desire to dance at your wedding reception for various reasons. However, if you have a photo booth, they can break the ice, mingle with others, and enjoy themselves without the dancing.

About the author

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