How ELD Is Helping The Trucking Industry

Are you wondering, what does ELD mean? You aren’t alone. This simple term is causing significant waves in the trucking industry. Here, we will talk about the basics of ELDs & why they are critical. We think you will be pleasantly surprised when you know the answer.

Less hassle, more money:
Paper logbooks were long the nuisance of the transportation industry. Filling them needed valuable time taken away from driving. Committing serious mistakes was easy, particularly when the driver was exhausted after a long haul. And we’re pretty much familiar with the stories of dispatchers who misused the old paper-based systems to annoy truckers.

An ELD software frees hard-working people like you from all these nuisances. It is a simple, error-free product that conducts the below listed tasks on its own:

  • Tracking a driver’s hours of service
  • Talking to your truck’s engine to make sure total accuracy
  • Making a permanent record that’ll safeguard you from fake allegation of negligence.
  • Electronic Log Device Software offers truckers like you a well-deserved helping hand while assuring you are never pushed to infringe regulations or jeopardize public safety. That, in result, makes life better for everybody who uses our nation’s roads.

Sometimes, when people inquire, what ELD entails, they come across several rumors & wild claims. So, let’s clear the air by laying some of these myths to rest:

  • An ELD does not let Uncle Sam to spy on you, not does it let dispatchers to annoy truckers. To the opposite, it safeguards drivers by assuring there’s always a precise record of your job performance that you can reference.
  • An ELD won’t affect your fuel economy, and it won’t prompt mechanical issues with your rig. It simply does not work that way.
  • An ELD won’t make your life more complex or your job more hectic. If anything, it’ll let you make more wealth by freeing you from maintaining those outdated paper logbooks that consume so much of your precious time.

Precise reports are critical to operating a revenue-making trucking business. Also reporting is 1 of the 4 pillars of trucking management that assures your organization is compliant with IFTA, IRP, DOT, HVUT, FMCSA, and more. The days are gone when you spend endless hours on a long book only to discover you’ve to do again the calculation. ELD mandate was designed with this in mind & it includes specific ELD standards that apply to the devices.