Grouting sponge- A tool to remove the grout haze quicker and keep it cleaner

The final step in completing a tiling project is grouting. Using the right grout mix and application technique makes your tile work look aesthetically fantastic and last for years. You must ensure that the tile grout joints have been completely cleaned. For a better finish, the tiling experts use a grouting sponge as a tool to wipe off excess grout from joints.

Using expert tools and equipment to thoroughly clean your grout lines prevents dirt and grime build-up. It will lower the chance of future problems. Grout can be cleaned by hand with grout floats and sponges by experienced tilers. A grouting sponge is used to wipe off excess grout from joints. It has round corners to prevent digging out or joints. It comes in either large or extra-large sizes. The grouting sponge is used for scrubbing and removing grout haze. Some of the grouting sponge comes with two sides and some are attached with handles. Some grouting sponge wipes off excess grout from joints while others remove grout haze and stubborn mortar colours. It is excellent for removing grout haze toward the end of the grouting process and it brings a polishing finish to your tile. These sponges are also great for washing other household cleaning tasks.

So, the grouts are inserted firmly into the grout joints. Now you may get worried about the excess grouting or hazy-looking tiles. Don’t be concerned about the mess on the tiles; it will be cleaned up with your sponge when the time comes. Now you want to clean the grouts over your tile to remove the messy things and bring shine. Begin it by filling a clean bucket with water. Soak and wring out your grouting sponge until it’s only slightly damp. Wipe with a clean side of the sponge, then flip it over and wipe another portion before rinsing it clean. Repeat the process besides the first stroke by rotating the sponge to expose a clean corner. After you’ve used all four corners of the sponge, rinse it in clean water, wring it out, and repeat the process until the entire area has been cleaned. Using the same procedure, clean the tiles two or three more times until they’re free of grout residue.

Beginning on one side of the grouted region, position the sponge so that the corner of one long side is in touch with the wall and drag the sponge up the wall in a continuous stroke. The initial sponging removes the majority of the undesirable grout. The second smooth sponging cleans the joints, while the third sponging removes any haze or residue from the tile. Allow a few minutes in between each of the three sponging cycles to allow the grout to be properly set. Remember not to let water from the sponge puddle on the grout because this would weaken and deform it. Finally, the last wipe will remove any leftover haze from the tiles and flatten any remaining high areas in the grout joints. To remove any remaining residue after the grout has dried, polish the tile with cheesecloth or a soft cotton cloth.


When the surface has been cleaned, begin smoothing and levelling, the grout lines with the sponge. Hold the sponge in your palm and rub it over any grout joints that appear to be too high or uneven, gently pressing down with your index finger. The purpose of this how-to grout tile project is to create grout joints that are constant and even in-depth. Allow the sponge to do the work instead of pushing too hard. The best way to ensure your tiles and grouting are left clean and sparkling is to ask a professional tiling expert for help. Visit Ceramic Tiling Tools to browse their full selection of grout cleaning tools from leading brands in the UK & Ireland.

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