Get an authentic safari experience while staying at a lavished tented camp

Kenya’s incredible beauty and magnificent wildlife attract millions of visitors to spot the Big Five during The Great Migration or relax in the mesmerizing wilderness. The question is, where do the visitors should stay to get the best out of their investment and explore an optimum safari experience. Fortunately, owner-run luxury safari camps provide exclusive visiting while you are in Maasai Mara.

Millions of people visit Kenya to explore the National parks and game reserves every year. Local Kenyans are also traveling within their own country. The locations’ remoteness and the difficulty accessing comfort give rise to luxury tented camps or tented safari lodges. These are the unique structures in the wild that provide luxurious amenities, which the travelers expect highly while on safari. You have the alternative to select suitable safari accommodation (lodges, luxury tented camps, or rental tented safari camps). The luxurious tented safari camps offer the possibility to tailor your experience right to what you are looking for. If you are traveling with your grandparents or your beloved one, a luxury tented camp offers you the privacy to enjoy. There will not be other guests around you, and you will not interfere with others either!

Most visitors like you wish to spend a few days or a week or even more than a week in Maasai Mara. So, you should select appropriate accommodation for a safe and comfortable stay. But there is no surprise that choosing suitable accommodation is a stressful decision! You can take the assistance of a reliable yet owner-run luxury safari tented camp ownera in Maasai to make sure you pick the right tented camp for your staying duration in the wilderness. They are happy to share honest information about each luxurious tented safari lodge or tented camp to make you stress-free.

Luxury tented safari lodges are permanently fixed structures that give you almost all ambiance equivalent to a hotel but in the wilderness. They have rooms with exclusive interior, lavished bed, bathroom, kitchen, veranda, and nearly all the amenities you enjoy in a hotel. Everything here will be luxuriously kept in its appropriate place. You will surely get hot water, flush toilets, fine dining, and freshly cooked meals accompanied by imported wines and liquor ready at the dining set. It can accommodate you and your group with ease and cater best to your pocket.


Luxury tented camps are a little bit more expensive than ordinary lodges and often come with incredible finishing and are set in exclusive locations. But they are located at some of the best places that are closer to wildlife. So, it could be a suitable location as per any safari itinerary. You can enjoy an open-air breakfast beneath the African sky or a fireplace supper at night while listening to the sounds of the wild! The luxury tented camps allow the vacationers a wide range of outdoor activities and explore the wildlife viewing & the bush from very close. It means the lavished tented safari lodges or tented camps give you the chance to be even closer to nature. Every impulse of your journey is taken care of, and the setup in the wilds of Africa ensures you have an inspiring traveling experience.

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