Heated Tobacco Products – The New Age Tobacco Product

What are Heated Tobacco products?

Heated tobacco products also known as heat no burn products are electronic devices that unlike e-cigs contain tobacco leaf and heat it to a high temperature, without burning it up. The difference is vital as these devices contain tobacco and hence come with all the long-standing health distresses of tobacco. The tobacco industry has been investing a lot in research, development and marketing of the heated tobacco products, you need to understand what it contains. 

What is there in a heated tobacco product?

Heated tobacco products heat up sticks of tobacco using electricity and then produces a vapour which is then inhaled. This vapour contains nicotine, chemicals and other tobacco ingredients that are also found in traditional tobacco smoke. The heated tobacco products heat tobacco to 350 degrees Celsius which is far lower than that of the traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco at a temperature up to 900 degrees Celsius, but still high enough for harmful chemicals which are to be released into the vapour. 

Is heated tobacco safe?

Heated tobacco products have been found to be less harmful than smoking. According to some studies the vapour produced from the devices contain lower level of harmful chemicals as compared to cigarette smoke. 

Are heated tobacco products the same as e-cigarettes?

No the heated tobacco products aren’t same as e-cigs. The major difference is in its name itself, i.e. the heated tobacco products heat up tobacco leaf while the e-cigs burn the tobacco. Apart from that the e-cigs do not always contain nicotine but the heated tobacco products always contain nicotine. 

Can heated tobacco products help people quit smoking?

As of now, there is no such evidence that switching to heated tobacco products help in quitting smoking cigarettes. 

How popular are the heated tobacco products?

Use of heated tobacco products is relatively high in a country like Japan as there nicotine containing e cigarettes are illegal. On the other hand in country like the UK e cigs have been promoted actively by public health bodies which is why heated tobacco products are less popular in the UK. Moreover, these options are newer to the market hence, need time to gain popularity. But it has been studied that heated tobacco products are the future of the tobacco industry.

Are heated tobacco products Harmful?

The fact is that there is no such thing like a harmless tobacco product. The heated tobacco products might cause serious health issues as well due to the presence of nicotine and other harmful tobacco ingredients. Just because you are not smoking it and only heating it up, does not make them harmless in any means. However, using heated tobacco products can help you lead a smoke free life. And when used in control, it can be a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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